29 December 2013

KaoHsiung 2013 - Part 5 of 5

Not so much in this last entry of the series, of a certain place or a certain activity during my trip to KaoHsiung this year.

More so of a peculiar discovery in the hotel room at Eda World.

As with all hotels, there are the two complimentary bottles of drinking water.

This hotel is no different as I reached out my hand to grab one of them.

However, as soon as I got hold of one of them, something was not right.

Walau eh!

Why the bottle so flat one?

What happened to the other half of the bottle?

It's only water. Why so cheapskate one!!

Liew..... Cheet ma fweeling.

It left me with a sour after-taste to skim on this for this is something with such a low intrinsic value.


- Voxeros

28 December 2013

KaoHsiung 2013 - Part 4 of 5

That's the not-so-fearless Faith riding the kiddie free fall thigamajig.

Welcome to Eda World (

It is an integrated resort but without the casinos. It is shopping, eating and a huge amusement park all rolled into one.

The good rides are mostly outdoors but chickadee Faith decided to ride those kiddie one indoors.

Oh well. Whatever floats her boat, I guess.

Then there is the bumper cars that deserved special mentioned here. I was at the viewing stand getting ready to take photo of the girls.

There was this ongoing session while the girls were in the queue, and I couldn't believe my eyes what the folks were doing.

They were driving and AVOIDING each other.

Eh. You think this one is Road Safety Park ah!! Hello, this one is BUMPER CAR!!


Walau eh..... #NoEyeSee.

The ferris wheel is the landmark icon of the place. While it is only a fraction in size compared to the Singapore Flyer, it nevertheless still give you a very nice view of the surroundings.

Oh and yes. It lighted up beautiful at night.

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- Voxeros

27 December 2013

KaoHsiung 2013 - Part 3 of 5

That's Faith atop of what I would say the biggest mount of salt I have ever seen.

There is nothing underneath Faith except, salt, salt and more salt.

ChiGu Salt Hill is located right next to the sea where they allow sea water to enter during high tide and trapping them when the tide goes out.

Next the sea water is evaporated under the sun, leaving a shitload of sea salt where they will scoop them up for processing.

I climbed the salt hill myself and couldn't resist grabbing a pinch (away from the footpaths, of course!) and tasting it.


Duh...... but strangely not as salty as table salt as one would come to expect.

I took a panoramic picture at the top of the hill.

(Click Image To Enlarge)

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- Voxeros

26 December 2013

KaoHsiung 2013 - Part 2 of 5

That's fearless Faith posing for a photo with the resident pet snake. While the family soaked in the onsen prior to bed time in the hotel, we were out and about exploring the neighbourhood during the day time.

We went to this coffee place atop one of the many hills and it was an awesome experience just sitting there with your cuppa, overlooking the scenery, soaked in the cool breezy serenity of it all.

The only down side is that your coffee gets cold very fast. >.<

There's also the resident 酷狗 who was contented to just sit there while you pet her.

This dog really good life, I tell you.

The owner of the establishment is one laid back fella who totally enjoyed the slow pace of living that many of us are, on one hand, full of envy but on the other hand, too frightened to even dream of it coming true.

Humans are complex creatures.

Le sigh.

The region is peppered with cafes along County Highway 175 also known as the Coffee Road.

(Click Image To Enlarge)

Every cafe grow, harvest and roast their own coffee and I supposed each cafe has its own signature flavour.

This one that my cousin recommended is called 大锄花间.

We visited the place on 2 occasions and both times, we struggled to figure out the exact spot amongst the hills. The first time, my cousin tried to find it based on his "memory" but we got miserably lost. The ironic thing was that just when we had given up and started to head back to the hotel, the front entrance of the cafe just popped out of nowhere right in front of us.

The second time, we decided to use my GPS and as Murphy's Law would go, the map pinned it at a spot that was 2km off the actual location. Again, we gave up and head back to the hotel when a sign pointing to the cafe suddenly just appeared in front of us.

For posterity sake, here is their name card with a map.

(Click The Images For An Enlarged Copy)

To be even more kiasu. Here are the coordinates.

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- Voxeros

25 December 2013

KaoHsiung 2013 - Part 1 of 5

I was in KaoHsiung earlier in 2011. This time round I headed back to visit relatives (mom's side) as well as to embark on an onsen vacation.

It was up in the hills which means the mercury is slightly lower than in the city. Crisp fresh cool air is just what I needed away from the smog in Da Hu.

We go a nice onsen hotel at the recommendation of my cousin and it has it's own in-room private hot spring tub (or rather mini swimming pool) as well as the communal pool downstairs. We opted to stay in the in-room pool, lest we risked Gabe running amok and terrifying the other guests.

I am not a big fan of the onsen coz I can't get no peace and quiet with two crazy kids.

What I looked forward instead was the morning breakfast atop the hill overlooking the landscape with a nice piping hot coffee in my hand.

The area, by coincidence, is coffee bean farmland and so the coffee are from locally grown beans. Not bad.

 Spotted this en route to the onsen hotel. On hindsight, I should have taken a detour to go check it out.

The Mecca of Ah Lians!!

Can it be true!!



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- Voxeros

06 December 2013

Camel On The Street II

Not sure if anyone remembers my post from 5 years ago.

Perhaps now we finally know what happened back then when the photo was taken?

Modus operandi from 5 years ago and still going on strong?

I re-read the comments in the earlier post where we were speculating. Still as funny, five years on.


- Voxeros