31 July 2012

Coins In The Capital

That's my breakfast again and as you can see, the price tag says RMB 6.90 which mean coins are involved again.

This time round, I fished out all the coins in my pockets, pennies, nickels and dimes. A handful of them totaling 90 cents and I plonked them all into the palm of the cashier.

She turned to her supervisor and asked if they accept nickels and pennies.

I was like "What??! Come on! Where do you think I get the coins from in the first place?"

I gave her a KNN dirty look and then the same to her supervisor.

"你给 Limpeh say No 试试看." - death stare.

The supervisor said yes fortunately and I was glad to be rid of them pesky coins.

- Voxeros

30 July 2012

Underground Water In The Capital

That's my French press, condensation sets just mere seconds after washing it.

Despite being the summer months, the tap water remained very cold. Not icy cold but I am guessing somewhere around 15 to 20 degrees Celsius.

I asked my local staff about this and they explained that the temperature underground, where the city pipes are laid, is very cold. Something that I have not experience before elsewhere.

Perhaps that explained why the underground subway stations are so cooling....

.... until the people starts filling up the entire place during peak hours.

- Voxeros

27 July 2012

YanJing Party Beer

Now tell me if YanJing Party beer can design isn't a blatant rip-off of the Heineken?

Green and silver theme with a five-pointed red star.

In any case, beer in QQland is very cheap. A can of beer is like RMB 3.00 (SGD 0.60). About the same price we pay for duty-free beer when we were in the Armed Services?

Image Credit: Flickr - o_sam_o

- Voxeros

26 July 2012

Tofu Brain In The Capital

This is 豆腐脑 and is literally translated to Tofu Brain probably because of the white tofu-ey appearance and texture.

Actually, this is tao huey 豆花 that we are more familiar with except that instead of sweet syrup, they put savoury gravy on top.

It is just as yummy and oh gawd, I can feel my blood pressure going up again with this delicious dish.

As you can see, the place is in a mess. In fact, the entire restaurant looked like this. The whole bladdy place is in a mess. Eaten bowls, utensils and rubbish are strewn everywhere.

Here's why.

The people who sell the breakfast items do not own the restaurant. The restaurant itself serves only lunch and dinner. I guess the owner of the restaurant wanting to fully utlitise the rental and generate extra revenue, lease out the space in the morning to these breakfast hawkers.

As such, there is no cleaning staff. The hawkers will clean up after the last bowl has been sold and returning the restaurant to its original state before the restaurant opens for lunch.

It takes a while to get used to eating amongst loads of rubbish.

Reminded me of VivoCity kopitiam food court two years ago during Chinese New Year, There were no cleaning staff (probably all went back to Ch1na liao) but the food court remained open. So what you see is stacks and stacks of unclear bowls, crockery and rubbish everywhere..


- Voxeros

25 July 2012

Skyhook 2.0

A few days ago, I blog about installing a skyhook without a single nail.

The moment I posted that entry, I knew I overkilled it. I guess I was too carried away with the doodling. Haha.

Anyway, I messaged Feyne to hold her horses and not commit to any purchase until my redesign is out. As I was travelling over the weekend, I didn't have a chance to sit down and draw. And also the fact that I have a couple of blog entries on queue to be published.

Well, here it is without further ado.

Skyhook Version 2.0

The idea is much simpler and more elegant.

All you need is 2 hooks. That's it! No comscord. No S-hook. Nada.

I relooked at the mosquito net and realised that the top has got to be a loop for hanging. So all you need to do is paste two hooks, butt-to-butt and then hang the loop as shown in the above diagram.

Again, my major concern is the load factor as the mounting tape at the back of the hooks aren't designed to handle perpendicular force.

That got me thinking that if 2 hooks aren't strong enough, then perhaps we should got for a 3-hook approach?

If going for 3 hooks then again, the arrangement should be butt-to-butt-to-butt. Equidistant apart i.e. at 120-degree span.

The secret sauce is the looping. Obviously, a 3-hook approach has a stronger hold and less chance of the loop slipping off the hooks. However, the down side is that it is less aesthetically appealing as less is more in this case. The less we see, the better. Also, the loop from the net may not be big enough to go around all three hooks.

Then again, the loop may not be big enough for even 2 hooks. In that case, you need to tie another loop, using comscord, twine or any type of string/rope strong and durable enough, onto the original loop.

And that is how Jay "MacGyver 2.0" Walk does it. Take 2.

- Voxeros

24 July 2012

The Third Taste

You know how wine guides always tell you to pair this wine with that food? For years, I have no idea what that was all about.

Until one evening in Malaucène, France, I ordered the duck confit and a bottle of their locally produced red at the village restaurant. It was a vineyard village and so their domestic wine was a mere EUR 3.00 per bottle. Dirt cheap.

I took a bite of the duck follow by a sip of the wine and I was totally blown away. There was the taste of the duck, then there was the taste of the red wine. I was totally caught off guard when I experience a third unique taste when those two combined.

Is this what all those wine guides are talking about when they talk about pairing of wine? I am not sure, to be honest.

Ever since that experience, I have been on the hunt for more of this "third taste" experience.

The second encounter was the Chocolate Cake Shooter where a cocktail mix of vodka, frangelico and sugar-coated lemon wedge gave me the chocolate cake taste.

I love the surprise from seemingly unrelated tastes.

My third encounter was a sip of Glemorangie Signet single-malt whisky followed by a chaser of Ta1wan Gold Medallion beer. I got pineapple juice taste! Wow!

It was totally unexpected and that's where the fun is.

So coming back to The Wok & Barrel where they advocate pairing of their boutique beers with their various mod-Sing dishes.

I wonder I will get the same surprise of a third taste.

I look forward to visiting Shen again when I get back to Singapore at the end of the year. I made the mistake of driving a car during my last visit and unwittingly missed out on the beer as I didn't want to drink and drive. Well, I am not going to repeat the same mistake the second time round.

Hopefully, I won't be disappointed and get that fourth encounter.....

.... and counting.

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- Voxeros

23 July 2012

The Wok & Barrel - Afterthought

That's Shen (with hair until 28 Jul 2012). Shen recently shared with me a recent comment that she saw on pertaining to her restaurant.

It was not good.

There was even allegation of food poisoning.

What I am curious to know is if this case of food poisoning was reported to the relevant authorities say, NEA and/or MOH? Did this appear elsewhere in the internet grapevine? How about mainstream media? Did the food poisoning victims approach the restaurant to address this issue and perhaps seek compensation?

I am guessing the answer to the above questions is No. Then, I am sorry but I feel that the allegation is baseless with a severe lack of credibility.

Moving on, out of the 21 comments (at time of writing this) left on the websites, only 1 comment is negative, I don't think the restaurant has too much to worry about.

With every comment, there is the option to choose if the author of his/her respective comment would recommend, not recommend or unsure about the restaurant. I counted 16 "Recommend"s, 5  "Unsure"s and 1 "Not Recommend". Not a bad score, if you ask me.

One thing about The Wok & Barrel is that I feel that it is unfair to compare Shen's nasi lemak or rendang or Shendol with the traditional incumbent dishes. It is akin to comparing apples to pineapples, simply because both have "apples" in them.

Seriously, if they are the same, then perhaps the same fare at the Maxwell Market down the road would give you a better value for money?

The way I see it, there are both different foods that just happen the share the same name with a few overlapping elements.

Still, I think the best way to find out is to do it yourself. Go give it a try and judge for yourself. I would advise patrons to leave their yardsticks at the door and try The Wok & Barrel with an open mind.

Anyway, all these got me thinking about my last visit to The Wok & Barrel and the name of the restaurant got me thinking about how the name came about.

I see (or rather I am guessing) The Wok & Barrel as the name spelt out clearly, is Wok (Asian cuisine, regardless whether a western twist was added to it) and Barrel (Beer! Dammit! Beer!).

Unlike, other restaurants, the offering of beer at The Wok & Barrel is not solely an option for generating revenue. Perhaps beer is a must to bring the palate to the final intended destination?

Perhaps it was a mistake on my part to drive (thus did not touch the beers) during my previous visit?

In any case, I am going to give it a try the next time I am back and goddamit, I am leaving the car behind. So beer me, Shen! Beer me!

p.s. The reason of wanting to try the food with the beer the next time is that I seek the "Third Taste" which I will explain more in tomorrow's entry. Stay tuned.

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- Voxeros

21 July 2012

Improvise A Skyhook Without A Single Nail

Ok, so Feyne has a problem. She wants to install a mosquito net over her bed but being a rental tenant, she is restricted by her landlord from any permanent installation i.e. no nailing allowed.

So how to get around this problem then?

Here's what I think can be done with regular household items.

The easiest and most straightforward solution is to get a movable hook like that one below.

All you have to do is to stick one of these babies unto the ceiling than turn the hook 90-degree et voila, you have a downward hook.

Note: I am not sure if a single hook can take the entire weight of the entire mosquito net set up which I am estimating it to be around 500 to 600g, discounting accidental tugging from below.

Can't find this type of hook from your neighbour hardware shop?

Then read on for my alternative solution.

First off, you need to prepare the ceiling i.e. you need to clean the ceiling to ensure that it is dust free and free of peeling paint. That way you ensure the mounting tape on the adhesive hooks stick to the ceiling and not the peel of the paint and/or ceiling dust.

Next, the selection of your adhesive hooks is critical. Make sure the hook is not opened. Try to get those that curves as much inwards as possible. If all you can find are straight hooks, then make sure you get one where the trough is deep. (See below)

All adhesive hooks have a load rating indicated on the packaging. The problem with these ratings is that it is calculated based on lateral force since it is assumed that we paste them on a vertical wall. As such, the rating for a perpendicular force may not apply and I am guessing will be lesser. So try to get a rating as big as possible. Typical kiasu Singaporean. Haha.

Next get some nylon cord or in Singapore army speak, comscord. This is available at the army supplies stalls at Beach Road opposite Golden Mile Complex. It does not necessarily need to be nylon. Just anything that is strong, durable and cheap will do just fine.

Tie a length of the cord into a loop. As the the length of the diameter is kind of trial and error. I would suggest starting with a loop of 15 to 20cm i.e. cut a length of about 30 to 40cm and loop it. Make sure the knot is secure.

Once the loop is ready, get two hooks into the loop facing away from each other. For added measure, you can consider tying a knot at each hook to further secure the cord to the hooks or perhaps a loop-the-loop would suffice.

Paste the two hooks to the ceiling with the cord loop pulled taut.

Once that is pasted, let it sit (or hang in this case) for say 10 minutes to let the adhesive fully set in.

Next, get a plastic S-hook to hook onto the cord loop and the rest of the mosquito net set up to the bottom of the S-hook.

And that's how Jay "MacGyver" Walk does it.


Image Credit:;;

- Voxeros

20 July 2012

McDelivery In The Capital

Most of you know that I don't really like McDonald's. Don't get me wrong. I don't hate junk food. I love them. I love them so much that I felt McDonald's isn't good enough to grace my atas palate.

Before I go on, let me pause to pose a question. It's McDonalds or McDonald's? It's MacDonalds or McDonalds? How many people know this without needing to check?

I have to admit I didn't know what was the right answer prior to googling about it.

It's McDonald's. Ok. Got it.

Coming back, the reason there is Macs on my table was because I got lazy to go out to find food at the end of everyday.

When you are on foot, you tend to be restricted by how far your feet are willing to get you. Don't forget to factor in the distance of the walk back too. Also, it's a matter of time before you exhaust every available outlet in your proximity.

Normally, I would have been glad to get out there to jalan jalan but it's the peak hour then where you have traffic jam as well as human jam. Then, there is also the relentless summer heat that you just want to hibernate inside the air-conditioned office.

Hence, a click here and a click there of the mouse and voila! Mac on ya Deck!

 p.s. I have Pizza Hut and KFC lined up too. Eeek..... but bor bian..... need food. Urrghhh...

- Voxeros

19 July 2012

Lux Menthol Shower Foam

It's the summer months in the Capital with the mercury hitting all the high notes.

This was on sale at the supermarkets. It's shower foam with a menthol cooling feel akin to prickly heat body powder.

I bought it first of all because it was on sale and second of all the "cooling feeling" felt like a good idea.


The so-called "cooling effect" hor...



* no pun intended

Sibeh pain lor...... FARK!!!!

I normally soap whole body then rinse off one shot. Soaping was done from head to toe. So from asshole to toe also quite a bit of distance right? 


Geh gian lah! Itchy backside (no pun intended) go and some more buy the 特惠装, i.e. they give you extra 200ml, giving you a grand total of 950ml.


Sian..... bottle buy already. Some more so big bottle. Throw away very wasteful.


- Voxeros

18 July 2012

Toilet Roll In The Capital

Of all the things to blog about, I chose to blog about this? 

I got hold of a local toilet roll and I am sure after you guys see the above picture, you would all have the same question that I did.

Where is the hole? If no hole, how to hang it on the toilet roll holder?

As it turns out, not every toilet has a toilet roll holder and hence there are toilet rolls with holes and there are those without available at the supermarkets to suit your preference.

My staff feels that the rolls without holes (hey, it rhymes!) give you more value for money coz there is more paper per roll. That was until I ask them about the price difference between one with hole and one without.

Same difference lah.


Afternote: I went to the supermarket to check on prices and it turned out that I was very very wrong. The ones without holes is about 1/4 the prices of those with holes. The one without holes, since there is no need to fit into the toilet roll holder, is wider as well i.e. even more paper.

I asked my local staff about this and he explained that paper quality of those without holes are inferior as it is targeted at lower income homes whose toilets do not have the toilet roll holder which is some kind of a luxury here. Hence the significantly lower price.

Are we talking about poverty gap?

Hmm.... interesting.

- Voxeros

17 July 2012

Lamb Stewed Noodles In The Capital

Before anyone try to correct me, thinking there is a typo in my title, let me clear it up front by saying that I was not referring to "Lamb Stew" hence the alleged typo of "Stewed" but rather I was referring to "Stewed Noodles".

This is just like the common mistake with 姜母鸭 where it is 姜母 + 鸭 and not 姜 + 母鸭.

So anyway, this dish is called 湖南烩面, literally translates to Hunan Stewed Noodles.

A check with a Hunan friend of mine about this dish garnered a blank look from her.

Hmm..... perhaps while it originated from there, it wasn't as popular throughout the province?

So anyway, I decided to name my blog entry title Lamb Stewed Noodles to be less confusing.

The interesting thing about this gigantic bowl of noodles, measuring 30cm in diameter, is that there are only 2 strands of noodles.

Yes. You heard me. 2 strands.

This, by the way, is the small bowl order. The big bowl order has 3 strands of noodles.

OK, the 2 strands, 3 strands thing was deliberately misleading as I failed to mention that a single strands is a mega long strand of noodle such that just 2 of these noodles is enough to fill up the bowl. Think the opposite of our Katong Laksa.

Taste? Very tasty!! It almost like Mee Sop Kambing except that ours has a richer soup stock. Haha.

The mutton is nice and tender with generous portions of leafy vegetables (which I am guessing Cai Xim), bean sprouts, coriander, garlic clove and spring onions.

p.s. I notice noodle restaurants here do not serve spoons. It is like a Japanese ramen stall where you are supposed to lift up the entire bowl and drink the soup from the lip of the bowl.

p.p.s. Maybe I should bring my Capital friends to Singapore to eat Katong Laksa and drive them all bonkers without chopsticks. Haha.

- Voxeros

16 July 2012

Subway Sandwiches In The Capital

When I first arrived, one of the first makan places I noticed was Subway and I thought, "I am going to survive!!".

The ironic thing was that I got so caught up with the local fare here (love it!), that Subway was long forgotten.

Then one day, feeling itchy backside, I brought my manager there to share something new to him and since he doesn't know how to order, I finally have a chance to pay for the meal.

I feel so paiseh when he insisted on paying everytime we go out until, I wanted to avoid going out makan with him.

So anyway, I taught him the steps of selecting the bread, then the meats, then the veggies and finally the sauce.

He was hooked.

He liked the idea of fresh veggie and lotsa of them. Hardly any oil and a quick, clean simple meal that fills the stomach just nice.

Now he is dragging me there at least one a week where we will share a 12-inch (cheaper than 2 separate 6-inch) sandwich.

Now that he knows how to order, he keeps insisting to pay every time we go there.


Looks like I need to find another new place to bring him. $#^%#@!!

Image Credits:;
- Voxeros

13 July 2012

Pennies In The Capital

I went to the 7-11 next door, this morning, to pick up a salad and a fruit bowl for breakfast as I woke up feeling guilty about my dinner the night before that didn't have a single shred of vegetable or fruit.

The 泡菜 from last night's 臭豆腐 doesn't count lah.

Anyway, as with all supermarkets, they have the most absurd type of pricing and I ended up with a 2-cent change.

A penny in QQland is SGD 0.002 (note: It's not 2 cents. It's Zero Point Two cents) and I was like "Dude! WTF?? What do you want me to with with 2 QQland cents?"

And it just so happened that the xmm behind bought something that totaled like RMB 17.02 (What is with all the weird decimals? It made no cents sense (ok... I couldn't resist that pun. Sorry).

So taking a penny and giving a penny, I handed my two-cents worth (Sorry!!!) to the cashier and settled my headache as well as the xmm's.

In the past, supermarkets here give you a piece of candy in lieu of every 10 cents' worth of change. This practice was subsequently outlawed and these supermarkets being giam kanas, refused to round it down as a gesture of goodwill like other supermarkets in other countries.

Guess I will be stuck with these almost worthless coins for a while. If you give them to a beggar they probably also don't know what to do with it or worse chastise you for being a cheap bastard.

Imagine a parent coming home to empty his pocketful of change for his kid's piggy bank everyday. After three years of frugal feeding of the piggy bank, the kid finally breaks the pig to enjoy the fruits of his savings only to realise it totaled like what? RMB 18.32?

I think the kid may go kill himself after that.

Le sigh.

- Voxeros

12 July 2012

naeboo was the one who introduced to me a while ago and I thought I shared it with everybody here.

I like his picture journal. His stuff resonated with me and this particular entry got me so worked up, that I actually emailed him to give him my megatron facepalm as a sigh sign of support.

I love comics since I was a kid. Not the Marvel or DC kind but the really good and funny stuff like 老夫子, Doraemon, Tin Tin, Asterix, just to name a few. And so I am particular fond of comic blogs, especially those that you can identify with.

Here are two examples:

  • Bounce Back To Life - Focused on life in Singapore.
  • 自得其乐 - Author is the famous creator of the Tuzki Rabbit. Her comics focused on her life in QQland, then she went to work for a while in Hong Kong, before heading to the US to further her studies. She is recently back in the Capital for her vacation.

The two blogs above kinda struck a chord in the sense that I am a Singaporean (don't really know what that really means these days) and I work in South Ch1na since 2000 and now in the Capital a month since.

Now there is where I used to travel to SoCal 6 times a year until 2008, crashing/transiting at relative's place in El Monte, Walnut, Santa Clara and Sunnyvale depending on the cheapest air ticket's route.

There is a lot of stuff that he wrote that I can identify with, hence a loyal following since.

So anyway, I thought I give him a plug and recommend it to the rest of you guys.

Have fun!

p.s. Eh Boey, it's NTU lah.... you pixelated the name of the university also no use. We bladdy know it's bladdy NTU lah.... nabeh.

p.p.s. Come to think of it, I really regretted going to NTU for my degree. I had the option to go to USC lor! No!!! I wanted to save money for the family by attending a local college. Nabeh.... really regret lor..... haiz....

p.p.p.s Imagining graduating from USC and perhaps working in the US for a while and picking up the American accent. Then I won't have so much trouble using iPhone's Siri lor. %^#%#$@!!!

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- Voxeros

11 July 2012

Hotel TV Remote

This is the remote control of the TV in my hotel room.

Yeah, the battery cover at the back is missing and they had to tape it to prevent the batteries from falling out.

Then, I had to switch to another room a couple of days later and lo and behold, the TV remote in the new room didn't have the battery cover either.

One day, I went to the reception counter and join the queue as I wanted a spare key card.

The lady in front was complaining about depleted batteries of her TV remote. The reception staff was helping her tape the new batteries into her TV remote.


*optimus prime facepalm*

- Voxeros

10 July 2012

Water In The Watch

This is my trusty Citizen Dual Time watch and as you can see, water went in while I was doing some washing over the weekend.

This is not the first time that has happened. In fact, it has happened quite often in the past especially if I am playing golfing in the rain.

The solution to getting rid of the water is surprisingly simple. You don't even need to take the watch apart (as if you are able to without professional help but what a hassle for a cheap watch right?)

Again, you do not need to take the watch apart coz if there is a way for the water to get in, there is a way for the water to get out.

The following solution was taught to me by my caddie from several years back.

All you have to do is turn the watch around. We normally wear the watch on the back of our forearm. Turning it around means moving such that the watch face is on the same side as your palm.

I can't explain the scientific logic behind it, if any. I just know that it works.

It's 3 hours since I took the above picture as I am typing this out.

The water in the watch has cleared.

- Voxeros

09 July 2012

Escort Cards In The Capital

How's this for a nice photo to kick start everybody's Monday morning?

I have been receiving these cards slipped under my door everyday at the hotel that I was staying. They go straight to the trash bin as these are usually scams and/or racketeering.

Problem is that every evening, new cards will be found on the floor slipped under the door when I return.

This is the sign put up by the hotel management inside the elevator warning guests against the escort cards.

Here's what are some points that I don't get:

  1. In order to access every floor, a key card is required to be swiped at the elevator button panel before you are able to operate the elevator buttons. This is required at all hours of the day, not just after dark. The elevator buttons of each floor only responds to the corresponding key card i.e. if you have a 14th floor key card, you can't push for the 9th floor.

    So how is it, the card distributor(s) is(are) able to slip these cards to every room everyday?
  2. Every floor has close-circuit monitors in the hallways. Surely, the distributing activities would have been captured on disk. So why didn't security* take any action?
  3. The last was discovered by accident. I have been picking up and throwing it away everyday for the first week and a half. I gave up and decided to leave it on the floor as they were in the hope that the chambermaid will pick them up together with the rest of the trash.

    The cards stopped appearing!

This led me to the following conclusion:
  1. This hotel is aware of this and has condoned this if not at the very least, chosen to look the other way.

    The sign in the elevator? That's a just a way

    - To appease the authorities and the general public (PR) that the hotel has taken active measures to "oppose" such activities.

    - Provide adequate warning to hotel guests and therefore are no longer liable, should the guest proceed to engage the escort service and get into trouble.
  2. I think it's the chambermaids who are distributing the cards.

    - This way, the security cameras won't be able to pick up any footage of distributing activities since they can drop the cards on the floor while inside the room. Therefore, the hotel management is able to deny knowledge of any distribution.

    - Chambermaids has access key cards to every floor at all hours.

    - The moment I stop clearing the cards, they stop appearing since the chambermaids cannot ignore the cards on the floor as they are required the clean the room. Hence, if they continue to do the silly thing of clearing the cards and putting new ones on the floor. They rather not as it is too much hassle for them.

Elementary, my dear Watson. It's Colonel Mustard in the Dining Room with the Candlestick.

p.s. Speaking of security. The hotel's one AND only security guard is a puny kid about 2/3 my size.  I feel so safe already!

p.p.s. I feel sorry for the kid coz the security guard uniform that he is wearing is about 1 size too big for him. I guess the hotel management only has that size for the uniform. Maybe the poor kid can grow into the uniform in 5 years. *shrugs*

p.p.p.s. Ok, I spotted another security guard. A young chap but significantly bigger in size. I think both of them are sharing the same uniform which explained why it was so lob-sided for the puny one.

- Voxeros

06 July 2012

Three Baos

Just the other day, I blog about my mega-huge-ass-Airbus380 bao, correck?

Then my friend RN1209 hor, he one-up me with 2 baos wor!

Kanina!! No big no small ah? Wait I use my Genghis Khan poke your eye then you know ah!

But hor, I ish ceeberlised people one. That kind of thing cannot anyhowly take out poke here poke there one.

Nahbeh.... neber die before ah?

It's ok! Nairmind!

Limpeh accept your challenge!

Scroll Down
Some More Some More
Nearly There Liao.
Aiyoh. Don't Lazy Lah..... Scroll A Bit Bit More Can?
Coming...... wait


Eh. I chope first ah. Cannot say my bao small ah. Don't force me take out Genghis Khan come out challenge rematch hor.

p.s. You don't think you berry crever later go and buy 4 baos to one-up me again. Don't say I neber warn you. Tomolo, limpeh organise staff lunch. Don't force me make every mother father son daughter in the office eat bao for lunch ah!

p.p.s. I noticed our baos getting smaller and more wrinkled as we move on. HAIZ....

- Voxeros

04 July 2012

Bao In The Capital

This is one of my favourite breakfast item here in the Capital.

A mega huge-assed bun.

I deliberately have it placed on my blue mug to let you have a good idea of the size.

All for a modest sum of RMB 3.00 (SGD 0.60).

I've never liked the buns here when I was in southern Taobaoland coz they are very stingy with the filling. It is almost all bun and a token pinch of something inside.

It's different here as you can see. The meat filling with cabbage is very generous.

Accommodation in the Capital is ridiculously expensive but the price of food here is relatively acceptable

- Voxeros

03 July 2012

The Subway Newsstand

There is a traffic junction that I cross everyday to and from work.

Underneath that junction is a subway station.

In other words, there are two ways to cross the street to get to the other side.

One is the walk on the road above while the other is obviously to go underground and use the station as an underpass.

I have always been one to use the road as it is quicker and more direct.

Granted that Taobaoland is notoriously known for their hay-wiring traffic where everybody ignores traffic lights, it is not necessarily a bad nor dangerous thing.

In fact, in the capital, ignoring traffic lights is actually safe to the pedestrian.

The Power Of Critical Mass.

When EVERYBODY anyhowly cross the street, all cars, bikes, buses must stop.

People Power, yo!

So one rainy day, to save myself from acid rain getting wet, I took the underground route and noticed the newsstand for the first time. It was a first time despite using the subway pretty often.

A closer look and realised that they have English newspaper. Ch1na Daily.

Granted the news probably kelong one, I still bought a copy coz it was only RMB 1.50 (SGD 0.30). Besides, our own $traits Times lagi kelong one lor.

Speaking of newspapers, I like South China Morning Post. It is Hong Kong's major English broadsheet. I like their objective reporting although it has been said that the Capital does have some influence over it when it comes to news critical to the main1and.

Anyway, coming back, I regretted buying that copy of the local newspaper. It was a very thin newspaper without any interesting news. Perhaps it was a slow news day that day.

I wonder if their weekend edition is better? Let's wait for the weekend then.

- Voxeros

02 July 2012

Spaghetti In The Capital

Lunch here is mostly a solo affair as most of my sales staff are out while my office staff pack their own lunched from home.

Don't really like to lunch for them coz:

  1. They ALWAYS insists on paying making me feel very free-loader.

    Also, I don't like people trying to angkat my bola.
  2. They ALWAYS over order.
  3. I ALWAYS over eat their over orders.

So here I am at this Cafe De Coral-styled type of restaurant where you order your food and make payment at the counter before they bring your food to your table.

The service is fast and my pasta arrived less than 5 minutes after I sat down.

I look at the place of food, then I look at the cutlery their gave me.

Chopsticks and fork.

Har? Like that how to eat??

Fortunately, they do have spoons. You just have to walk up to them to ask for it but they will give you the strange puzzled look why you need a spoon for spaghetti.


- Voxeros