30 March 2011

Tin Pei Ling

PAP introduced a young damsel to be contesting in the Marine Parade GRC this coming elections and some netizens start going apeshit digging up her private stuff and all.

Pei Ling has one picture holding a Kate Spade gift and posing with a act-cute peace sign. Then there is the youtube clip of her act-cute stomping of her feet at the end of the reel.

I ask.

What is the big deal? You never see girls with act-cute poses and act-cute stomping feet meh?

Then how is it that she has to be different. Act-cute very siah suay meh?

Let us not judge a person by his/her age.

Let us not judge a person by his/her age difference with his/her partner.

Let us not judge a person by his/her partner's profession.

Judge the person for the work he/she has done, is doing and will do.

Judge the person for the manisfesto he/she stands for.

Let the ignorant netizens mock and scorn all they like for ultimately, it will be the constituents' votes that matter at the end of the day.

If she has done well at grassroot level for the past 6 years, then rest assured, the people will vote for her.

Too bad, she won't be able to have her mettle validated as she is entering parliament via the no-pride backdoor, if the incumbents candidates in her GRC win, with or without her.

Still, it would be a refreshing splash of colour into parliament like what we have done with Slyvia Lim, Eunice Olsen and Siew Kum Hong.

I think parliament will be such a drab place to be if it were filled with John Major/Margaret Thatcher-scholars.

Someone please kill me then.

So I say let her be who she is. If stomps her feet, pose act-cute peace sign with a Kate Spade bag in tow all the way to an election victory, then so it shall be for the people in the Marine Parade GRC has spoken so.

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- Voxeros

29 March 2011

Dance F●r Japan

By now, we all know that Japan is undergoing a difficult phase, trying to get their lives back, after a mercilessly triple whammy devastation of an earthquake, a tsunami followed by a nuclear plant crisis, all in record magnitudes.

If you think the worst is over, I can only tell you that on contrary, the difficult part has only just begun.

Japan will next have to battle for the need for medicine against diseases. The need for clean potable water. The need for food not tainted by radiation. The need for homes to be rebuilt. The need for infrastructure to be restored. The need for normalcy to be returned to the people. The need for money to get all of the above done.

This is where we come in for they will require assistance not only from within, but from the other countries, in time, in effort, in spirit, in money and in kind.

Dance Fr Japan, a brilliant branchild of Stephanie Phua, was first brought to my attention by my xmm Ellen, who is also part of the team putting this event together. It is a Singapore youth dance showcase with 3 universities, putting 2 shows, all with 1 heart to wish the good people of recovering Japan well.

However, it isn't as easy as 3, 2, 1 for it is a massive effort that is nothing short of a mini miracle. 3 weeks was all they have to put this together.

Dance Fr Japan
Date: 10 April 2011
Venue: *SCAPE Auditorium
Times: 3pm (Matinee), 8pm (Evening)
Ticket Price: SGD 20.00
(100% of proceeds will go to helping Japan)

There will be collection boxes for those who wish to contribute more than just the ticket fare to Mercy Relief. They will be present for the event as well and be happy to answer any queries you may have with regards to how we are helping Japan.

I am waiving my standard publicity fee of 3 curry poks, 2 soft-boiled eggs and 1 kopi-O gao.

So I say make a date on your calendar and come down for this event. Bring your wallets and cheque books along.

For the rest of us on the interneck, spread the word of this event around.

Be it a blog plug, a tweet, a plurk, an FB line on your wall or even a status update on your Live Messenger.

Do it. It is for a good cause!

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- Voxeros

28 March 2011

Each Crab Smaller Than The One Before

一蟹不如一蟹 (Each crab smaller than the one before) - Old Chinese Proverb

This is the original proverb to the more familiar 一代不如一代 (each generation is worse than the one before).

Oh how we used to hear stories from our grandpas how they have to walk for miles everyday just to go to school and how my generation is so soft with all the modern creature comforts.

Or how we used to hear from our seniors and Enciks in the army how tough it was during their times from steel helmets to bucket system latrines.

What about how we used to lament at our younglings where all look so sickly and pale coming out after a day of school, freezing in air-conditioned classrooms. How their school bags, at one time, come with wheels, handle and a domestic helper to pull it.

AND THAT brings us to the picture that has been circulating over the intarwebs over the weekend.

Army boy in the picture, jugding from the haricut and how "green" the uniform still is, is possibly a chao recruit. A soldier, regardless if he is a chao Recruit or a high flyer Major, is a defender of the his sovereign land. Protector of the country's people and assets.....

..... with the help of his domestic helper. *facepalm*

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- Voxeros

27 March 2011

Super Gurkhas

Yet another heroic story about the almighty Gurkhas.

The news yesterday was a 1-vs-30 Taliban insurgents, coming off a Rambo movie with grenades, machine guns, land mines and RPGs. The whole works except the kitchen sink.

Still, I thought the 1-vs-40 train bandits in Indian in October 2010 was way more exciting where the fearless Gurkha was armed only with his khukuri knife in close quarters of the train cabin.

In any case, both are enjoyable reads.

Anyway, I am reminded of an entry I did on the sad plight of the mighty Gurkhas in Hong Kong. Click below.

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- Voxeros

25 March 2011

The MP's Office

That, believe it or not, is the Meet-The-People office of a Member of Parliament in Singapore.

Mr Chiam See Tong, Member of Parliament of Potong Pasir, has been using this humble cubicle to serve his constituents every Thursday for the past 27 years..... and counting.

Read the article here.

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- Voxeros

24 March 2011

Bell Nuntita

Caught this youtube clip from PatLaw's blog and I must say, I was blown away by the surprise.

Bell is genetically not a female but wow is he/she a chiobu or what!

Here is what I like about Thailand and her people. Society accepts ladyboys with open arms.

Sure the interview towards the end of the clip mentioned that his/her dad beat her due to the fact that the latter cannot accept him/her being a female.

I say that is just the minority old conservative foggies mindset. Most of the folks in Thailand just accept them for who they are.

And that brings a smile to my face. :)

Perhaps this is something our homophobe gahmen can learn.

I don't really use the words gay, lesbian, trannys or word to the same effect for the simple reason that they do not need to be labeled.

They are people. Just like you and I. People.

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- Voxeros

23 March 2011

Morning Condensation

It was one heck of a foggy weekend so much so that we got weather alert, citing heavy fog of visibility under 200m.

Well, this was the aftermath of that weekend on Monday morning. Water condensation everywhere, the doors, the marble wall panels, the windows and the slippery-as-heck floors.

Usually, we only get that in the early part of the year where the season is starting to thaw out after winter. The cold snap was somewhat of a relapse and no one is for sure if it is due to the Super Moon or the nuclear fallout in the region?

Any guesses?

- Voxeros

21 March 2011

Panyee FC - Make The Difference

How do you have a football team if you don't even have a square-inch of soil?

Impossible? Well not the lads from Koh Panyee. I absolutely love this very inspirational short film made for the Thai Military Bank. It was simple awesome.

Kudos to Leo Burnett & Arc Worldwide.


- Voxeros

16 March 2011

Seeds And Nuts - Thereafter

Remember my "bird food" entry dated 10 Feb 2011?

Well, exactly one month later on 10 Mar 2011, I ate my last scoop from the tupperware.

Yeah, one month's worth of lunches taken care of by the little humble tupperware. Well, to be honest, not exactly 1 whole month considering the fact that I have days where I am not in the office during lunch time (weekends, business trips, lunch appointments, etc).

Still in any case, it was a delightfully healthy lunch plan and I was never once sick of them. I guess that fact that I love seeds and nuts helped.

On hindsight, it was a right decision to invest in a good quality tupperware that I was able to seal them in tight. Storing the whole tupperware in the refrigerator probably helped too.

Time to take a break from the seeds and nuts in the interim while I make a trip to Hong Kong to stock up.

- Voxeros

15 March 2011

Cathay Pacific Rugby Sevens 2011

The Hong Kong Sevens is just around the corner and title sponsor, Cathay Pacific Airways, has come up with a TVC which I thought was pretty amusing.

Overall, I love the execution but I found myself asking if tripping and swinging a meal cart crashing into people are the right messages to convey to the audience?

After all, isn't Cathay Pacific Airways all about comfort and hospitality?

- Voxeros

14 March 2011

V-tech VitalFix Super Glue: The Kid

A very funny TVC made in Malaysia.

I love the rustic settings and it reminds me very much of my childhood days during the 70s.

Was I like the sticky-to-mom kid in the ad when I was a kid myself? I hadn't the faintest collection but I have a feeling I might have been.


- Voxeros

11 March 2011

Jennifer Aniston Sex Tape

Caught the above from PatLaw's blog.

A very well scripted viral ad that spoofed all the cliches like lip sync (think Numa Numa, Back Dorm Boys), cute puppies, dancing babies (think Ooga-Chaga), kick in the nuts (think Jackass) just to name a few.

And of course, Jennifer Aniston and her trademark Hair ala Magnifique!

Very well done! Kudos!

- Voxeros

10 March 2011

MM Lee: "I Stand Corrected"

Looks like our MM Lee is doing a 180 on his comments on the Muslims in Singapore.

I wonder if this has anything to do with the fact that the elections are looming around the corner, bearing in mind the Muslims forms 15% of the Singapore population.


Regardless of the turnaround, the comment in question was already in print.

Will there be a recall of all the books? Or at the very least an addendum insert in all unsold copies?


- Voxeros

09 March 2011

Honest Tea

Great outdoor ad campaign cum social experiment. I do agree that the folks on the East are more honest than the West but I may be wrong since it is just my own impression which resonated with the results in the above clip.

Besides, you can't say their findings are conclusive either, since the sampling rate is grossly insufficient.

Anyway, this reminds me of the Take-A-Penny-Leave-A-Penny soap dish that I saw in several mom-n-pop grocery stores as well as gasoline stations when I was in the US.

It is just a soap dish that you will find next to the cashier's counter and it is filled with pennies.

What is it for, you ask?

Well, in convenience stores, you always come across items with strategic pricing like $0.99, some outright unexplainable like $4.13, prices ending up with decimals as a result of multiplying the GST (or VAT depending on where you are), or simply decimals as a result of store discounts.

So what this dish does is that should you come up with a bill of say $10.01, you just take a penny from the soap dish and give it to the cashier with your $10 thereby circumventing the hassle of having to deal with change.

This system will only work if everyone observes the Honour System where in the reverse scenario, when your checkout comes up to $4.98, the 2 pennies you get back in change from the $5 you paid, goes back to the soap dish.

I hope one day this Honour System, also demonstrated in the Honest Tea (pun play of Honesty), can be a reality everywhere.

Sadly, I don't see this happening soon. Heck, we probably even need to chain the soap dish to the counter in some places, lest someone make away with it. :(

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- Voxeros