31 January 2010

RunForFunds Update Jan 2010

A little update from Adrian as we haven't heard from him for quite sometime. His update also covered the Maximise Your Potential Award ceremony held last year in August.

This time, there will be no race updates.

For the first time since 2002, I didn't take part in the StanChart Marathon because of a back injury, L5-S1 nerve impingement.

So the average finishing time in 2009 was reduced significantly, with one significant plodder out of the way

(Recently, there was an impassioned Straits Times discussion on whether to allow slow runners, plodders, to participate in the Singapore Marathon)

With physiotherapy and chiropractic sessions, I'm recovering well from my degenerative disc condition.

I put on my running shoes again in mid Dec 09 and have started my training for the Adidas Sundown Marathon in May 2010.

For starters, I'm taking slow, steady steps with 5-7km runs @ 10km/hr pace, 5 times a week.

Below are RunForFunds updates since Aug 2009.  2009 is a year of change for RunForFunds and its partners.

Read on and find out more.

Thanks for your continued concern and support of the RunForFunds movement.



Maximize Your Potential (MYP) award ceremony @ Geylang Methodist School (Primary)  
This year, I'm proud to announce that RunForFunds is giving out a record number of MYP awards @ Geylang Methodist School (Primary), GMSP 20 students of which 11 are new recipients and for one recipient, it is his 3rd award:

  • 7 Primary Three
  • 6 Primary Four
  • 5 Primary Five
  • 2 Primary Six
The award ceremony, hosted by teachers Jessie Soh and Theresa Thong, was held on 29th August 2009.

It was attended by the parents of the students as well as supporters of RunForFunds.

This year's ceremony adopted a different format. Instead of me speaking to the students and their parents (which should be as interesting as watching paint dry), I had 2 guest speakers.  The aim was twofold.
  1. To inspire the kids and
  2. To educate their parents of potential financial pitfalls that could affect their quality of life.

RunForFunds supporter Sheena Ho shared how she overcame financial challenges at home to pursue her tertiary education. 

Message to the students:  Don't give up even when the going gets tough.  

RunForFunds SuperFriend (ie. day one supporter) JayWalk related real-life stories to the students' parents how he tried to help people break free from the abyss of gambling entrapments and how bad debts (with loan sharks) destroy lives.

Message to the students' parents:  Do not seek easy solutions to their financial hardships and land up in deeper ditches.  

The personal sharings were well received by the parents and the students who later told me that these were timely reminders as the current economic crisis posed greater challenges to their already strained financial situations.

It helped them realize there is no "easy money" and that a good education is probably the best way of breaking the poverty cycle. 

Below is a pic of the thank-you cards prepared by the students for RunForFunds supporters.
(I am safekeeping them for you... haha !)

Note: I apologize for not posting pics of the event. They were blur because I brought a camera that people didn't know how to use properly (neither do I actually… haha !). My fault.

(JW: I managed to take some photos of the event. --> Click Here.)

New Principal @ GMSP 

Miss Mabel Wee retired as principal of GMSP earlier this year.

Taking over the helm of the school administration is Ms Rina Yap (Mrs Liang). 

In my interactions with Rina, I find her to be a principal "with a caring heart" who is committed to evoke positive changes in the lives of her students.

She is extremely supportive of the RunForFunds movement and in the coming months, we'll be discussing how RunForFunds can better assist underprivileged students.

An example is the some MYP students were enrolled in a school enrichment program.

It is an experiential learning session: Sand castle building.

The students were taught that it takes hard work to build a castle and that a firm foundation is critical.

Rina invited me to speak to the students after that session and my impression was that they learnt an experiential lesson that was hard to forget.  

In my discussions with Rina, I expressed my desire to provide continued support for MYP kids who have graduated from GMSP.

For those who moved on to GMSS (Secondary, which is just opposite the primary school), we will work out a way to extend the MYP.

For your info, GMSS also changed its school principal in 2009.

As for those who have gone to other schools, we'll have to figure out how to provide support in a meaningful and sustainable way.      

D'Joy Children's Centre  

D'Joy continues to serve the children and parents in the Jalan Besar area.

In its 2009 annual report, RunForFunds was mentioned.

RunForFunds provided study aids and equipment + defraying costs for medical bills of a student @ D'Joy.

Bovis Lend Lease, led by Jerry O' Sullivan (BLL, my previous company, has several RunForFunds supporters) also provided cyclical maintenance on a pro-bono basis with RunForFunds sponsoring part of the bill.

D'Joy also has a change in management in 2009.

Janet Leong is now the principal of D'Joy.

I will be liaising with Janet on ways to extend the partnership that RunForFunds has with D'Joy.

This year, I also plan to engage BLL early in the year to see if they are prepared to chip in as well.  

Work at D'Joy is a labour of love as it changes the lives of children from challenging family backgrounds.

Dinah and I were invited to the graduation ceremony of the kindergarten kids. 

They put up a heartwarming performance for parents and teachers.

Hopefully, the lessons that they've learnt @ D'Joy will serve as firm foundations as they grow up.

Attached are some pics.

Looking ahead  

In 2010, RunForFunds will be looking to leverage the success at GMSP and extending it to GMSS through partnerships with both principals in one committee.

We will also assess the feasibility of RunForFunds supporters mentoring some of these kids.

As for D'Joy, it will continue to be an area of focus for RunForFunds.  We will plug gaps where the government can't, hopefully with corporate sponsorships.

So if your company wants to give back to society, please let me know.    

Have a blessed year ahead.  


- Voxeros

27 January 2010

CasiNo? CasiYes? - Revisited

A trip down memory lane. 25 Apr 2005 to be exact when I pointed out the Gahmen's lame attempt to play down the word "casino" and replaced it with "integrated resort".

Fast forward to almost 5 years later. Oh guess what is the word at the top of the entrance?

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- Voxeros

26 January 2010

Dumbass XII Aftermath

I am glad the people at McDoDo finally woke up their bladdy ideas and realised just how stupid they were.

I guess they were afraid of offending the Hindus as well, when they omitted the sacred cow from their cow senses. No?

Kudos for taking up the big ad of apology (click image on right to enlarge) in the $traits Times dated 22 Jan 2010. Please feel free the dock the wages of the PR department to pay for the big ad.

Still, I wasn't 100% satisfied with the apology as they made it sound the unforeseen problem came out of the blue and they responded promptly to resolve it. Hence, a well-deserved pat on their own backs for "being closely connected with the local market".

Yeah right. Bruff who? Let's face it, the problem was there like an elephant in the room the moment the idea to omit the piggy plush was mooted. It was there from day 00, so don't give me the crap that nobody saw it then.

We have celebrated countless number of Years of the Zodiac Pig in Singapore and it is only in 2010 (about 7,000 years since the beginning of the Chinese civilisation) when some Einstein woke up to the epiphany one day that a piggy plush toy (technically, it was a robot cat in a piggy suit) may offend our Muslim brothers and sisters?

Seriously, if the ad line had been "We're sorry. We were stupid.", I would have gone straight out of the house to the nearest McDonalds and order a full Big Mac meal with upsize, just to show my appreciation.
Yeah. Even if they are my least favourite burger joint.

- Voxeros

1. Pam left...
Tuesday, 26 January 2010 9:32 pm
perhaps it was ignorant 'non-Singaporeans' who spear-headed this PR campaign and omitted the pig due to over-zealous political correctness?! just a thought.....

2. Mistress Grace left...
Thursday, 28 January 2010 8:57 am
Hahaha why? You got something against them cos you born in the year of the pig issit??

3. JayWalk left...
Thursday, 28 January 2010 9:30 am :: 
Pam: Not sure about that but given the McDonalds has been in Singapore since the late 70s, surely by now they would have figured it out? Easily two Years of the Pig in between too.

Mistress Grace: The fact that it was the pig that was taken out is just a coincidence. I would have taken the same issue if say they take away the Ox for fear of offending our Hindu brothers or something to the same effect.

25 January 2010

China's Population Mystery Solved

Got this in the email from my cousin Nick today.

As we all know, everything these days is made in China. Unfortunately, it also meant counterfeit stuff.

I guess I am still tolerant to fake Duracell batteries, LV handbags, Gucci shoes and of course, all the bootleg DVDs.

But I draw the line where these factories risked the lives of people for the sake of money.

From fake milk laced with melamine to boost the protein count, to the pickled white asparagus made from disposable chopsticks, to roast pigeon made from alley rat meat with the help of food colouring and flavouring. These folks should be rounded up and shot.

And now, we have fake condoms without proper quality control as well as hygiene standards. Vegetable oil as lubricant??! WTF??

These folks should be rounded up and shot.

In the mean time, we now know why China is the most populous country in the world, other than the fact that their TV programs suck monkey balls. (Ok, that was a joke, in case you didn't realise that.)

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- Voxeros

22 January 2010

Money Grubbing FIFA

FIFA asking price for broadcast rights of the 2010 $outh Africa FIFA World Cup is $100 million (currency?). That is a whopping increase of $85 million from the last 2006 World Cup!

I say FIFA can take their world cup and shove it up their asses. We will not be held hostage.

Yes, football may be the most popular game on Earth but the planet will not stop revolving just because it isn't available.

If you tell me that it is $5 or 10 million more than the last one, I would still say the increase is reasonable. But a jump of several multiples is just plain daylight robbery.

I say we stand our ground and not give in. We were stupid the first time flashing all that money with the EPL bidding war and triggering FIFA's greed. Nope. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN AGAIN.

Let's face it. If we give in this time, how much do you think they are going to rob us again in 4 years' time?
The buck stops here.

It was the most beautiful game in the world. It is ugly now.
- Voxeros

20 January 2010

How Can We Help?

This photo was taken at 7am, 20 Jan 2010. That's front door of my friend, Sassyjan's place, courtesy of the loan sharks kicking it down. This, a week after they came by to splash paint on the front door as you can see in the picture, which the family has yet to clean up.

They were after her dad, whom by the way, passed away end of October last year. It's been more than two months since and they are still harrassing the family.

I mean, come on! The man is dead. You harrass the family for what? Then the strange thing was that when the IOU was requested for verification, the loan sharks weren't able to produce it. So tell me, perhaps this is a scam?

Naturally, police report was lodged a long long time ago but I am concerned about the lack of action taken by the police thus far. My rationale was that until last week, there was no real crime committed since it was just verbal threats over the phone. I would even excuse the police for not taking more action on the paint splash as that can be simply classified as an act of mischief. But surely the destroying of somebody's front door is enough case for the police to take this more seriously?

Unfortunately, attempts to contact the Investigation Office In-Charge proved futile. The fella no sound no picture as of the time this is written. 17 hours since the door was destroyed.

This reminds me of a conversation with a taxi driver and this was his very memorable quote many years back...:

"唉呀.  法律是用来保护有钱人而已的啦! 哪里有我们这些老百姓的份?"

Back then, I just laughed it off and was amused at his cynicism.

But now, thinking back....

Is it possible that he was actually telling me something that I was oblivious to all these years as a Singaporean citizen? Do you supposed he was right all this while?

I can't help but felt my confidence in "The System" waver.

I also wonder how many other people are in the same plight as Sassyjan who are suffering in silence. Silence, not because she cannot cry for help. Silence, because the people who have taken the oath to uphold the law, the very same people who we had faith that they will protect us and our properties, are not listening? Please tell me I am wrong.

My fellow Barflies, plurk friends, twitter friends, facebook friends and/or blogger friends as well as my dear readers,

I call for everyone to chip in and help out. Spread the word and create awareness. Let's do it everywhere. Blog, facebook, twitter, plurk. Everywhere.

Let everyone know that we will not bow down to thuggery. Let the gutsy Sassyjan know that she is not fighting this alone. She still has our support even if the majority of us can only support in spirit.

My fellow Singaporeans,

Is it me or has our Ministry Of Home Affairs been handing in sub-par report cards of late? I may be absolutely wrong here but somehow my heart felt otherwise.


Some say it's because the current police force is already stretched to the limits but I say bollocks, you tell me this for what? If you know the problem, what is stopping you from taking steps to resolve it?

Perhaps it is time for a change in the Ministry's leadership is due. The next general elections is just around the corner. If the gahmen don't change it, then perhaps the power of the people will do it for them.

Let's hear the people speak. Soon.

Image Credit: sassyjan
- Voxeros

18 January 2010

Association Of Bloggers (Singapore) - FAIL

I wondered if anyone still remember the Association of Bloggers (Singapore)?

Well, today marks the first anniversary of the association's formation. I wonder if it is not already dead.
Let's see what they have achieved over the year.
  • 6 entries on their official blog.
  • 2 committee members left..... is it just 1?
  • Nothing.
Happy Anniversary AOBS!! *yay* *throw confetti*

p.s. Hmm... is it me of does Association of Bull Shit also share the same acronym. Coincidence? You decide!

p.p.s. For a good laugh from the past, go to .

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- Voxeros

14 January 2010

Dumbass Of The Week XII

Picture Captions
Hey! What d'ya know? No Es!!
Major faux pas on the part of McDonald's Singapore marketing department that certain deserve the firing of every single one of them in that office.

So the Chinese New Year just around the corner that they are pushing a Doraemon plush toy promotion (Happy Meal?) where the cute robot kitty is dressed up in the costume of the 12 Chinese zodiac animals.

Well 11 to be exact as they yanked the robot cat in pig costume to take Muslim sensitivity into consideration.

Here's what gotten my nut sack all twisted and knotted.
  1. From a commercial point of view, how is selling an incomplete set going to work?

    Seriously, it is like selling a Scrabble set but the E letters are missing. (You can still spell other words what? Like cats, work, mortician what. No need the E lah!
  2. The robot cat in pig costume was taken out so as not to offend the Muslims but have they considered the feelings of the Chinese by offering an incomplete set?

    If this country is "regardless of race, language or religion", then why is one bending over to make way for another?

    On this token, we may as well ban beef on their menus since many Buddhist and all Hindus do not take beef.
  3. I seriously don't get this paranoid overreaction. It is after all just a plush toy. A ROBOT CAT IN A PIG COSTUME!! How on earth is that going to be offensive to our Muslim brothers??!!

    Are we to ban celebration of Chinese New Year every 12 years just because it's the year of the robot cat in pig costume?
We are in a country where we live together in harmony but surely as much as we respect the Muslim faith, our Muslim brothers would just as happy to respect our Chinese beliefs?


Image Credit:
- Voxeros

1. monkeycrab left...
Thursday, 14 January 2010 11:05 am
going by their logic, they should have removed the dog toy too if they don't want to offend our Muslim neighbours because dogs are regarded as being 'ritually unclean' by most practicing Muslims.

2. JayWalk left...
Thursday, 14 January 2010 11:17 am :: 
monkeycrab: mrbrown sums up your sentiment nicely with this podcast --> iller/

3. Mistress Grace left...
Friday, 15 January 2010 2:26 pm
that is why they are stupig mah!!! seriously its a cat in a pig costume why take it so seriously?

4. JayWalk left...
Friday, 15 January 2010 2:46 pm :: 
Mistress Grace: It is not like the "pig" is being shoved down the people's throats. I mean if it is something that you don't want. Don't buy lor.

I think it would be a better idea to offer the full set of 12 and then offer an additional cupid during the week where they released the "pig" so as to offer an alternative?

5. lu left...
Friday, 15 January 2010 8:53 pm
if i'm not wrong, they only hv 2, 3 pple in the mktg dept here in SG - a mgr & her execs. so basically, the decision prob took place just betw 2 pple - the mgr & her boss. there u go. that's why we hv an incomplete set.

6. JayWalk left...
Saturday, 16 January 2010 2:18 pm :: 
lu: Welcome to the blog. I think it is a case of misplaced paranoia that backfired big time. I supposed their intention was good but they certainly did not think things through. Common sense would have told you to just carry on the campaign i.e. include the pig and don't make a big deal out of it. I would dare say that no one would even notice anything amiss.

12 January 2010

Just For Laughs Gags Asia - Not Funny

If anyone recalls the lame prank the MediaCorpse pulled luring working actors to a bogus audition only to play Gotcha!.

Read Here -->  My Reelity (26 May 2009) - No Laughing Matter.

The trailers of the program are all over the airwaves and its impending launch is just round the corner.

Given how lousy and lame-assed it's going to be, I'd be sure to make an effort NOT to watch it.

I rather read Bandung Vader's blog than watch this crappy show. Really.

Not funny. Not funny at all.

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- Voxeros

11 January 2010

The Fourth Door

For those who have been following, I spoke about the Three Doors currently presented to me albeit all three of them has yet to open.

As at the time of this entry, Door #2 has officially been dead bolted which leaves me with #1 and #3.

Problem is that it's been more than a couple of weeks already and I have yet to hear even a squeak.

The glimmer of hope diminishes with each passing day.

I need to find something soon as money is a finite number and will run out one day if I do not reverse the cashflow.

Here's the thing that I didn't mention earlier.

There is a Fourth Door.

It has been opened for me way back as early as 2006. I have always held it back as it is one of those decisions that once you make it, there is no turning back.

As bountiful as the rewards at the other side of the door awaits, the price of the sacrifice to pay over on this side is not small either.

Like Doraemon's 任意门, this door opens to another part of the world. Throw a stone in each direction and you will hit a Spitlander, a Russian, a Mongolian & a N0rth Korean. Yes, this place is going to be more ulu than Mordor that the people of Mordor will refuse to come coz they'd be complaining that it's too far.

Oh and did I mention it's -7 degrees Celsius there right now?

Anyway, I gave myself till end of January to make a decision to walk through that door if no other door open for me.

20 more days to go. Will any of the current door open or perhaps even a Sixth Door?

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- Voxeros

1. Ruok left...
Wednesday, 13 January 2010 11:14 pm
May the right door open for you!

2. JayWalk left...
Thursday, 14 January 2010 8:33 am :: 
ruok: Thanks. I hope so too.

10 January 2010

Sunday Night Chill

Sunday night.

Blogging. That's ruok's blog on the screen as I can taking some reference off it for my next entry.

Amaretto in hand with the TV tuned to OKTO. Gone Shopping, a local production starring Adrian Pang & Kym Ng, is screening at the moment.

According to ruok, the film tanked at the local box office which is a real shame. It's not too bad what!

It seems that our local folks still aren't appreciating local films sans the commercial Jack Neo fare. Sure, I have had my fare share of local crap (Sorry Sheylara!), but Gone Shopping as it is still screening as I blog still not bad.

I have been a avid supporter of the local arts in the area of Theatre and Film. Looks like I will be staying home tuned to OKTO on Sunday nights from now on.

- Voxeros

09 January 2010

12 Days Of Ris-mas

I got this from KingMeng's plurk (Thanks dude!) and my gawd, it was funny as hell.

Yeah I know Christmas is over for quite sometime already but this deserves an honourable plug on my blog.

Enjoy and have a barrel of laughs everybody!

Well done, STAGES and kudos to you Sir, Mr Jonathan Lim!


Trackback: 03 Oct 2009 - How Low Can You Go? Ris Low!
- Voxeros

1. Ruok left...
Wednesday, 13 January 2010 11:11 pm

07 January 2010

Sian XMM Episode XVIII

Hi folks, it's been more than a year since we had a Sian XMM episode. Today special guest star is none other than our Goddess Of Ten Thousand Shots (GOTTS)!!

Below is the MSN conversation. Enjoy.

Session Start : Thu Jan 07 19:46:12 2010
(8:28 PM) GOTTS: hmmmm are you trying to trade for for my boddington *hides the cans* hahahah

(8:29 PM) JayWalk: eh.... your 2 cans still haven't drink yet???!!

(8:30 PM) GOTTS: ya somehow

(8:30 PM) JayWalk: i think spoil liao

(8:30 PM) GOTTS: but they look very pweety

(8:30 PM) JayWalk: drink liao keep the can lor.
(8:30 PM) JayWalk: or open top small small then stick straw in.

(8:30 PM) GOTTS: will spoil one meh?

(8:30 PM) JayWalk: you got check the expiry date underneath bor?

(8:31 PM) GOTTS: neber

(8:31 PM) JayWalk: go check now. sekali expire liao

(8:31 PM) GOTTS: choy!

(8:31 PM) JayWalk: go check now. go go!

(8:32 PM) GOTTS: one may10 one jul10 la

(8:33 PM) JayWalk: 你很好骗 leh!!!

(8:33 PM) GOTTS: ...

(8:34 PM) JayWalk: ngek ngek ngek ngek.....

Session Close : Thu Jan 07 21:25:10 2010
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- Voxeros

1. siren left...
Thursday, 7 January 2010 11:03 pm ::
OMG LOL you deceived GOTTS!!! Her disciples will hunt you down!

2. JayWalk left...
Thursday, 7 January 2010 11:09 pm :: 
Siren: They are not far down the Episode waiting list. Oh wait, let me put your name in there too.

03 January 2010

2010 First Wala Wala

We were shuttling from one end of the island to the other as we had 2 birthday bashes to attend.

Wala Wala was the second one which had a Cross-Dressing theme. Jeff's gang were simply hilarious! Apparently there was another themed party going on that night but I think we cowered them into a heap with our Singapore Girl, Britney Spears, Charlie Chaplin & Co.

It was a relatively big turnout and everybody had a blast!

Great party!

Happy New Year, y'all!

- Voxeros

1. ahtiong73 left...
Tuesday, 5 January 2010 12:02 am
I was surprised at the big barfly turnout too!

2. JayWalk left...
Tuesday, 5 January 2010 12:03 am
ahtiong73: coz we ish lurbe joo!!

01 January 2010

First Morning Of 2010

It's morning of a new dawn, a new year and a new decade.

2009 pretty much sucked for everybody and here's wishing one and all a better year ahead.

- Voxeros