07 November 2004

Stone Mountain Golf Club


 Was at Atlanta (State of Georgia, USA) on 18 - 23 Oct 2004 and had the opportunity to drive up to Stone Mountain Park for a round of golf.

Stone Mountain was first discovered by the Native Indians as far back as 9000 years ago and has been standing there majestically since.

Just a brief introduction to Stone Mountain Park. It is touted as the "other" Ayers Rock and it is located about 10 miles northeast of downtown Atlanta.

Too bad it was an overcast day or I would have been able to take better pictures like I did in Cinnabar and Pebble Beach.

What particularly caught my attention is the age of these trees peppered all over the course. I came across a stump and decided to count the number of rings in it. I gave after after 50 and I was only halfway through!

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- Voxeros

11 October 2004

Broke 80!

Well folks, I finally did it. I officially broke 80.

I started off from the back 9 (East Course) and breeze through to a comfortable 37 after 9 holes. All thanks to my new found weapon - Taylor-Made R580 driver that saw me break the 300-yard barrier on holes E3 and E9. E3 was particularly memorable as I chalked up a 324 yards (296.3m) on my drive from the Blue Tee.

At the back 9, my nerves started to fray as I kept thinking about the score. Bogeys started filling up the scorecard before a double-bogey on hole W5 puts me a foot into yet another dream shattered.

Miraculously, the hope was rekindled as I bounced back with a birdie on W7 and needing only bogeys each for the remaining 2 holes to break 80.

The last tee off was bad as it didn't fly. Fortunately it was a straight shot as I would have been penalised for lost ball if I hooked left or OB if I sliced right. Seeing that I lost the chance to make green in 2, I opted for a 3-On strategy. Pitching to 90-yds before the bunkers but overshot to the apron at the back of the green on my third. I finally made it to the green on 4 with 8 feet to go. I made the putt. Phew!

Final score. Front-9 37, Back-9 42. Total 79.
- Voxeros

28 July 2004

Pebble Beach Golf Links

Just thot I share some of the pictures that I took during my recent visit (18 Jul 2004) to Pebble Beach.

The place and scenery is simply breath-taking. I would rate it even higher than Ria Bintan although I must still say the the latter is also quite good. But with a temperature hovering around 20 to 25 deg with light winds, the climate is simply the perfect weather to beat the sweltering heat of Bintan.

Unlike Wilson's St Andrew's game which cost him only 85 sterling, the game here sets you back by USD 420 for the green fee. Certainly a course where you just go and play once in your life time and never again..... until you strike TOTO....

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- Voxeros

27 July 2004

Cinnabar Golf Club

Well, if I am going to talk about golf clubs, than I might as well mention the Cinnabar Golf Club that my Grand-uncle and Grand-aunt brought me the day after Pebble Beach. (19 Jul 2004).

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- Voxeros

06 July 2004

Ronaldo's Digital Camera

Well, if you ask me, I think the Divine Ronaldo uses a Casio Exilim for doing his shooting off the football pitch.

However, despite my recent discovery of this picture, I think it is quite dated as he seemed to be using either the S1/M1 model, or the S2/M2 one.

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- Voxeros

05 April 2004

Best Nokia Phone Ever

Nokia 7200

This review from CNet caught my attention.

"... Apart from being the Finnish giant's first GSM clamshell handset, the 7200 will be remembered for its interchangeable Xpress-on textile covers. This is a very bold move to distinguish itself from the clone-like designs of the other brands and adds a new dimension of texture to a mobile. However, care must be taken as dirt and stains may not be easily removed. ..."

But it was the comment by one of the readers that really had me falling off my chair laughing.

[ 01/04/2004, 08:13 PM "Greatest feature!" ]
"How come everyone seems to forget about its best feature. Next time you are in the toilet and happen to run out of toilet paper, simply whip out your fabric-covered 7200 and wipe your butt clean with it! How many other phones boast that feature?"
- Voxeros

1. a reader left...

Wednesday, 7 April 2004 3:10 pm
Bought the phone last week. It's an aesthetically nice looking phone but
features are rather similar to the other nokia models. Nothing


2. JayWalk left...
Wednesday, 7 April 2004 10:00 pm
Well, hope you got yourself a good deal there as I heard this model is
quite pricey at the moment.

Question: What made you buy it?

14 February 2004

Face Off: Ja Ja Binks vs Ronaldihno

Will The Real Ronaldihno Please Stand Up?

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- Voxeros