22 September 2011

MYP Award Ceremony 2011

Dear friends,

Yes, we are 8!

The 8th Maximize Your Potential (MYP) ceremony will be held on 24th September 2011 (Sat).

Venue: Geylang Methodist School (Primary), Level 4 AVA Room.

Time: 10 am.

Come, meet and encourage the students you have sponsored via the Run For Funds (RFF) movement.

You make a difference in the lives you touch. Please email, whataspp or SMS me to RSVP (for catering purposes). 

Click on this link to access the report of last year’s MYP award.

Thanks for your continued support of the RFF movement.



JayWalk Says:

Yeah. We are 8 this year. It's has been a long journey thus far but how time flies when you are doing something without once looking back.

The projects are still going strong but unfortunately our legs aren't. I doubt if we are able to complete anymore marathons which ironically defeats the name of this project from which it all started.

Perhaps it is us not thinking the name far enough into the future that we did not have a continuity plan.

Still, it is just a name and it won't change our hearts when it comes to the projects that we have done, am doing and will continue to do.

Anyway, while the mail from aL invites only sponsors and well wishers, I hereby extend the invitation to all who is interested to find out more about this project. Drop me a note and I will send your RSVP onwards to aL. Cheers.

p.s. I am still thinking if there is a way to form a cooperation between RunForFunds and Willing Hearts?

- Voxeros

10 September 2011

Good Man Wen

I am known to gush shamelessly about the Chinese leader in my entries. This wikileak hardly come across as a scandal. On the contrary, I feel that it is more of a compliment than otherwise.

I am a bigger fan boy of Wen J1aBao even more now. *swoons*

- Voxeros

09 September 2011

230 of P230

I didn't start plurking about this until slightly later which explains why there aren't any plurks from 1 to 37 of P230.

It was a hare-brained idea hatched late last year. It was originally meant to be a countdown for my return to Singapore on Christmas Eve 2010 and I reckoned that I was going to be able to cleared 230km on the treadmill before I board the plane home.

Lo and behold, one disruption after another from business trips to work to unfavourable weather to travelling, I finally completed the Project of 230 km on 08 Sep 2011. Almost a year later.

During this one year (almost), I learned a few things from my past related plurks.

  • Cold weather running is more siong than warm humid weather conditions. The cold temperature really make your heart pump all that blood in order for you to maintain your body temperature. Initially, I thought the warm and humid weather is worse as it hinders proper breathing. I was wrong, the condition of the cardio takes precedence over your pulmonary.

  • My fitness need to be continuously maintained and I backslide to zero pretty quickly to the extent whenever there is a disruption that I sometimes feel that all my previous mileage didn't count for anything at all.

  • I "nearly died" twice. I am a 7% drama queen.
  • Polar Heart Rate monitor sucks monkey balls. Will never buy another one evar.

So there. 

It is done. 230 of P230. Finally. 

- Voxeros

06 September 2011

Mid Autumn Festival 2011

Got a call from the customer service manager from my mobile phone company asking to confirm my address, so that he can send me a box of mooncakes.

This came to me as a surprised as I no longer used to be their Diamond VIP, chalking up ridiculous phone bills. Still, who can say no to a box of mooncakes, right?

So, it was a few days later before the mooncakes arrived by courier.

Fwah.... so big the box of mooncakes ah?? How to finish like that??

Then as I opened the box to sample a piece.

CHEY!!!! So small one!!!

I can't, despite it being free, help it but still feel cheated.


Oh well, Happy Mid Autumn Festival 2011 (12 Sep 2011) in advance to everyone!

p.s. HTC phone really take sucky pictures. I can't wait to change phone but it will have to wait till Mar 2012 when my recontract period is due. Haiz. Should I take out my Lumix and start using it again?

- Voxeros