17 May 2011

Singapore - A New Dawn

First of all, enough of all the Yam Ah Mee jokes already. It was unfortunate enough that his deadpan poker face at the election result announcement drew amusement.

Now everybody is making fun of his name now.

I personally found mrbrown's podcast of the said subject to be of poor taste. The poor fella can't help his name as it was given by his parents.

Show some respect, people! We laugh with people. Not at them!

Personally, I think his deadpan emotionless expression when annoucing election is the right way to go as the Elections Department is supposed to be neutral anyway.

Anyway, the elections are over and the people have decided regardless if you are happy with the decision or otherwise.

We are sad to see the Chiams losing Potong Pasir but I feel it is wrong to denounce the result and raise a ruckus trying to petition for a bye-election. Unless there are severe discrepancies in the count, I do not see any valid reason to have to vote a second time. Those who voted for the PAP have, as much a valid voice as those who voted otherwise. Yes. PAP won this time and I felt it was done fair and square. Yes. It was a pity to lose by 100+ votes but I say suck it up and try again in 5 years.

If an election can have a do-over, simply because you do not like the eletion results, then on the same token, would you allow PAP to have a re-vote in the Aljunied GRC? I am just as sad to see George Yeo go too.

The whole democratic process is a sacred one. Not one that you sukah sukah want do it the way it makes you happy. Sorry hor but this is not Burger King.

Speaking of not happy. I am just as unhappy as everyone else as far as getting Tin Pei Ling into parliament via the backdoor.

However, a vote is a vote and 78,286 voters said yes to Ms Kate Spade & Co. and I would suggest that instead of throwing brickbats, digging up more dirt and lodging police report. How about letting her try doing her job as an MP instead since nothing can be done to reverse the decision made by these 78,286 people?

Stop distracting the poor girl and let her take her shot. Rest assured that if she sucked during this 5-year term, she will be yanked off Parliament by the voters during the next GE, if PAP has not eliminated her already.

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- Voxeros

11 May 2011

The Morning After

The Elections were over quite a few days ago but it took me a few day to digest everything that has come and gone. Hence the relatively late entry which partly is also due to my traveling schedule.

As I have predicted, PAP will return to power but with a lower percentage of the popular vote. PAP's 60.1% was not far from my predicted 59%.

Overall, I am satisfied with the Oppositions' showing although one more GRC and Potong Pasir would have been perfect.

Alas, not everything must be the way I want it to be. It was a collective decision of 2.2 million people.

While I may not be happy with some of the results, I nevertheless accept the outcome regardless.

I only have the following people to talk about.

  • Desmond Lim (SDA) - My vote for the most cockanathan cockster of the Elections. Everyone knows that a three-way fight will favour the PAP as votes will only be split amongst the Opposition. Yet despite the knowledge of this, Desmond Lim wedged himself between Michael Palmer (PAP) and Lee Li Lian (WP).

    As a result, PAP won with a bigger margin than the nearest challenger and Desmond Lim himself garnered only 4.45% of the votes.

    I am happy he lost his deposit as a result.

  • Nicole Seah (NSP) - The political future for this girl shines bright as she has won all of our hearts.

    While I do not expect her to overthrow ex-Prime Minister/Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong (on her first attempt), I am heartened by her gutsy 43.35% showing.

  • Tin Pei Ling (PAP) - As much as we booed her for her backdoor entry into Parliament, the fact remained that she is in. So instead of continuing to throw stones at her, let her have the chance to prove us wrong.

    I don't profess to be always right and so I welcome her the chance to make me stand corrected. I hope she does well in her 5-year term. It will be for the good of the people, if she does.

  • Mah Bow Tan, Vivian Balakrishnan, Wong Kan Seng - The Three Musketeers of candidates that people most dislike and yet they survived to keep their respective jobs. Despite all their supposedly screw ups, perhaps the people out there are more forgiving than I expect.

  • George Yeo - As much as the GRC system was meant to be a way to protect the weaker candidates of the PAP from getting eliminated, karma has a dark humourous way of firing it back in your face as strong candidate George Yeo, who is popular among the people, ended up as the sacrificial lamb of this tragic comedy.

    Still, while it may be a loss for Singapore as far as losing a good Foreign Affairs Minister is concerned, I won't feel too sad for him as he should be laughing all the way to the bank with his obscene early pension.

    Besides, I am sure PAP would not just let an asset like him go so easily, perhaps a non-political appointment like an ambassador position somewhere?

  • Chiam See Tong and Lina Chiam - Perhaps the most heart breaking contest where Chiam See Tong not only lost in his valiant attempt to score a GRC but also lost his Potong Pasir, contested by his wife.

    Thus ended Chiam's 27 years of service to the residents of Potong Pasir.

    Now the folks of Potong Pasir are up in arms over this loss and have gone around starting a petition in their attempt to change the outcome.

    Hello! You should have expected when you anyhowly vote lor.

    I am against all protests against the outcome. As far as I was rooting for SPP to retain the Potong Pasir SMC, I nevertheless congratulate Sitoh Yih Pin for winning FAIR AND SQUARE.

    If the results can be altered, then how is it fair to the PAP man? Then what is the point of voting in the first place? Can re-vote simply because you don't like the result?

    Then can PAP do the same with Aljunied GRC?

    The Chiams may have vowed to return in 5 years' time but I doubt if that is going to happen. Sitoh Yih Pin may not return in 5 years too.


    The way I see it, now that Potong Pasir has fallen in PAP hands, it will eliminated by merging it into a neighbouring GRC, during the next election, which I suspect would be Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC and thereby kill all chances of The Chiams returning, even if they want to.

    Can you spell CHAO KUAN?

    Well played, PAP. Well played. SPP is dead.
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    - Voxeros

    07 May 2011

    Your Vote

    We are just mere moments away from yet another milestone in the history of Singapore. Today marks the day The Red Dot Awakens. By the time, you are reading this, I am on my way to the Singapore consulate in Hong Kong to cast my vote.

    The humble will be honoured and the arrogant shall be banished. Justice shall prevail.

    Or that's what I hope.

    Come 07 May 2011, we will find out if we are true blue Singaporeans with the courage to really vote who we want to represent us.

    Looking at the massive turnout at the opposition rallies versus that of the PAP, will the ballot results turn out as such?

    Or are we just a bunch of cowards who braved the rain, jostle and mud at the opposition rallies only to meekly submit our ballot slips with a mark on the PAP box?

    I look forward to finding out with baited breath.

    I would like to take a moment here to respond to Sassy "Owes Me A Jug Of Beer" Jan on her blog entry above.

    She rained accolades on projects and initiatives that the PAP has done like Park Connector Network, HDB upgrading, medisave, workforce development agency, caring RC members and really really nice police. I am not sure about the last one, it may just be a case of her being a "flower idiot". Again.

    I am guessing that the Woodlands NPC CO is quite yan dao.

    Here's my take.

    I concede that there has been many good initiatives implemented over the years. However, I ask you this. Are this solely exclusive to the PAP? i.e. had it been another party running the government, all these will not happen?

    If hypothetically speaking that if the Worker's Party were the ruling party today, all our HDB flats will never be upgraded?

    I do not think so.

    Caring RC members? I am sure the "welcome to Potong Pasir" letter (click on image on the left to enlarge), circulated all over the internet in recent days, signed by Chiam See Tong himself trumps all of them.

    Very very friendly police? Click on the reference link and you find our dear Sassyjan throwing brickbats about the investigating officer during that incident going missing-in-action.

    Speaking of good initiatives, I have to say that the PAP has a knack for mucking things up and making what originally was a very good thing into a sour taste in everybody's mouth.

    While we are on the topic of HDB upgrading, let's start with that.

    Yes, upgrading is good.

    Lift landings on every floor is fabulous and especially useful for the young, aged and mobility challenged.

    Sheltered walkways are a blessing too.

    However, to withhold upgrading just because you did not vote for the PAP is just plain wrong. People in Hougang and Potong Pasir do pay taxes as well and yet the government is withholding the money meant for them. That I say is robbery in every sense of the word. I will fall short of calling the governemnt crooks but I am not far away.

    What about public transport? Our MRT network is something that I am proud to show off to my foreign friends. With the ever expanding network, I look forward to the day where cars are redundant and every corner of the island is within easy reach.

    Now look at how terrible it is now? While the hardware is in tip top condition, the crowding situation during peak hours is horrendous. Couple with their horribly handled immigration policy resulting in the sudden influx of foreigner to be called our own, the rate of expansion of the public transport system lags behind the population explosion by a mile.

    I understand the need to bring people in from outside when our birth ratio has dropped to an alarming 1.2 (gee, I wonder who screwed this up with the Two Is Enough campaign back in the 70s?). But why at such a furious rate where the housing supply and public transport is unable to keep up?

    They keep saying that they need to raise the public transport prices to keep the company up citing all sorts of reasons. Yet they always announce healthy profits quarter after quarter, thus shooting themselves in the foot the justification of raising prices. Liars?

    Housing prices at where we are is a result of demand, as a resulting of foreigner influx, out stripping supply.

    So to sum up, whatever the PAP has done good, I am sure the opposition, if given the same opportunity and resources, will be able to accomplish the same.

    On the same token, whatever the PAP has screwed up, I am sure the opposition, if given the same opportunity and resources, won't do the same.

    Let me cite a few examples.

    If the opposition were in power, they will NOT pay themselves exorbitant salaries. We have what? 30 ministers? Why do we need so many ministers? Some more quite a number of them have no portfolio i.e. they are Ministers of Chor Bor Lan and we are paying them millions of dollars per year. Let's not even go into their pensions where we continue to paying obscene amounts of money until they die.

    If the opposition were in power, they will NOT withhold upgrading of HDB flats in constituencies that did not vote for them. Sure, there will be a queue where every ward gets their turn but certainly not a wait of MORE THAN TWENTY YEARS and still waiting.

    If the opposition were in power, they will NOT implement the system of the GRC where the strong incumbents can smuggle in untested candidates into parliament to represent the people. If there are 87 seats, then there will be 87 SMCs where every candidate is required to earn their own way into parliament.

    If the opposition were in power, they will NOT use strong-arm, high-handed mafia tactics to suppress their political opponents into submission. Need a reminder? --> Click Here.

    I am not saying that if you vote for the PAP, you are wrong. You just happen to vote differently from me, that is IF I am voting for the opposition. You are free to make your own informed choice.

    The important thing is that you make that vote and make it count.

    Vote carefully, marked clearly. Don't spoil the vote.

    Your country needs to hear from you.


    - Voxeros

    06 May 2011

    My Vote

    I just applied leave from work for 07 May 2011 and given that I for one do not really take leave at all, except for home leave (which I only took 3 of out the 4 entitled last year), came to my boss as a surprise.


    Boss: You take leave? Seriously?

    JayWalk: Yes. I want to travel to Hong Kong to cast my vote on that day.

    Boss: Aiyah. Lee Kuan Yew will remain in power one, You vote also no use.

    JayWalk: Regardless, I still want to make my vote count. If we can pull them down by one solitary vote, let that vote be mine.

    I was given a nod of approval and a smile as if he discovered a new admiration for me.


    So by now, you would have guessed that I should be casting my vote in favour of the opposition. One motorbiking badass turbanator Singh with the talented gift of the gap should be my man to lead his team to run my constituency for the next 5 years or more.

    Here's the thing. You notice I used the word "should" instead of "would". I am 90% inclined to vote for the opposition but given I still have time to mull things over, why the need to make a committment so soon? I am keeping a 10% reservation to see what unfolds further that may swing my vote over to the PAP or simple nail the PAP coffin shut.

    During the last election, a Marine Parade GRC friend spoke to me about how he was pressured by both parties to vote for them respective. He was in a bind as on one hand, he was not happy with the incumbent PAP while on the other hand, he did not feel that the candidates offered by the opposition were good enough.

    So in the end, he marked Xs on both parties to spoil his vote. The brilliant part was that when he came out of the voting booth, he was able to look them straight in their eyes and said that he voted for them.

    It was a funny anecdote back then but I would advise against doing it this time.

    Do not spoil your vote. Make every vote count. The country needs to hear your voice out loud.

    That. One. Vote.

    Make. It. Count.

    Make. It. Yours.

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    - Voxeros

    05 May 2011

    Words From The Heart

    I like George Yeo. One of the rare few who knows what the hell he is talking about when he opens his mouth.

    I have watched many speeches from the rallies posted online. Oh the marvels of modern technology!

    In a way, the people in Aljunied GRC will be in an unenviable position. On the opposition front, we have quality candidates like Sylvia Lim and Low Thia Kiang and choosing them would risk losing George Yeo who has been a faithful and good servant to the people of Singapore.

    I am glad I am not part of the Aljunied GRC for I would not know how to vote. 

    As far as speeches are concerned, I can only single out a few who speaks well. People like Vincent Wijeysingha, Nicole Seah, George Yeo, Low Thia Kiang and yes, even Chiam See Tong, despite the slurring and being almost inaudible.

    By speaking well, I am not referring to just their oratory skill. That is just one portion of the overall. I am referring to the heart behind the words for which they spoke.

    Performance-wise, Harminder Pal Singh gave the best delivery but only because he is a motivational speaker by professional. So was there real heart in his words or just an excellent showcase of razzle and dazzle? Being a little biased, I confessed, in favour of the underdogs, I would give him the benefit of the doubt.

    On the other end of the spectrum is Chiam See Tong who could hardly stand up straight and speak properly. Yes, despite the physical impairment, his determination to power through and complete his speech is something that we should all learn from. The people on the floor are gracious enough to keep their volumes down when he speaks so that people may hear. The people on the floor are gracious enough to wait patiently for Chiam in between lengthy pauses so that he may catch his breath.

    Can you feel the love of these people for this one man?

    Some people may feel that Chiam See Tong is too frail and weak to be their leader. Let me assure you that such perception is incorrect.

    As a result of his physical impairment, it actually TAKES GREATER STRENGTH than a normal healthy person to do the walkabouts and shaking everyone's hands. It actually TAKES STRONGER DETERMINATION than a normal healthy person to get up there on stage and gave his speech until the very last full stop.

    Let see you suffer a stroke and then do what he does.

    You will be humbled, I assure you.

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    - Voxeros

    04 May 2011

    Kempeitai Or Gestapo In White

    This youtube clip surfaced a few days ago, PAP cronies tailing NSP folks on their door-to-door visits.

    Is it me or does these folks in white reminds you of the Kempeitai or the Gestapo?


    - Voxeros

    03 May 2011

    Eighty-Seven Zero

    It was an excellent article and the headline alone got me to sit up and think.

    87-0 is not that far-fetched a possibility.

    In the past, opposition has always circumvented constituencies where there are PAP big guns, just so that they can boost their chances of a seat in parliament. Exactly the same reason why PAP came up with the cheating GRC idea to smuggle unworthy newbies into parliament. Using a strong incumbent like Goh Chok Tong (2006) to deliver 6 untested, undeserving cowards safely under the radar.

    I dare them to walk with their heads held high.


    The tide has change. The opposition are going for the big guns this time. Perhaps an inspirational lesson learnt back in 2006 where 6 virtually unknowns from the Worker's Party was able to walk away with almost 50,000 votes in the Prime Minister's Ang Mo Kio GRC.

    While it was still a victory for the PM, I bet that slap in the face still stung till now. Orh-bi-goot.

    So here's the situation. As far as the David opposition is hopeful against the Goliath PAP, the outcome is not known until the final ballot is counted. PAP strongmen are not without substance and is capable of pulling a significant number of votes for themselves.

    In a close 50-50 fight, the one with 1 vote more than the other wins. Something that is not difficult and within reach for the strong candidates.

    So having said that, we are faced with a stark possibility of a 87-0 landslide defeat of the opposition. While they may return as NCMP, they are all but toothless tigers without voting rights in parliament.

    Still, I am also interested to see if my prediction of PAP scoring under 60% of the overall popular vote comes true.

    If yes, then perhaps not this election that we pull these greedy cheaters down, but certainly a stronger chance next in 2016.

    That. One. Vote.

    Make. It. Count.

    Make. It. Yours.

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    - Voxeros

    02 May 2011

    I Disagree

    I heard what MM Lee has said in the media conference and I disagree on several points in no particular order.

    • "...your property values go right down."

      If you think about it, it may not necessarily be a bad thing. At least, there will be housing within certain income brackets' reach.

      When housing prices rises, while it is true you stand to make a profit but only if it is one that you don't live in i.e. for investment purposes. The rationale is simple and I am sure has been discussed to death.

      When you sell at a high price (as a result of market climate), you probably need to buy your next home at a high price too. So where is the profit? Like the wind, you know it is there but you just can't get hold of it.

      The only way to really enjoy this profit, as a result of this property bubble, is to sell the house and then get your entire family to sleep on the streets.

      Yes, you will be rich but without a roof over your head.

      Pitching a tent in the East Coast Park beach does not count.

    • "...away 30 years and he comes back. How does he connect with us?"

      Well, some of our ministers are with us for 30 years. They too are not connecting with us all these while, are they? So your point being?

    • "What is the track record?"

      Exactly. I ask PAP the same question. What is the track record? Escaped fugitive? Runaway housing prices? Uncontrollable cost of living? Massive Lehman losses of public funds? Massive Temasek and GIC losses of public funds? Ridiculous ministerial salary? Unsolved public transport congestion? Unjustified raising of public transport prices?

      I ask. What is the track record?

    • "He's (Heng Swee Keat) the man who saw Singapore through the financial crisis and we recovered faster than other countries..."

      I'd give him the credit where it is due. I would vote for him solely on that count. So perhaps, it would have been wiser to let him stand in an SMC rather than risk some Sabo King in the GRC team to undermine his chances of entering parliament?

    • "Do you want one MP, one Non-Constituency MP, one celebrity and two unknowns to look after you?"

      I ask the same question to the Marine Parade GRC of 2006. Do you want one senior minister and SIX unknowns to look after you?

      Well, obviously the people did and so why not one MP, one NCMP, one celebrity, two unknowns and a partridge in a pear tree?

    • "...and your own comfort - your drains, mosquitoes..."

      Excuse me but it almost sounded like PAP holds some kind of a patent in pest removal than no one else can?

      As if by law that only PAP-approved cleaners and pest controllers are able to do the job of drain cleaning and mosquitoes exterminating?

      And that people living in opposition wards have to survive the mosquito onslaught by taking anti-malaria pills on a regular basis? Oh well, don't tell me that the pills are only available from polyclinics in PAP wards?

      Next, someone is going to come up and tell me that potable tap water will no longer be supplied to opposition wards and that households will have to go back to buying gas cylinders for their cooking needs.

      Want to throw in electricity generators and kerosene lamps while you are at it?

      I mean. Seriously?

    • "If you like to try your luck, well, good luck to you."

      Thank you. Thank you very much.

      - Voxeros