25 April 2014

Philippine Independence Day In Singapore

There has been quite a big ruckus kicked up over the Philippine Independence Day celebration in the heart of Singapore's shopping belt recently.

Some people were quite upset why they couldn't do it on their own turf and have to have it here.

Er.... because it is too costly to fly everyone back to celebrate and then return here again? Duh.....

I also beg the question. What is wrong with celebrating in Singapore? It is afterall a joyous occasion and what better than to share the joy with others?

What is with the hostility?

My friends and I had a discussion recently on this issue and here is my take.

As much as I welcome them to hold their celebrations here, I would hope that one day, we can also have a Singapore day in Manila and share our joy too!

I think it is an awesome idea to bring some colour to the place and also an excellent opportunity to learn about another culture. After all, Singapore is a melting pot of races and nationalities from all over the world. No?

Besides, it is only for a day. How much inconvenience and/or grief, if at all, can one day of celebration bring? We tolerated, every year, an entire week of inconveniences e.g. road blocks, road diversions, squeezy public transport, loud deafening noise, otherwise known as the Formula One race. No?

Then there is the bigot who claimed that such an event is an act of war on us. Really? War? What is this guy smoking?

Anyway, I hope the authorities will haul this idiot's ass up in court for inciting unwarranted hatred. Should lock this guy up for a couple of weeks to let him cool off. Time out corner you go, spoilt little brat!

The way I see it, the good people of The Philippines are welcome to hold their event in Orchard Road. Just make sure all licensing, permits and the relevant laws and regulations are adhered to. Would appreciate the extra hand to clean up when the event is over.

Other than that?

Happy Independence Day, Philippines!


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- Voxeros

15 April 2014

Microwave Poached Egg - The Second Attempt

Following the first disastrous attempt, I decided to give it another shot after reading and studying the comments on my facebook entry (of the same topic) what could have gone wrong.

So here's what I did on my second try.

I continued to use room temperature water as I still think "cold water" in any recipe refers to unheated water. Otherwise, they would have specified refrigerated water or spell out the temperature to which the water should be, which I find is a tad overboard.

It's a cooking recipe. Not a science laboratory experiment, mind you.

And no. I am not going to use a pipette or burette to get the mug (not measuring beaker) to fill up to 1/3.

Next, I pop the mug with the egg (unbroken yolk) into the NukeBox on high for 60 seconds.

I started the countdown as I nervously watched the mug spun nonchalantly on the carousel.

50 seconds, just a tad short of the full minute, there was a loud POP!

I was thinking "oh great!", we have another eggplosion (term courtesy of Desiree).

I was suprised to see that the microwave was clean with no mess. I picked up to see the mug, half expecting to see nothing (and thus begin the mystery of the disappearing egg).

But no.

There it was, sitting nicely and almost pretty.

It wasn't completely cooked as there is still about 10 to 15% of the albumen still in its uncooked transparent form.

I let it sit for another minute to let it cooked in the heated water. I don't want to pop it back in again, lest I risked the real eggplosion.

Skimmed off the uncooked portion of the egg, throw it on a toast, leaf of lettuce, sauce as a "glue" to prevent the egg from sliding all over the place, a dash of mushrooms in truffle oil, sliced tomato for garnishing, take a photo et voila! Hipster meal!

- Voxeros

11 April 2014

Microwave Poached Egg - The First Try

It all started with the above facebook post from Ellen.

Having my fair share of *ahem* experimenting with the microwave oven, I have come to learn never to put an egg in the microwave without first poking a hole in the yolk.

Hence, I got curious with this recipe that specifically says to keep the yolk intact.

So. Step 1. I got ready the slice of bread and lather it with a layer of mayo. Didn't have lettuce in my crisper and so I guess the end product would turn out slightly different. *shrugs*

Step 2. Egg. Checked. Mug with 1/3 full of water. Checked.

Step 3: Break egg carefully into cup WITHOUT breaking the yolk. Checked.

Step 4: Into the microwave on high for 1 minute. By the way, that's my Vietnamese coffee brewing on top.

Eh. How come the picture in the recipe is a Jupiter planet, mine is Saturn? Here's the problem. The transparent liquid in the middle is water or uncooked egg white?

Well, the recipe DID say that it is permissible to pop it back into the microwave to nuke it for an additional 10 secs to have it a little bit more cooked.

I was thinking heck lah..... a bit more cooked better lah. What is another 10 extra seconds on top of that 10 extra seconds?

And to quote my dear friend Ellen.....


The egg flew out of the cup and the egg white was plastered everywhere.

So Ellen, buy that air ticket and fly over. The microwave oven is not going to clean itself.

Afternote: Undeterred, I am going to give it another try this weekend. Perhaps with a hand on the power knob the next time round.

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- Voxeros

09 April 2014

MYP Award Ceremony 2014

On to the next decade as we are into our 11th year of the Maximise Your Potential Ceremony.

While we do not have the type of stellar growth that Uncle Tony's Willing Hearts project has, we are nevertheless happy with the way we are.

Read on for Adrian's letter to everyone with details of the ceremony.

Do come down and join us. RSVP, please.


Dear friends,

The Maximize Your Potential (MYP) programme is into its 2nd decade, 11 years to be exact.

You are invited to join the 11th MYP award ceremony on 12th April 2014 (Saturday)

Time: 10:00 – 11:30
Venue: Geylang Methodist School (Primary), 2nd floor Library.

Our guest speaker this year is Byron Teo. Byron, a “newly-promoted father”, who ran the Standard Chartered Marathon in Dec 2013 and raised $2,061 for RunForFunds (RFF) which supports the MYP programme.

He will share some pearls of wisdom to inspire our MYP recipients.

Come, meet and inspire the MYP recipients you have sponsored via the Run For Funds (RFF).

Your support has made a difference to more than 70 young lives in the past decade.

Visit the RFF facebook to recap those magical MYP moments:

Please email, whatsapp or SMS me to RSVP (for catering purposes).

Thanks for your continued support of the RFF movement.



- Voxeros

02 April 2014

Princess QQLand Syndrome

Was forwarded this video clip of a local program where it is sort of a couples' counseling session, except that it is on National TV for all to see. Talk about dirty linen in public!

The girl obviously is Stage 4 Princess Syndrome where you want to slap her until she stick wall.

But the real kicker is right at the end. Watch for yourself to the end as I don't want to spoiler this.

 - Voxeros

01 April 2014

Rain Rain Rain


Had this been deliberate, it would have made an awesome indoor display. This is Festival Walk in Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong, recently acquired by Singapore's Mapletree Investments.

The Hong Kong Drainage Services Department called it "once in 200 years". I am sure he hasn't been following Singapore news in recent years.

Given that Hong Kong encounters severe weather on an annual basis (read: typhoon season), perhaps they are more astute when it comes to making such a statement? I am willing to place a bet to say we won't have to wait another 200 years to encounter yet another mega storm.

We've certainly learned our lesson when our own big mouth then-Minister of Environment and Natural Resources said that the big flood of 2009 was "once in 50 years", only to have another subsequent mega flood shortly after.

The dumb folks at PUB trying to dumb (no pun intended) down the Orchard Road flood of 2011 to that of ponding. Riiight.

What I am trying to say here is this. Ladies and Gentlemen, meet the mighty force of Mother Nature. I think it is naive of us tiny humans to think that we can actually yield it into submission.

I think the main reason of us getting into all sorts of natural disaster troubles is that we do not respect Mother Nature enough. We belittle the wrath of destruction that Mother Nature can bring.

I am not saying that we should all just give up hope but instead fear it more than we are doing right now. That would keep us on our toes and be ever vigilant in anticipation of crisis. While I cannot guarantee that will eliminate all losses, we could at the very least keep them to a minimum.

Had we been more diligent with the maintenance of the drainage system at Festival Walk, we would have prevented the "waterfall". Complacency has been our downfall many a time in history. Too many times are we experts on 20-20 hindsight.

It's time to stop this bad habit.

- Voxeros