26 February 2011

JAL CEO Takes A Pay Cut

As the saying goes, "Money Isn't Everything".

I don't know about you guys but I feel that the people who say that, are people who already have money to begin with.

Try asking the person on the street without a roof over his head. Try asking the retrenched family man with aging parents, on top of his own family with children going to bed hungry.

Ask them if they agree if "Money Isn't Everything".

So coming back to the JAL CEO. Yes, it is a noble move on his part to slash his perks and pay ala Steve Jobs who salary at Apple is a modest American Dollar.

Here's the thing, you really think that the salary is his only source of income? I believe there are stock dividends and other vested interest on the side, which makes it less painful than it appears to be.

As cynical as I am, I still think it is a good gesture to commute to work, queue in line in the company's cafeteria and eat like the rest of the company. Even if it is just to put up a show of camaraderie.

That, in contrast with the American fat cats as featured in the later half of the video clip above.

p.s. So does he fly economy?
- Voxeros

17 February 2011

Seeds And Nuts

That's my lunch. Or rather that my lunch-to-be for the next 2 months.

When I returned to Taobaoland, I packed a shitload of seeds and nuts with the idea of having a muesli-with-milk type of breakfast.

After one try, I had to elevate this to lunch as just half a rice-bowl of this was extremely filling. I was so stuffed at breakfast that I skipped lunch and lasted till dinner without feeling hungry.

Given that my office is very ulu, food is hard to access (unless you consider eating your way out of the warehouse) which makes lunch a problem everyday.

With this, I not only able to eat healthy but I settle my lunch headache.

Here's what I have in the mix:
  • Pine Nuts
  • Pumpkin Seeds
  • Sunflower Seeds
  • Black Sesame Seeds
  • Walnuts
  • Almond Nuts
Everything is unsalted with the exception of pumpkin seeds. That way, I don't overdose on salt while at the same time retain a bit of savoury.

Good thing, I love nuts and seeds which means eating this for days on end doesn't faze me. I will still enjoy it.

Besides, they'd make a great mid-day snack too.


- Voxeros

16 February 2011

Flush Here

Saw this little post-it note on my flight from Singapore to Hong Kong.

I was somewhat amused when I saw it.

No prize for guessing who the note was addressed to judging from the language on the post-it note.

I am not laughing so much that certain people need to be reminded to flush after using the toilet. Heck, we even have a national campaign and if I remember correctly, we even have a legislated fine penalty just for this.

I supposed the purpose of this post-it note was more of an instruction since the targeted group don't read English and probably are first time travellers.

We have entered a new era where the dragon awakes and its people start to take to the skies.

- Voxeros

15 February 2011

McGyver Moment

Decided to chill with a bottle of Shiraz only to find that the cork had disintegrated while still inside the bottle.

Had I been in Taobaoland, I would have easily resolve the problem as I have The Thief (see right) just for such an occasion.

Alas, I am back home in my kitchen with a bottle of wine with a fragmented cork, which I had no choice but to push it through.

A quick rummage through the drawers and cabinets I found the solution courtesy of a coffee sock and a coffee pot.

With the coffee sock in the coffee pot, I proceed to pour the entire bottle into the pot through the sock and straining out the cork bits en route.

Then it caught my eye.

The shape of my coffee pot, being one with a wide flat base actually doubles up as a pretty good wine decanter.

Wide surface area for the wine to interact with the air. Perfect!

Yes, granted that compared with the actual McGyver who gets himself out of life-and-death situations, I nevertheless still took a step back and marvel at my own genius.

Yeah. I am quite shameless sometimes.


Image Credit:;

- Voxeros

14 February 2011

Slowing Down Your Pace II

If you recalled my earlier entry of a similar title back in 2006, I like to walk about looking at stuff whenever I have the luxury of having lots of time on my hands.

This trip back, I traveled to Bedok North en route to running an errand. Took the MRT via the Circle Line and made a change to the East Line at Paya Lebar Station to get off at Tanah Merah Station, followed by a short bus ride to Bedok North Road.

Saw a Malay encik selling curry poks out of a carton box by the street which I later regret not buying to try.

I like this sort of walkabouts on my own as it is a kind of "Me Time" as I disappeared amongst the folks in an area which I am a stranger.

I also made a slight detour to the kopi tiam at Blk 128 where I fondly remember the Katong Laksa stall where I used to drive there for lunch many many years back. Back at a time, I was working in Tuas.

Yes, you heard me. Tuas to Bedok for lunch and back. If you think that was extreme, then you haven't heard me talking about Tuas to Changi Village for durian chendol for afternoon kopi session.

Heh. My mastery skill of "eating snake" is quite legendary one.

- Voxeros

12 February 2011

Pron Foot Cream

Found this lying around in the house and got me laughing out loud.

The unfortunate placement of the maple leaf in the back kinda masks away the "THAP".

Pron Foot Cream.

Are you thinking what I am thinking? Kinky!

I must get my head out of the sewers. Heh heh....

- Voxeros

07 February 2011

Happy Lunar New Year 2011

 I had a good break from work coming back to Singapore for the Lunar New Year.

Very happy to see all the Barflies.

Yeah, that's me (going "WTF?") getting robbed blind by the xmms. Haha....

Happy Lunar New Year from the hive of scum and villany otherwise known as the CowBoyBar.

Image Credit: Big Brown Bear Bear
- Voxeros

06 February 2011

Erasing Hard Disk - Jaywalk Style

Did a bit of spring cleaning for the Chinese New Year and decided to decommission my Thinkpads T30 and X41 Tablet.

However, before I give it to the rag-and-bone man, I had to remove the hard disk, lest I incur another bout of Edison Chen.

There are quite a number of software that wipes the disk clean but me? I do it old skool by driving a stake right through the platens, shattering them in the process into tiny bits and have the hard disk rustle like a percussion shaker.

- Voxeros