29 October 2010

Ah Seng Passes The Buck

" ... 这次李显龙宣布这么多的升迁当中,其实最主要就是把黄根成从内长那个位子换下来,其他都是烟雾


- The Temasek Review (29 Oct 2010) 
 - 黄部长通过换位来卸责
(By Lee Chong)

This article on the The Temasek Review was penned in response to the news of a cabinet shuffle where the main focus was the transfer of Wong Kan Seng out of the Ministry of Home Affairs, which in recent years has been consistently screwing up.

I agree with the author's sentiment that perhaps the main move was that of transferring Wong Kan Seng out of the hot zone. Every other appointments are merely smokescreen to deflect attention.

Think about it, if the cabinet shuffle were to be just that one transfer, it would be too obvious and we would all know EXACTLY what the reason is, wouldn't it?

Seriously, from Mas Selamat's escape to father using son's passport to exit, to attempted escapes right outside the doorstep of the subordinate courts to the awful handing of Dr Chee & Co.'s attempted march towards Parliament Building during the IMF Meet (See Youtube - Speakers Cornered below).

It is now more or less an open secret that the elections is right around the corner (I would think probably right after Chinese New Year) and come election rallying, Wong Kan Seng's report card is sure to be taken out for review, especially by the Opposition Parties to justify the his candidacy.

It will be ugly as each past screw up cited could be a potential fatal face-plant for the incumbent.

Perhaps they are thinking, which I felt is a tad naive, that by removing him from the MHA, he no longer has to account for the past foul ups and just pass everything to the successor. On the same token, the successor can easily just deny accountability citing that those unfortunate events occur before his time.

See how this ding dong game is being played?

As far as I am concerned, Wong Kan Seng will not have my vote regardless of what portfolio he holds nor whichever ward he will be running if he is not staying on in Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC.

It is ironic that Wong Kan Seng is also doing a Mas Selamat here.

Mas Selamat was caught in the end. Right?

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- Voxeros

25 October 2010

Dumbass Of The Week XV

I stumbled onto this when I was updating my links during my blog migration to JayWalk Online.

They say imitation is the best form of flattery.

Well, I am not flattered nor amused when I found my entry being lifted wholesale and pasted as somebody's own.

That's just fucking plagiarism.

I am ok if someone uses my content as part of their entry but at least have the common decency to credit the author rightfully.

This is the entry in question and the Alfred fella's is here ( No active link back to his blog. No way.

Click here of the image on the right for my screen capture in case it gets deleted.

As you can see, I left a comment on his blog voicing my displeasure as captured below.

It is unlikely I am going to get a response from this as the blog appears to be abandoned.

Nevertheless, he is still going to be my Dumbass Of The Week XV.


- Voxeros

21 October 2010

Bird Brain Inc.

I kid you not. 

This IS for real. There is a company really called Bird Brain Inc.

Found this at the office directory at the lift lobby of my sales office.

I bet you when they get to IPO (if they get to IPO), confirm sure under-subscribe one.

I wonder why?

- Voxeros

20 October 2010

Rape Fondant

Saw this at the supermarket when I was in Hong Kong last week.

Perhaps a most unfortunate name for a product.

I am almost afraid to know the production process of the cheese, imagining some guy humping a vat of churned milk.

Or worse, since this is a mass production facility, a massive line of guys humping a massive line of vats of churned milk, possibly in synchronisation and 8 eight hours a day?

And so if you smell something funky in the cheese, is it really cheese?

Ewww....... even I am grossed out by my own warped imagination.

- Voxeros

18 October 2010

Hello Kitty Car Fail

Spotted this outside my sales office yesterday on my way back from lunch.


- Voxeros

13 October 2010

Sian XMM Episode XX

So there we were after dinner back at the H0llyw00d Baby Bar for more drinks and chilling.

One of the barmaids showed up with dice and ask us to play. Initially, we were just playing where the loser drinks.

It wasn't long before Cowboy The Cheekopek Caleb started to have other ideas.

CowboyCaleb: Eh. 玩输的人喝酒不够刺激啦. 我们换别的.
* Yes. CowBoy The Cunning Linguist Caleb can speak mandarin quite well nowadays. Dun play play.

Barmaid: 好啊. 那我们玩什么?

CowboyCaleb: 我们玩输的人弹一下牙齿.

Barmaid: 变态!!

CowboyCaleb: 那我们玩输的人捏奶头. 你输了我就捏你奶头.

Barmaid: 不要!!

JayWalk: 听错了啦. 是捏下家的.

Barmaid: 哦. 好的. 可以!

*5-second delay*

Barmaid: OOOI!!! 不可以!!!!!


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12 October 2010

Why CowboyCaleb And I No More Brudder

So on the rare occasion, CowboyCaleb decides to grace his appearance in my part of town, I bring him go eat Indian food only to have him order, 1order of roti, 2 orders naans (lucky I canceled his 1 more order of paratha) and get this....

... ONE curry dish and one order of samosa.

Walau... this fella know Indian food one or not???!!! ONE curry dish with 4 orders of bread!!!

This fella siao one!!!

In the end, we had to order two more dishes only to have ourselves stuffed silly.

So we decided to take a walk back to H0llywood Baby Bar coz I left my gym bag behind earlier.

En route we have to walk through a pub street and we came to this particular Japanese bar where there were two girls standing outside to invite guests in.

JayWalk: Eh... check out the two charbors.... the grey one on the left chio leh!! I rike!!


JayWalk: hahahahaha..... we must plurk this.

CowboyCaleb: Yah! Yah!

It's great to hang out again after so long.

Stay tuned to the next entry where CowboyCaleb and I conjured the next Sian xmm Episode. The dynamic duo strikes again!!!

- Voxeros

11 October 2010

RunForFunds 2010 - October Update

Dear friends,

I trust this email finds you in good health and high spirits.

I’ve filed a report on the Maximize Your Potential (MYP) Ceremony held on 21st Aug 2010.

From the report, you’d see that 2 inaugural MYP award winners (there were 7 in 2004) came back to speak to this year’s award recipients.

You’d also be pleased to learn that MYP has supported 53 students since its inception.

I’ve registered a new website to host Run For Funds (RFF) info.

Please click on to view the full report and pictures taken during the event.

For those of you who have been asking, my back problem is sorted.
Am now training for my 7th full marathon on 5th Dec 2010.

Closer to the date of the run, I will be sending out an appeal to raise funds. 

Reason: With the release of $21,750 to Geylang Methodist School (Primary) to run the MYP program for another 3 years, there is $6,956.23 (as of 10/10/2010) left in the RFF fund.


Maximize Your Potential Ceremony (21 August 2010)

The 7th Maximize Your Potential (MYP) ceremony was held on Saturday 21st Aug 2010.  The event was graced by Geylang Methodist School (Primary) GMSP Principal Mrs. Rina Yap and Vice-Principal Mrs. Molly Soong.

19 MYP recipients ( seven Primary 4, six Primary 5, six Primary 6 students) and their parents started filling up the venue at 0930h. The event started promptly at 1000h with introductions from Mrs Jessie Soh (who has been instrumental in the success of the program since its inception in 2004) and an opening prayer by school Chaplin Reverend Nga Mee Hee.

Mrs. Rina Yap

Next, Mrs Yap addressed the students. She congratulated them on being selected for the award that was based on academic results, CCA participation as well as exemplary behaviour in school.  She encouraged them to keep up their good work.

Adrian shared with parents the intent of the MYP award that was raised by the Run For Funds (RFF) movement:
To help their children develop their potential by exposing them to developmental activities that would otherwise be financially out of reach.  He also shared that RFF will be sponsoring a further $21,750 to run the MYP program at GMSP for another 3 years.

This year, we managed to get 2 of the first batch of MYP recipients (in 2004) to speak to the students.

Alfie Lim

Alfie Lim is a JC 1 student at Nanyang Junior College. He told the students that each family faces different difficulties and challenges.  They cannot change this reality. He urged them not to be discouraged by their immediate circumstances and continue to work hard and don't give up.  He encouraged them to continually seek knowledge and improve themselves.

Tan Zhiwei

Tan Zhi Wei is now in secondary 4 in Hwa Chong's integrated program. He shared how the MYP award helped him pursue his interest in art.  He also shared how he developed interest in software programming although it is not part of school syllabus.  Like Alfie, Zhiwei encouraged the students to make full use of their time to try new things and discover latent potential which may be useful later in life. 

The awards were handed out to the 19 deserving students. Below are pictures of Mrs. Yap (left pic) and Rev Nga presenting awards.

Jee Hui (left) and Joyce on
their recorders, with Mrs Jessie Soh holding the musical scores

Then Teng Jee Hui and Joyce Chim entertained all participants an instrumental piece (recorder).

Mrs. Soong presented Adrian with a token of appreciation and Teng Jee Hui presented "thank you cards" prepared by MYP recipients to RFF supporters.

 Mrs. Molly Soong (left) and Jee Hui
presenting token of appreciation to Adrian

The ceremony ended with a group photo session followed by light snacks for all involved.

MYP 2010 Group Photo
I'd like to thank GMPS for their continued support of the MYP program.

Special thanks to Mrs. Jessie Soh and Miss Theresa Tong for 7 years of dedication to the MYP program.

- Voxeros

10 October 2010

Dumbass Of The Week XIV

Got this youtube clip from Cakie and OMGWTFBBQMA0ZED0NG!!!!

The DPP is just rambling and rambling. I wonder if his brain is engaged at all? Is it due to lack of sleep preparing for the case prior to the trial?

How can someone so clueless be a DPP? Who hired this guy in the first place?

- Voxeros

05 October 2010


Part of the reason I am not fond of touch screen phone is because of my retarded fingers failing to typing accurately on the on-screen keyboard.

Perhaps is my many years of having a Qwerty keyboard like the Nokia 9300 > Nokia E90 > T-Mobile MyTouch 3G Slide. The only thing that comes closest to on-screen input is the Graffiti on my Palm OS PDAs.

So anyway, it was announced that Google has acquired BlindType, an extremely tolerant and instinctive on-screen keyboard that may for once change my mindset about considering my next phone to be a none qwerty one.

Check out the above youtube clip and be amazed!

- Voxeros

04 October 2010

Chicken Nuggets

I saw this photo from the Bar Resident Doc where I traced it back to "Early Onset of Night".

Initially, I thought this was soft candy filling only to realise how wrong I was. This is actually chicken nuggets before molding them into the nuggets shapes that we are more familiar with.

"...because it’s crawling with bacteria, it will be washed with ammonia, soaked in it, actually. Then, because it tastes gross, it will be reflavored artificially. Then, because it is weirdly pink, it will be dyed with artificial color..."

In previous years, there was an urban myth going around saying that the farmers managed to genetically modified chicken until they were born without bones, beaks, feet or feathers, just so that it is easier and more efficient to produce the nuggets.

Well, that we know is untrue and here comes this pink gooey stuff which is just as incredible as the urban legend except this one actually has the possibility of being real.

So how? You still gonna eat 'em nuggets?

- Voxeros