25 January 2011

MacDonald's Happy Meal In Japan

OMFG!! What are they putting inside the Happy Meals???

Ecstasy? Speed? Both??!!

- Voxeros

21 January 2011

Kudos To The Airlines

Earlier, I plurked about the Christmas surprise Spanair sprung on her passengers on Christmas Eve flight.

It brought a warmth to the heart every time I watched it.

KLM did something similar from the youtube that I got from PatLaw's blog. In a way, it's stalking but fortunately in this particular situation, it was a good thing. :)

Southwest Airlines also deserves a non-video honourable mention as featured in the article below:

So to Southwest, Spanair and KLM, you guys did good. Well done.

- Voxeros

14 January 2011

Goddess Of Ten Thousand Shots

Remember the "fierceness" of the Goddess Of Ten Thousand Shots?

Here's her again repeating her awesome feat with Chocolate Cake Shooters.

Be afraid....... be very afraid.........

Video Credit: Aloe.

- Voxeros

02 January 2011

Happy New Year 2011

Happy New Year one and all!

Yeah, that's me. Passed out. As usual.

As you can see from the background, it was still very much day time. Quaffing lotsa KongLong Wedding beers, waking up at 5am prior to the wedding to go play tennis is just the perfect formula to lull you into that perfect afternoon siesta.

Can see or not. Even when I am passed out, I still glam glam one. Legs nicely crossed.

Yandao or not?

Can see the tummy smaller or not? Proof that I neber suck in stomach one hor. 100% natural smaller tummy one hor!!

Anyway, BIG HEARTFELT CONGRATS to KongLong and KongLongBor. Sorry ah, my little snooze prevented you from making mini konglongs yesterday. Paiseh. Paiseh.

- Voxeros