27 June 2008

Typhoon FengShen Morning After

It was the morning after Typhoon FengShen where it was still drizzling miserably. I was on my way to work when I say rows of cars lined up by the side of the street and a hoard of people in umbrellas bustling on a particularly strange activity.

As it turned out, they were catching fish, according to my World Champion Chauffeur.

Fishes in the middle of nowhere?

Let me explain. On the other side of the green slope that you see in the background is the reservoir. The green grassy slope that you see is essentially the bank of the massive pool of water behind.

Apparently, the rainfall got so heavy that water spilled over to the street side and with the avalanche of water, came the fishes that flowed out along with it.

It was a good thing I decided to leave my factory earlier the day before or my car would really end up to be a Chug Chug Chug boat.

- Voxeros

1. THB left...
Friday, 27 June 2008 4:54 pm ::
Good things can come out from bad events. =)

2. JayWalk left...
Saturday, 28 June 2008 9:58 am :: 
THB: Indeed. The fish will make good soup when they all catch cold from staying in the rain for too long. :P

25 June 2008

Dude, Where My Aircraft Carrier?

As a result of the approaching Typhoon FengShen, the Reagan Strike Carrier group departed Hong Kong a day earlier than schedule, thereby leaving behind 100 sailors behind.

Yup, I can see these 100 sailors doing high-fives to each other as that means that they get to stay on Hong Kong shores for a few more days until the carrier strike group figure where they are headed next and all the necessary flight arrangements to fly the laggards back.

Oh and did I mention that the meals and lodging in the interim will be on Uncle Sam's tab?

High Fives all round again!

Anyway, I am in the middle of the typhoon as we speak as according to HK Observatory the typhoon passed us at around 8 am this morning.
Compared to the previous encounter, this typhoon is significantly weaker as we only had Yellow Rain Alert hoisted this morning.

I was able to get to work today with relative ease as there was no flooding nor traffic incidents en route.

Typhoon FengShen has been around for quite some time already appearing from the South-east of the Philippines archipelago.

I supposed as it cuts through the islands, the intensity is significantly reduces as typhoons is an ocean based natural phenomenon.

AFTERNOTE: Well, I was totally wrong on that count as the rain at the time of the entry wasn't as heavy as I expected was due to the fact that the typhoon hadn't arrived yet. The forecast said that we were going to be hit at around 8am in the morning when in actual fact we are feeling the full impact at around 4pm later in the afternoon. 

And that brings us to the disaster that I want to show you guys.

A ferry carrying more than 800 passengers went down into the sea is a mere 15 minutes. If the movie Titanic was 3 hours and 14 minutes, this ferry went down before the movie's opening credits was completed.

Rescue efforts were severely hampered due to the bad weather despite the ship barely 500 yards away from the shore. So far only 50 survivors were found, the rest are feared dead.

Relatives of the victims are questioning how the ship was allowed to sail on its 20-hour voyage.

Newsreel from Associated Press available below via Youtube.

Image Credits:;
- Voxeros

1. spiller left...
Wednesday, 25 June 2008 9:53 pm
damn those lucky yanks.
Titanic was almost a century ago. what puzzles me is that, now with 21st century technology, how did the ferry company missed the typhoon alert? do they even have one?

2. JayWalk left...
Thursday, 26 June 2008 8:02 am :: 
spiller: I don't think they missed it. I think they pushed forward with the sailing so as to avoid revenue loss.

3. THB left...
Thursday, 26 June 2008 9:35 am ::
No explanation were made. Ridiculous.

4. JayWalk left...
Thursday, 26 June 2008 11:08 am :: 
THB: I supposed they are not offering any comments until the investigations are completed.

24 June 2008

Everybody Hearts ChungHwa Telecom

This was plastered all over Ta1wan news yesterday and the incident was blogged by 阿之宝.

For the eat potato friends, here's what happened.

There was the construction yard where the telephone poles were laid on the ground for later deployment. And there were 4 puppies who happened to be there making a lot of noise disturbing the peace of the neighbours.

So apparently, some one called the dog pound and the dog catchers arrived scaring the puppies to run for cover. Unfortunately, in their panic, they burrowed themselves within the gaps of the poles, only to find themselves trapped. They were too far in that the people couldn't reach them and pull them out and the puppies themselves couldn't get themselves out either.

ChungHwa Telecom was the company that own the telephone poles and they were contacted about the plight of these four puppies.

At first the folks were skeptical that a big corporation like ChungHwa Telecom would even bother to deal with this but surprise! surprise! ChungHwa Telecom despatched 3 cranes and 10 personnel to the puppies' rescue!

Hip Hip Hooray!

However, by the time they arrived, it was raining and it was dark, making the rescue extremely difficult as a wrong move could easy crush the puppies to death.

For the sake of the four puppies, the guys promptly returned the next day when the sun came back up again and rescue work began.


It was all in a morning's work and the puppies were all rescued!

This little story was broadcasted on the Ta1wan news and has touched the hearts of many people. Some even want to switch their mobile phone operator to ChungHwa Telecom!

I just like to salute these guys for having a heart and that hopefully, it would inspire more people to do the same.

The world could use with a little more love.

Image Credits:
- Voxeros

1. lancerlord left...
Wednesday, 25 June 2008 12:12 am ::
Thanks, I'm one of those gan dang ones. I needed the translation.

2. thiang left...
Wednesday, 25 June 2008 1:55 am ::
Ah zhi bao makes me think of the word "Archibald". Muaha.

3. JayWalk left...
Wednesday, 25 June 2008 7:46 am :: 
Lancerlord: You're welcome, my potato friend. :)

Thiang: Well, I have no idea what it meant. The originating blog says that it is supposed to be the author's daughter name. Gee..

4. Posh left...
Wednesday, 25 June 2008 10:43 am
Another potato here, shank you shank you for translation!
I am a Chunghwa Telecom convert liao..... heart them lots lots! Now, you wouldn't see that happening in SG would you?!

5. JayWalk left...
Wednesday, 25 June 2008 11:40 am :: 
Posh: The way I see it, Singtel will push to the police who in turn push to the Civil Defence who in turn push to AVA who in turn push to SPCA who in turn push to the Zoo. At the end of the day after numerous rounds of ding dong ding dong. The puppies died.

The the ENV will push to AVA who in turn push back to ENV arguing who should be responsible for disposing of the dead puppies.

6. darkelfin left...
Wednesday, 25 June 2008 11:55 am
and subsequently the cute little puppies were brought to the pound and put to sleep. may they rest in peace.

7. Posh left...
Wednesday, 25 June 2008 11:59 am
U forgot also.... a full blow inquiry into the incident, Parliamentary debates, public denials of any wrong doings, etc! Boohoohoo!

8. JayWalk left...
Wednesday, 25 June 2008 12:04 pm :: 
Darkelfin: The follow up story (second link) said that all the puppies were adopted subsequently.

Posh: And MM Lee would later come in and chide us, saying that it's our own fault for letting that happen.

9. Posh left...
Wednesday, 25 June 2008 12:10 pm
yah man! From Nicoll to Mas to pups.... any need for SOPs to be written on such "incidents"? NO lor.... cos we already know the unspoken SOPs by heart! We heart it lots lots... BAH!

10. JayWalk left...
Wednesday, 25 June 2008 12:45 pm :: 
Posh: I wonder how Wong Kan Seng is going to wriggle out of the father-use-son's-passport-by-mistake fiasco this time.

11. Posh left...
Wednesday, 25 June 2008 12:59 pm
you never know! remember, there is such a thing as teacher's pet..... ;)

12. JayWalk left...
Wednesday, 25 June 2008 1:52 pm :: 
Posh: Probably disappear and act blur again lor.

13. Linny. left...
Wednesday, 25 June 2008 3:22 pm ::
Yay for translation :D I love everybody who love dogs. *love*

14. JayWalk left...
Wednesday, 25 June 2008 4:53 pm :: 
Linny: I lurbe dogs so you lurbe me har? *shy*

15. CoWg0eSm0o left...
Wednesday, 25 June 2008 10:14 pm
let's all support and jump over. screw singtel m1 and starhub.

16. JayWalk left...
Thursday, 26 June 2008 8:03 am :: 
CowGoesMoo: Yeah... and let's them screw you with all the roaming charges while you are here... Riiiiiight.....

17. grasshopper left...
Thursday, 26 June 2008 1:45 pm
this story melted my heart a bit....aaaaawwwwwww......puppies~~~~~

18. JayWalk left...
Thursday, 26 June 2008 4:02 pm :: 
Grasshopper: Note to self: Tell grassy more puppy stories when in Vegas.

23 June 2008

Girl Molested - The Aftermath

Well, it looks like the fiasco is coming to an end with Jean's blog starting to tone down on all the allegations.

There was an earlier blog entry where she was told that the Singapore police will not prosecute John even if he admitted to what happened that fateful night in Seoul.

Yet, she was adamant in her "tone of voice" in her entry which I thought isn't the wisest thing to do at this point.

Especially, when there was a lawsuit filed by John against her on the grounds of defamation.

The "offending entry" was subsequently removed (Screen Cap Removed Upon Request - Click Here) as an entry like this only serves to help John's case even better. Good move.

Speaking of John, I certainly hope that the suit will not go to the courts. Hopefully, it is just a scare tactic to force Jean into settlement, thereby getting his money back.

It has been a difficult climb from the pit of being tagged as a villain. But to kick Jean when she is down will certainly relegate John back to villain status. Not smart.

The way I see this whole episode pan out, would be that there will be an out-of-court settlement and John gets his money back. In return, the suit is dropped and the matter left to fade into oblivion. No public apology. No nothing. Just let it dissolve on its own.

People in general have a very short term memory and before you know it, this whole thing would cease to exist after two weeks.

Let this be a lesson learned for everybody. Always think twice before you do anything.

[ Screen Cap Removed Upon Request - Click Here ]

Image Credit: Dua Pai Lang
- Voxeros

1. spiller left...
Monday, 23 June 2008 5:24 pm
about time la. that Grimace image is starting to haunt me liao.

2. JayWalk left...
Monday, 23 June 2008 5:43 pm :: 
spiller: Were you touched inappropriately by Grimace when you were young? =P

3. Linny. left...
Monday, 23 June 2008 6:48 pm ::
*points & laugh* loser.

4. naeboo left...
Monday, 23 June 2008 9:41 pm ::
niamah. make so much noise over one backrub. kns.
she shld be bitchslapped to oblivion. pls do send me a msg if u need help in this area

5. karen left...
Monday, 23 June 2008 10:15 pm
Just like that?
Aftermath is like that?
Such an anti climax......

6. JayWalk left...
Tuesday, 24 June 2008 12:39 am :: 
Linny: Now. Now... Be nice, ok?

naeboo: Anytime you wanna bitch slap, be my guest!

Karen: Then what you want?

7. AliceCheong left...
Tuesday, 24 June 2008 1:44 am
Hi JayWalk, I have dropped you a message. Please kindly take a look at it. Alice

8. JayWalk left...
Tuesday, 24 June 2008 2:18 am :: 
AliceCheong: Where?

9. JayWalk left...
Tuesday, 24 June 2008 9:27 am :: 
AliceCheong: Oh, I found the message. Request duly granted.

Btw, Welcome to the blog! :)

10. THB left...
Tuesday, 24 June 2008 2:35 pm
Drop all Jean talk and go back to work.. =)

11. JayWalk left...
Wednesday, 25 June 2008 7:51 am :: 
THB: Indeed we are as the dust has settled already. There is no more interest to cover this unless one of the two decided to do something incredulously stupid again.

21 June 2008

Girl Molested - The Parody

This is the mystery email that appear in the email box of CowBoyCaleb on 16 Jun 2008. Yeah, the one that I wrote.

Anyway, I thought I reproduce it here for posterity.

Yah lah, write a parody of this nature damn CB Kia lah but let's face it, it was too good an idea to just give it up and shelf it in the name of being Politically Correct lor.

Sorry ah, I ish no saint.

In fact, I'd probably go to hell for this. No. Wait. Possibly first in line at the gates of hell (Eh. Got door gift or not har?).

Those who know me will agree that limpeh is tok kok king. So something like this that is funny as hell (no pun intended), you tell me how not to write it?

So you si nong kias who are reading this, you all better read it and make sure you all laugh until Lao Bak Sai (Lao Sai optional).

p.s. Why CowBoyCaleb choose a picture of the MacDonald's Grimace to accompany the email shall remain as one of life's greatest mysteries.

Dear Cowboy,

I like to read your blog everyday. This is something I must share with you. If you can, please post on your blog so others can learn from my mistake. This incident hor has been eating at me for the past one year already and it has been haunting me since. I cannot sleep, cannot eat, cannot shit, cannot work properly. In other words hor, my life kena upside down because of this fucked-up episode. Cheebye…

The constant echoes of laughter of the security officers and their finger pointing are a constant looping video in my head. How do you stop the playback? Please stop!! I am going kee siao liao!

It was March 2007 when I went to Bali with a charbor friend. Her name is Suzy. Suzy Tan Bee Lian. You know lah. Suzy is the type of name ownself give one lah. Last time, she wanted to act ang moh pai and was calling herself Grace but I think she is past that pattern phase liao. So now is call Suzy.

This one hor, working in the HR department of Magma International LLC (27th Floor, UIC Building, 342 Robinson Road) and I got to know her when my insurance agent quit then transferred my portfolio to her as she is also sideline Presidential Insurance agent one. We got along quite well and I always jio her go out eat supper since she stay very near me lor. So in a way, I know her quite well coz we tok kok a lot during all those suppers lor.

So last March hor, my best friend wedding kena canceled. Stupid fella lah… go sleep with the wife’s family maid for fuck? Want to fuck her also at least don’t get caught mah? Walau… fuck the maid in the parent’s room then tio caught? Consperm hong kan lor. So like that moh tween tween wedding tio canceled. Wanna fuck the maid also wait until marry liao then fuck mah. Stupid bastard lah.

So anyway, best friend say, the air ticket and hotel to Bali for the honeymoon now no use, so give me. At first, I ask all my guy friends if they want to go with me but all said no, say if go already sibeh gay leh. Yah lah… what they say hor, also got point lah. Besides, this one hor, is honeymoon package some more. Next, I asked all my female friends but dunno why, one by one all say no. Say financial year closing so very busy. Even Margaret who is URA parking coupon auntie also say financial year closing, very busy. iBlur lor.

So one night over supper with Suzy, I ask her wanna go with me to Bali or not. She said yes lor. At first, I think think hor, one man, one woman go overseas trip, sleep same room will kena monkey business or not? But I think think more hor, I am the man here, I don’t do anything, then should be safe bah? Besides, Suzy looks like the decent decent type of girl. So I think nothing will happen lah.

When we reached the hotel in Bali, I damn zi dong and act gentleman. I asked for a change to a twin bedroom. I tell you the front desk staff damn KNN. Give me attitude leh. Then throw me the look like I first time leave country. Harlow fuck you understand! I got go to Malaysia before ok! Cheebye front desk manager tell me there is no such thing as twin beds in a honeymoon suite. Zhun bor?

Lan jiao understand?! Where got such thing as honeymoon suite don’t have twin bed one? 6-star hotel leh! No twin beds? You bruff who? Cheebye!! Then they still dare to tell me all the other hotels all also don’t have twin beds in their honeymoon suites one. Zhun bor??

Bali hotels ALL SUCK MONKEY BALLS LAH!! Cheebye!!

On the final night, I fell asleep very early coz I was very tired from the 3 days of fun in the sun and then cheonging the bars at night. Also maybe I eat too much at the buffet over dinner lah. So jiak par liao sibeh ai koon.

As I was in my half wake half sleep state, I felt got fingers caressing my chest. Then sometimes the fingers will come to flick flick my neh chee one.

I didn’t know what to do. I was very afraid and I kept very still.

Then Suzy suddenly turned on her side facing me and stealthily put one leg under my thigh and wrapped the other over it. My legs tio kiap liao loh. I felt machiam like the mouse kena coiled by anaconda. I can feel her cheebye pressing against my leg and rub rub some more. Jeet pai tai chee dua tiao liao…

Then hor, the thigh on top of me hor, started to move leh and her ang moh knee was starting to rise towards my kukujiao. I damn scared lor. I held my breath. I don’t even dare to breathe. The first time the leg come up, the knee nearly touched my balls but heng heng at the last minute the leg go down again. Then hor, just when I thought no more liao, the leg come up again leh! This time not only touched my balls but go further and kena my kukujiao!

I cannot take it liao and I screamed and jolted up. Then Suzy pretended like we were supposed to be rubbaing and asked if anything wrong?

Anything wrong? ANYTHING WRONG?!??!

Your knee rubba my kukujiao, you ask me anything wrong??!

My scream must have alerted the security and two officers came barging into our room to the sound of my distress.

Suzy comprained to the officer about me for not “actioning” her. Wah lan!! My fault!!!??

Then the security officers look at me up and down then started pointing at me and laughing madly?

I looked down at where they were pointing at me and WAH LAN EH!!!


So malu can? I ran out of the room with my handphone and walked along the beach aimlessly for hours as I called home to my best friend to comprain until my handphone no batt.

The next day, we flew back to Singapore. I never say a word to her. I felt betrayed. I thought she was my friend whom I trusted. She is a downright despicable person.

I spoke to best friend and he accompanied me to the police station to lodge a police report but the police refused to take my report and threw the both of us out for wasting their time.

I am at a loss as I have nowhere to go from here. I have since been depressed over this incident to the extend that I can no longer function as a normal person.

I think I should just go eat one pack panadol, one bottle of Martell VSOP then slash my wrist. Must kill myself or else all the horrible flashbacks that has been looping in my head over and over and over and over will never end.


Image Credit: 
- Voxeros

1. NNPC left...
Saturday, 21 June 2008 12:04 pm ::
hohoho! i think cause cbc things that purple blob resembles u ma

2. Linny left...
Saturday, 21 June 2008 12:31 pm ::
Because Grimace is pointing and laughing? Idk! But, *clapclapclap*. Cool beans, Jay-Meister.

3. JayWalk left...
Saturday, 21 June 2008 2:58 pm :: 
NNPC: Walau..... he more blob than me lor!! *sulk*

Linny: Thank you... thank you very much.... *bows*

4. THB left...
Monday, 23 June 2008 11:40 am ::

5. JayWalk left...
Monday, 23 June 2008 2:04 pm :: 
THB: What you hmm-ing about?

20 June 2008

Girl Molested - My View II

Ok, I have a confession to make.

The mystery email that was sent to CowboyCaleb was written by me. I have chosen to do it that way was so that people who are friends with me as well as with Jean will not get caught in the middle. Hence the need of "neutral" ground.

However, all that has changed. I can't be arsed after yesterday's revelation.

I know by coming out in the open with this, I am inviting flamers and trolls to come get me. Well, here's the thing. I wrote it and I am not afraid to admit it. I sure am glad that many folks had a good laugh over it as that was the only intention to which I penned it.

Before anyone labels me as an asshat who is insensitive to what happened to her that night, let me go on record to say that Yes, I am sorry. I am sorry to learn that Jean had the misfortune to be touched inappropriately (mistakenly or otherwise).

I am however, not apologetic for everything else.

And I may quote TigerKiller (20 Jun 2008) from the CowBoyBar:

" be honest, I think its ok for a guy and gal to be in a hotel room without all the piak piak piak. (<-This is my copyright. pls stop using.)

Moreover, she said no. He backed off and didn't force her.

What is damning is she failed to mention the money he gifted her.

I think while its fine for him to want back the $$$, whether he gets it or not doesn't matter at all. When you lend someone $$$, be prepared to lose it all.

By the way, it isn't just $48k. Think about the 2 years of paying all the food, drinks movies, romantic meals, transport....I think the real value could be way above $48k. And i think one of the main reasons why she asked him to Korea was probably because he would be doing most of the everyday spending.

Whether she likes to admit it to herself, she is materialistic and should reflect on her own personality. Cause this whole thing just smeared her own rep on the Net. She should have just kept it real quiet." 

I am sure that struck a chord with many of us guys for I can safely tell you that every guy alive on this planet would have been carrot top chopped by a woman at least once in his lifetime.

I have. Many times. Not exactly proud of it but I'd just chalk it up as a lesson to be learned. However, I must say that I am pretty lucky as I have yet to be stuck with a SGD 48,000.00 bill.

Hmm.... what can I buy with SGD 48,000.00?

There are some hearts money just can't buy.
 For everything else, there is MasterBate.

Image Credit:
- Voxeros

1. Mistress Grace left...
Friday, 20 June 2008 1:44 pm
Wah! Finally you decided to come out of the closet ah!! Good for yew!!!!

2. spiller left...
Friday, 20 June 2008 2:06 pm
haha. MasterBate. good one bro.
this 2 fellas should go somewhere far far and hide themselves.
one is LorBert another one is Lulu.

3. grasshopper left...
Friday, 20 June 2008 2:29 pm
I totally enjoyed it! I meant the email......I have no doubts about your writing skills.

4. Old Beng left...
Friday, 20 June 2008 2:53 pm
I have been thinking all this while that you are actually Rockson.

5. barffie left...
Friday, 20 June 2008 3:00 pm

6. JayWalk left...
Friday, 20 June 2008 3:04 pm :: 
Mistress Grace: Harlow!!! What coming out of the closet? Say until like machiam I ish gay like that. Pffftttt...... *bitch fit*

spiller: I read this on AsiaOne forum: Man are from Mars. Women are from Venus. These two are from Kum Lan Land. LOL...

Grasshopper: Thanks thanks. I buy you dinner!

OldBeng & Barffie: I ish not Rockson lah. His Hokkien is way more eloquent than mine.

7. NNPC left...
Friday, 20 June 2008 4:20 pm ::
All hail Uncle JW

8. POsh left...
Friday, 20 June 2008 4:49 pm
No such thing as bad publicity....... or good publicity at that. No apologies needed whatsoever. You were factual to the best of your knowledge. And as TK had summed up best.... "she should have just kept it real quiet".

9. JayWalk left...
Friday, 20 June 2008 5:12 pm :: 
NNPC: Uncle your head lah! *bish*

Posh: Well, if you have read her latest entries, she is sticking by her story and not budging with the $48k gift.

So what if it was really a gift of $48,000. If the fella is making so much noise now, I would return the money in an instant rather than to be accuse of shamelessly hogging on to it and contesting it for dear life.

Surely, a person's dignity is worth more than that?

10. Mistress Grace left...
Friday, 20 June 2008 5:22 pm
I purplely one mah..Cannot ah? Bitch fit simi lah...!!!

11. spinnee left...
Friday, 20 June 2008 5:23 pm
in the midst of all this, i still think it's hella funny!!! HAHAHAH
oh yes, u could run for rockson's office as a substitute blogger in his absence... or u know, like some manager for rockson. like those celebrities who ask their mgrs to blog for them.. hAHHAHAHA

12. Shelly left...
Friday, 20 June 2008 5:31 pm
KNS! Can you also include the 3 kittens' food+kitty litter on top of the $15 he owe me or not?! They eat and shit A LOT ok?

13. POsh left...
Friday, 20 June 2008 5:34 pm
Jay dear, I just read her latest comments. "Succès de scandale" is all I can say. Principles that you treasure may not be to some and to persist in folly is one's own doing.
48K.... walau, do you know how many bags I can buy!?! starting with my chanel 2.55!

14. Chocolate gal left...
Friday, 20 June 2008 7:33 pm
Somehow i just want to get this case over with and stop giving her all that free publicity.. it is just so irritating..

15. JayWalk left...
Friday, 20 June 2008 9:11 pm :: 
Mistress Grace: Pfffttt......... *hiss*

Spinnee: I'll take that as a compliment but no thanks. I am my own man and not somebody else's image. Besides, Rockson got me so KPCT yan dao meh? :P

Shelly: Well, if you can provide a new dollar amount for me to crunch, I'd be happy to amend the figures for you.

Posh: Well, according to Linny, 48K can get you 4 individually customised Hermes bag. Fwah.....

Chocolate Gal: Don't worry about it. It will blow over in a couple of weeks and it would all be forgotten.

16. Ruok left...
Friday, 20 June 2008 10:21 pm
I have no doubts about your writing skill too! I'll claim my dinner from you when you come back.

17. JayWalk left...
Saturday, 21 June 2008 7:05 am :: 
ruok: Hahaha... cheeky monkey! On lah.... wait for me to come back. :)

18. TTY left...
Saturday, 21 June 2008 9:18 am
JW, go update quick. KNN!

19. JayWalk left...
Saturday, 21 June 2008 10:58 am :: 
TTY: KNN! I ish not Rockson lah!!! He where got me so KPCT yan dao??!!?

20. barffie left...
Saturday, 21 June 2008 11:07 am
I also want dinner =[

21. JayWalk left...
Saturday, 21 June 2008 11:46 am :: 
Barffie: Gee... this is starting to sound like a soup kitchen for the homeless liao. :(

22. cocotree left...
Saturday, 21 June 2008 12:39 pm
next, you're going to confess that you are that carrot boy.

23. JayWalk left...
Saturday, 21 June 2008 2:59 pm :: 
cocotree: Carrot boy confession done a long time ago. Search my blog under the keyword "Lorbert Series".

24. fitti left...
Saturday, 21 June 2008 7:52 pm
chey....i really thot Rockson was back hokay?!! I is heart him leep leep! If this teacher succeeds in transforming into an ah lian, it's all because of Rockson Takumi Tan hokay!!!!!! heart heart heart!

25. Pam left...
Saturday, 21 June 2008 10:45 pm
well done dude...well done! :) parody indeed...can't believe she's making such a big deal of it though (having said that, I wouldn't have thought writing something in one's blog was meant to be publicised in such a manner (i know blogs are public etcetc, but still!). Which makes me wonder about the state of the Singaporean mindset (in general!)... that such a matter can make news, albeit tabloid news! Poor naive man. and as for the woman, she's a pathetic excuse and an embarrassment to women. don't think it was right of him to 'take advantage' of her, but to be fair, he backed off once she told him off right?

26. JayWalk left...
Sunday, 22 June 2008 9:27 am :: 
fitti: Walau... you heart heart Rockson then no heart heart me har? iJealous.

Pam: I don't think it is fair to say that she represent the mindset of the Singaporean women in general. Then again, I don't think she is Singaporean.

27. Pam left...
Monday, 23 June 2008 1:39 am
oh - wasn't referring to her as the typical Singaporean mindset - I meant the fact that it appeared in the tabloid news!! ie, the news editors thought it was newsworthy, with the headline 'she let me hug her'!!

28. JayWalk left...
Monday, 23 June 2008 9:23 am :: 
Pam: Q: Why has Singaporean journalists got to do with global warming?

A: They are full of hot air, they stir up storms out of nothing and everybody wish they'd go away.

29. barffie left...
Monday, 23 June 2008 11:40 am

30. JayWalk left...
Monday, 23 June 2008 2:05 pm :: 
Barffie: Having a good time so far?

31. fitti left...
Monday, 23 June 2008 10:08 pm
to be able to write like my Rockson Takumi Tan, I heart chu 2!

32. JayWalk left...
Tuesday, 24 June 2008 12:40 am :: 
fitti: I come back then you heart me lah.... *blush*

33. fitti left...
Tuesday, 24 June 2008 11:32 am
men who blush are cute lah! *tickle tickle* =D

34. Val left...
Wednesday, 25 June 2008 1:36 am
For the record, I'm female.
I sympathised with you when I 1st read Caleb's post. Wooing a woman and after 2yrs was asked to go on an overseas trip alone, share the same room... then the SAME BED! Geez! I would have taken that for an absolute green light!
For a female to willingly sleep in the same room, not to mention the same bed, as another man, that's an open invite, no matter how u look at it.
'Jane' has shamed not only herself but all women. It's disheartening to know that ppl will stoop so low as to lead someone on for 2 years.

35. JayWalk left...
Wednesday, 25 June 2008 7:49 am :: 
fitti: * B-L-U-S-H !!*

Val: Welcome to the blog! To clarify a bit, I am not the John in this saga but I believe John would thank you for the vote of confidence. I don't know John myself and as such my only hope of relaying your message to him is that he reads this blog. Cheers.

36. Tigerkiller left...
Monday, 7 July 2008 1:06 pm ::
Fwah...I was quoted by the great Jaywalk...
Not that any permission was asked hor... OR CREDIT GIVEN HOR... OR Website of Bear's Blog hor...
HUMPH. Its still great to be quoted.

37. JayWalk left...
Monday, 7 July 2008 5:28 pm :: 
Fine.... I gib you a BearBear ChalkBoard. Can?

19 June 2008

Girl Molested - His View

As I have expected, the John fella has finally come out to give his side of the story. For what was originally a small pile of turd. It has escalated to an avalanche of SHIT.

Moral of the story. If you are presented with a bucket of shit. Don't stir it.

Initially I thought the guy was going to just deny it or admit it was a genuine misread of signals or say it was consensual between the two parties. Then this champion guy throw in an extra spanner for the win.

A SGD 48,000 loan to her.

Of course Jean flatly denied it and claimed that it was a gift.


If you tell me, the girl and the guy are in a relationship then maybe there is a remote possibility that it could be a gift but in her own words in her own blog where she made such a big fuss over the bedroom miscommunication, you still think it was a gift?

Had she just shut the fark up, all these would have just gone away unnoticed and everybody walk away unharmed. And quite possibly still be able to hang on to the money.


So tell me. Who is the villain here?

Ok, so I am drawing conclusion based only on what I have read and it is known that the mickey mouse media have a bad habit of garnish shit with more crap. And so, I shall reserve 10% of all this to benefit of doubt as I am sure what actually happened and what's reported in the news will not be a perfect match.


Part of me also speculating that perhaps this was a premeditated publicity stunt to get media attention? I was informed via an unverified source that Jean was the one who approached the TheNewPaper with the story. And of course our local mickey mouse tabloid is more than happy to obliged.

Afternote: Jean has commented and said that it was TheNewPaper who approached her about the story. However, she being an involved party in this saga herself, she is thereby disqualified as a verified source as well. Perhaps someone form the TheNewPaper care to enlighten us on this particular matter?


I know people who are friends with Jean both in real life and online. I wonder how these folks are feeling now that this bucket of shit as flown up and hit the ceiling fan? I wonder how these folks feel getting caught in the middle of it all. Are they going to stand by her regardless or are they going to stand by the truth which may or may not be in her favour?

If you are friends of Jean, please share with us how you are feeling now.

- Voxeros

1. spiller left...
Thursday, 19 June 2008 1:28 pm
 avalanche of SHIT indeed. SGD 48K? this guy is an Ah Long or what?

2. JayWalk left...
Thursday, 19 June 2008 1:32 pm :: 
Spiller: Not Ah Long. Just a damn bladdy big Lorbert.

3. Jaycoool left...
Thursday, 19 June 2008 1:37 pm
The guy is damn poor thing lah. Pine for her so long still kana cheated in the end. Chaocheebye bitch

4. r3gular left...
Thursday, 19 June 2008 2:02 pm ::
I feel for the guy.
$48k gone and still kenna jialat jialat by her.
The girl jin smart.

5. winter left...
Thursday, 19 June 2008 2:14 pm
S$48K leh. not S$48. a bit far fetched to be a gift. and no guys will give such money without expecting anything.

6. JayWalk left...
Thursday, 19 June 2008 2:17 pm :: 
JayCoool: Welcome to the blog! It remains to be seen if she will cough up the money to return to the guy.

r3gular: It also helped that the guy not very the smart.

winter: Winter! Long time no see!! So what do you think the guy was expecting in return?

7. cakie left...
Thursday, 19 June 2008 2:25 pm
there is no such thing as a free lunch.

8. karen left...
Thursday, 19 June 2008 2:43 pm
This is what I say:
Kiang tio ho, mai gek kiang. (Don't act smart)
See, if she didn't not act so high and mighty in her blog and revealed all his details, she would not have to be portrayed in such light. She kicked up such a fuss about how 'traumatized' she was from the incident BUT she is still in a very clear state of mind to know the difference between a 'gift' and a 'loan'.
A person who can argue that 48k is a gift is clearly justifying herself for reasons unknown to others.
Now, what else on her version that does not tally with his version of events?

9. Jf left...
Thursday, 19 June 2008 2:52 pm
well.. this is a classic case of woman tinkin too highly of herself....
48K as a gift? she tink her cb studded with diamonds mehhh and more imptly 48K as a gift to even megan fox would deem as extravagant.
End of the day, woman costs money.. this one 48K

10. TTY left...
Thursday, 19 June 2008 3:48 pm
KNN 48K and no fark? 48K can get many many many virgin in spitland! Stupid both! KNN!

11. Pam left...
Thursday, 19 June 2008 5:17 pm
stupid is as stupid gets... can't believe this poor bugger. but seriously, perhaps my values have 'warped' since living here for so long, but I think it's rather hypocritical the whole situation. There seems to be this culture of 'false modesty' on the surface; but lets face it, I'm sure many of us know of going-ons that take place behind closed doors (sometimes open doors?!). It's so ridiculously petty, the 'She let me hug her' headline - hello, are we teenagers here? no, he's frigging 30-something!!!!?

12. ihawk98 left...
Thursday, 19 June 2008 5:19 pm
This char boh really too much....S$48K you think everyone just gibe ah...then now cry father cry mother....

13. mht left...
Thursday, 19 June 2008 5:57 pm
sit back, relax....enjoy the show....

14. Ruok left...
Thursday, 19 June 2008 6:00 pm
John's middle name must really be "Robert".

15. left...
Thursday, 19 June 2008 6:40 pm ::
well, i do have additional coverage here,

16. J left...
Thursday, 19 June 2008 6:46 pm
jesuschrist, what a load of drama.

17. aloe left...
Thursday, 19 June 2008 6:57 pm
Siao!! Why would anyone give a person $48K as a gift unless that person (the gift-giver) is really SIAO! duh loh.

18. aloe left...
Thursday, 19 June 2008 7:00 pm
And siao! got money to buy car, no money to repay people. That gal also vely clever... or stoopid... I intend to tink the former though... katok ppl until so jialat..
Reading this, my sympathies lies with the guy....

19. Jean left...
Thursday, 19 June 2008 10:09 pm ::
Hi, Jaywalk, your unverified source that I contacted the TNP is wrong. TNP approached me for an interview.

20. NNPC left...
Thursday, 19 June 2008 10:46 pm ::
Walao sibeh jialat la deh. There is no cure for stupidity.

21. Winsor left...
Thursday, 19 June 2008 10:56 pm ::
woah, more and more details coming though.

22. CoWg0eSm0o left...
Thursday, 19 June 2008 11:28 pm ::
wooooooooo...jean commented..... more details....hurhurhur...

23. wcw left...
Thursday, 19 June 2008 11:56 pm
"He said Amy was the first woman he had pursued in nearly a decade." eh..this type of guy quite rare leh..actually, some more quite rich, can loan $48k just like tat.

24. Stan left...
Friday, 20 June 2008 6:24 am
Man....i'm speechless xia.
This is incredulous.

25. Mistress Grace left...
Friday, 20 June 2008 9:22 am
Like I said in my previous comment in your entry. I feel that this is all a hoax to slime the guy.. Looks like I am right.. 48K he is gigantic Lorbert liaos lor... for 48K enough to get married and have 2 kids liaos

26. fitti left...
Friday, 20 June 2008 10:21 am
For a "traumatised victim", she sure has a darn clear mind. The truth will come to light soon. Period.

27. JayWalk left...
Friday, 20 June 2008 10:45 am :: 
Cakie: I couldn't have said it better. Even if the guy tell her straight in the face that it is a gift with no strings attached. That's still total bullshit if one has any common sense.

Karen: Well, you can trust our mickey mouse tabloids to continue to dish out the dirt over the next few days. Stay tuned.

JF: In a way, I have to agree that women cost money. And at a price tag of 48K, I think the guy kena kertok. Lodge a complain to CASE?

TTY: You and your obssession with PRC virgins. Dude, you are starting to scare me. =P

Pam: Perhaps it is no longer accurate to judge a person's maturity by the person's age. Perhaps this is a case of a person thrust into reality after years of sheltered life?

ihawk98: I am with you on this. There is no way that $48k is a gift, given the guy's financial background.

mht: Stop hogging the tub of popcorn, dammit!

ruok: The full name is John Robert Tock Cai Tao. Welcome to the blog! I was just about to do the "How many chickens can you get for $48k! Great minds think alike. ;)

J: Welcome to the blog too. Looks like I am having a bumper crop of new commentors. Welcome! Coming back to your comment. I think in this case, Jesus Christ had less drama.

aloe: Like I said. If it looks like 48k, tastes like 48k and feels like 48k. It is NOT a gift.

28. JayWalk left...
Friday, 20 June 2008 10:54 am :: 
Jean: Hi Jean. Glad to see you here. It's going to be a rough ride for you going forward. Whatever the outcome, your own health is ultimately still the most important. Please take care of yourself.

I thank you for coming forward to correct me on the fact that it was TNP who contacted you, in contrary to the unverified source. Like I said, it was unverified. I just echoed what was told to me.

Unfortunately, given that you are one of the two involved parties, I have no choice but also to qualify you as an unverified source as well.

I will amend my entry accordingly to reflect this.

29. JayWalk left...
Friday, 20 June 2008 11:02 am :: 
NNPC: Typical engineer lor... *don't flame me!!!*

Winsor & CowGoesMoo: This is going to be all over the place for the next 2 weeks. Guess what? 2 weeks after that and it would be all forgotten when it blows over.

wcw: Ten year chase 1 girl is not rare. It's Duhhhhhhhh............ FAIL.

Stan: This is what you get from living on a boring little island.

Mistress Grace: 48K to start a family? Not in Singapore! Maybe move up north to Batu Pahat then can.

fitti: Well, you will have to pace yourself properly with the tub of popcorn. Don't watch drama halfway, popcorn eat finish liao.

30. J left...
Friday, 20 June 2008 11:17 am
what welcome to your blog haha! you know who i am! i use this and the other nick depending on my mood. :)

31. karen left...
Friday, 20 June 2008 11:58 am
But the local tabloids do not always reflect the truth in their entirety.
They twist words to make the story more sensational. If not, how to be be a tabloid you tell me?

32. JayWalk left...
Friday, 20 June 2008 12:20 pm :: 
J: Walau... which J is this? I actually have a few "J"s out there wor.... but I just lump them and assuming it is one person.

Karen: It's all about readership numbers for these tabloid. So just take everything with a whole lump of salt.

33. visceral left...
Friday, 20 June 2008 12:55 pm ::
The New Paper does not come to mind when I am looking for objective and factual news. And whatever the outcome, both parties will lose their reputations and dignity at the end of the day.

34. karen left...
Friday, 20 June 2008 1:09 pm
I agree with Visceral.
Oh well, at least they both had their shots at fame, though for the wrong reasons.

35. Vandalin left...
Friday, 20 June 2008 2:59 pm ::
Oh, the eventual winner's the media, and the lawyers.

36. JayWalk left...
Friday, 20 June 2008 3:00 pm :: 
Visceral & Karen: Yeah. Ultimately the winner is TheNewPaper whom the two have been cunningly made use of to chalk up paper sales during the past few days.

37. yun left...
Friday, 20 June 2008 3:03 pm ::
maybe, jean is conservative. but been conservative wun go overseas with a guy alone.
if its as wad john said, tat when they were outside he will put his hands on her waist. then i think hugging is nothing.
as a female point of view, if she's raped, stripped, abuse, SM, wadever, yes, that guy is bastard. hugging i seriously think its not worth to involve lawyers. expensive leh. lol.
but of coz, both side got their story, who's right who's wrong, God knows. *shrugs

38. NNPC left...
Friday, 20 June 2008 3:08 pm ::
eh i IT fella deh

39. JayWalk left...
Friday, 20 June 2008 3:48 pm :: 
Yun: Each side got their own version of the story to tell and trust me, they sure tell it in their respective favour one.

NNPC: You have my condolences. *pat pat* =P

17 June 2008

The Return Of Rockson Takumi Tan?

I wonder if anyone still remember Rockson Takumi Tan , possibly the funniest blogger in Singapore?

Unfortunately, since a year ago, he has stop penning his thoughts. Is it coincidence that his last entry was about our PM Lee's son email to the entire MINDEF brass?

Maybe, after that entry, he kena invited by ISA to go drink tea liao. That's why no more updates.

So fast forward to yesterday when CowboyCaleb received a mystery email (Email again! Coincidence?) with a story that was supposedly a parody spoof of Jean - the girl who kena "molested" while asleep.

Some folks were speculating if Rockson has made a return with that post (maybe he kena release from "sentosa chalet" liao).

So anyway, the reaction to the parody was mixed. Some say it was funny as hell; others said it was done in extremely poor taste, exploiting the plight of an unfortunate girl for the sake of a few cheap laughs.

In short, the idiot who penned that parody is a real "CB kia".*

* Quoted from [ Karen ]. Not the exact words but summarised from all the expletives into this one description.

So let me ask everyone here and I shall keep score.

1) Is this Rockson?

2) CB Kia because the parody is so goddamn funny or CB Kia because author is a insensitive f*cking bastard, poking fun at other people's tragedy?

Click here to read the mystery email, if you have not already done so.

Image Credit:

- Voxeros

1. r3gular left...
Tuesday, 17 June 2008 2:49 pm ::

2. JF left...
Tuesday, 17 June 2008 3:14 pm ::
i tink ..... nairmind wot i tink, the post is funny lah

3. Mistress Grace left...
Tuesday, 17 June 2008 3:46 pm
Well whoever wrote it. Its quite funny lah...

4. JayWalk left...
Tuesday, 17 June 2008 4:19 pm :: 
R3gular, JF and Mistress Grace: Good 3, Bad 0.

5. mht left...
Tuesday, 17 June 2008 4:56 pm
he can just update his blog what...why send mystery mail to Cowboy?

6. JayWalk left...
Tuesday, 17 June 2008 5:02 pm :: 
mht: So yeah. It's probably not Rockson himself.

7. NNPC left...
Tuesday, 17 June 2008 10:48 pm ::

8. Linny. left...
Tuesday, 17 June 2008 11:31 pm ::
Hurhurhurhurhur. It's funny. Poking fun at others, funner. Both at the same time, funnest. :D

9. JayWalk left...
Wednesday, 18 June 2008 8:04 am :: 
NNPC: Yeah. I oso say, the author of that email really damn CB Kia....

Linny: Funner, Funnest? OK, I am so not going to send Faith to wherever you're studying. =P

10. Linny. left...
Wednesday, 18 June 2008 8:31 am ::
Le Sigh, Nanyang Primary School not famous already.

11. cakie left...
Wednesday, 18 June 2008 10:23 am
scally people really kena molested lehhh. then see jean's story, and thus have the courage to speak up!

12. THB left...
Wednesday, 18 June 2008 10:27 am ::
Waiting for the revealation!

13. JayWalk left...
Wednesday, 18 June 2008 10:31 am :: 
Linny: Ok noted. *scribble notes*

Cakie: Yeah. See Jean story then realise better to shut the fark up when one has done something stupid.

14. TTY left...
Wednesday, 18 June 2008 1:16 pm
CB Kia CB Kia, Rockson ish a CB Kia, for not updating his blog!
And yesh, the post ish verly funny, the post from Jean ish even funnier.

15. karen left...
Wednesday, 18 June 2008 5:35 pm
eh harlow,
I didn't say that la... Knn, I only said it was fucking funny and knn, it was really funny la! NNB, the parody made me laugh out loud in office la, CCB.
So, technically, I didn't say CB Kia..You don't any how put words into my mouth hor!
You ah, really CB Kia la!
But, I like that post. It was done in good fun and I think everyone is entitled to their own opinion but please don't ever enforce your way of thinking onto others.
So hor, Jay, I no say you CB Kia ok?? Heh....

16. JayWalk left...
Wednesday, 18 June 2008 6:26 pm :: 
TTY: Maybe Rockson still under house arrest mah. Dun be so bad lah...

Karen: I summarised for you liao lor... coz your exact words was "You damn cb lah, you!" So agar agar same same lor.

17. naeboo left...
Wednesday, 18 June 2008 10:02 pm ::
i still think it's YOU.
dont lie!!!!

18. JayWalk left...
Thursday, 19 June 2008 12:04 am :: 
naeboo: Yah lah.. it's me lah... I throw smoke screen can? Anyway, let's see how many people finally figure out and trace it back to me.

19. Chocolate gal left...
Thursday, 19 June 2008 10:46 am
i thought we all know is you.. ahhaha.. :p

20. JayWalk left...
Thursday, 19 June 2008 1:30 pm :: 
Chocolate Gal: Only those within our cirlce. Lucky the folks at Hardwarezone or Sammyboy never caught on.

21. karen left...
Thursday, 19 June 2008 5:14 pm
They probably will, after reading your comment here!

22. JayWalk left...
Friday, 20 June 2008 12:28 pm :: 
Karen: Well, I am still contemplating if I should show myself on Friday's entry.

23. karen left...
Friday, 20 June 2008 1:11 pm
Regular readers will know it's you and people who read BUT do not comment will also know it's you.
It's only a matter of how much longer you can hide.
Heh....Lai la, mai hide la.....OPEN UP!!

24. grasshopper left...
Friday, 20 June 2008 2:26 pm
Naughty naughty!

25. JayWalk left...
Friday, 20 June 2008 3:44 pm :: 
Karen: Walau.. pichar my lobang!!

Grasshopper: Hur hur hur... ai spank me mai? =P

16 June 2008

20080613 Orange Storm Alert

Got a call in the morning (Friday) from my relief chauffeur (the main one being on leave), that he couldn't make it to our place on time as he was still stuck in the flood waters en route. It was quite a heavy storm that started since the night before and man, damn shiok to sleep lor.

In the end, we told him to turn back and come pick up us after lunch as we figured that the flood would have subsided by then.

He did show up at 1pm when we set off for the factory. While driving, he was recounting how bad the flood was at certain areas. He said that the water at some place was as high as the public bus' windows!
Two cars collided coz the water floated them towards each other. Another reason not to buy the stupid Spitland QQ car!

There were 4 routes leading to my factory and 3 of them were flooded. It was just our luck to get it right only on the 4th attempt. We were about to turn back and call it a day then.

For what was a 25 minute journey, it took us 2 hours 40 mins. Walau.

To be honest, it wasn't really that bad a storm. It was just Orange Alert (The scale escalates from Nothing > White > Yellow > Orange > Red > Black) and I have personally walked in Black Storm Alert. Now that was really something else.

The way I see it, the flood was a result of heavy downpour but more so due to the poor drainage because of all the roadworks and constructions going on. That and coupled with the fact that morning was when the tide is high as my town is next to the Pearl River Delta.

The news on TV was reporting about the flood throughout the whole night and it was reported that there were 66 cases of traffic accidents in that day alone!

- Voxeros

1. spiller left...
Monday, 16 June 2008 12:21 pm
so far all parts of China have been hit by natural disasters this year, except Beijing. i foresee not long for the capital too.

2. JayWalk left...
Monday, 16 June 2008 1:42 pm :: 
spiller: I won't exactly call this a natural disaster as the damage is too mild and too insignificant. Besides, we get this several times every year. Not that big a deal, albeit a pain in the ass.

3. THB left...
Monday, 16 June 2008 2:48 pm ::
So many such disasters. Stay home also not safe in Spitland.

4. Pam left...
Monday, 16 June 2008 5:29 pm
I'd imagine the reason why the cars floated towards each other and collided had much more to do with the fact that the waters were high, as opposed to the cars deliberately made badly such that they'd float towards each other?! this happened last year when parts of middle england were flooded (and I got stranded in Germany for what was a day's meeting). All sorts of cars were involved.

5. JayWalk left...
Monday, 16 June 2008 9:22 pm :: 
THB: It does make one appreciate the safety that Singapore and it's relatively better infrastructure has to offer to the people, that we more often than not, take for granted.

Pam: The cars were so light that they were literally floating tin cans!

6. Pam left...
Tuesday, 17 June 2008 1:27 am
Jay, anything in deep water will float! didn't your science teacher tell you that? Even, your BMW, Merc and any other 'western' car.

7. JayWalk left...
Tuesday, 17 June 2008 3:29 am :: 
Pam: In this particular case, it wasn't that deep that all cars were floating. Just these two.

14 June 2008

Everybody Say Hello To [ Karen ]

(Click On Individual Image To Enlarge Respectively)

(Click On Individual HDR Image To Enlarge Respectively)

Heh heh... got new xmm to add to collection.

Everybody say hi to [ Karen ]

If there is one word to describe her hor, it's....

.... fierce.

No lah... not say she fierce as a person (although I have yet to taste her wrath) but her camera is one of those fierce fierce type.

I was drawn to her flickr coz she takes pretty good pictures with her Canon EOS 400D (but strangely her EXIF data says 350D instead. Don't know why).

Ok, I know some of you going to say that it's only a DSLR camera. Like that call fierce meh?

Actually hor, that's not the fierce part.

The really fierce part hor, is her mahjong set.

Ready? Altogether now.....

..... FWAH!!!!!!!!

Brack corour one!!! Damn nice lor!! Fierce right?

Anyway, once again, everybody say hi to [ Karen ] !!

Image Credits: [ Karen ]
- Voxeros

1. r3gular left...
Friday, 13 June 2008 12:17 am ::
1stt bloooddd!
Hi karen!

2. JayWalk left...
Friday, 13 June 2008 2:31 am :: 
Karen: R3gular is our resident toy boy. Ai mai?

3. Ruok left...
Friday, 13 June 2008 8:57 am
The clouds she took fiercer.

4. Chocolate gal left...
Friday, 13 June 2008 9:17 am
whooooooooooooooo... i like her pics.. so do i call her mommy or what?? *blink blink small eyes*
Oh ya, daddy wants black mahjong ah? Need me to buy for you?? i try to find..

5. JayWalk left...
Friday, 13 June 2008 9:51 am :: 
Karen: ruok is our resident serial rapist. Very famoose on TV one as the bad guy that teh's Fiona Xie's neh neh to the envy of the entire

Chocolate Gal is our resident Mommy-Daddy fetish. Plus she like twisting and pinching guys' neh nehs.

Chocolate Gal: No need with the black mahjong. Here also nobody play in Spitland. Buy already also no point.

6. starm|st left...
Friday, 13 June 2008 10:39 am
beautiful mj set!!

7. Chocolate gal left...
Friday, 13 June 2008 10:57 am
Can keep in sg for the two little ones mah.. 10 yrs plus later sure need to learn liao..

8. JayWalk left...
Friday, 13 June 2008 12:35 pm :: 
Karen: Starmist is a chiobu. This one just recently celebrated her birthday one.

Chocolate Gal: I might as well wait 10 years then buy lah... why so kan cheong?

9. [ karen ] left...
Friday, 13 June 2008 12:49 pm ::
@ r3gular: I LIKE TOYBOY..... Lai lai... Go flickr and send me a flickr mail hor... Jay, work lei... :p

@ chocolategal: You can call me.......... QUEEN MILF! Jay, you cannot say otherwise hor.

@starm|ist: Black MJ is an acquired taste :) I like chio bu also lei... Can gimme chance? Heh..

10. JayWalk left...
Friday, 13 June 2008 12:52 pm :: 
ALL: Karen is Queen MILF of the xmm order.

11. Chocolate gal left...
Friday, 13 June 2008 2:33 pm
*bows to Queen MILF*

12. Dua Pai Lang left...
Saturday, 14 June 2008 12:05 am
Where can buy BLACK COLOR mahjong set!?! iWant.
Hi Karen! I am the resident Dua Pai Lang (but i am actually an old gentleman la)

13. Ed left...
Saturday, 14 June 2008 12:28 am
Hi Karen, I'm the resident siwen guy.
Jin nice photos!

14. JayWalk left...
Saturday, 14 June 2008 1:22 am :: 
Karen: Dua Pai Lang despite the moniker is a very nice chap. Young and if I may also add, jin smart. Can be your toyboy.

Ed is really siwen until I buay tahan type.

15. aloe left...
Saturday, 14 June 2008 12:39 pm
Hi Karen! welcome. :)
Jay, toyboy is YuNz one, dun anyhow pass along leh, must ask YuNz for permission one leh. What's MILF? The black mahjong set is nice!!! Where to buy har?

16. JayWalk left...
Saturday, 14 June 2008 1:06 pm :: 
Karen: Aloe is our resident Ms Long Legs. Jin swee one but if you are meeting here hor, bring a few telephone books to stack first.

17. karen left...
Saturday, 14 June 2008 3:48 pm ::
@Ed: Siwen ah?? Open to corruption or not? Lai lai I take 1st then talk..

@Dua Pai Lang: I like the fierceness in your nick! Lai lai, I take also

@Jay: How you know I looking for Toyboy ah? Heh...
Black MJ set can be found in People's Park Complex. The largest size (the set you all saw) was about $70. But really needs some time to get used to it. But it's damn cool hor!!!

18. JayWalk left...
Saturday, 14 June 2008 6:19 pm :: 
Karen: Fwah... your appetite quite big ah?

19. karen left...
Monday, 16 June 2008 12:20 am ::
@jay: One is never enough. Heh...
The more the merrier, my dear. :D

20. JayWalk left...
Monday, 16 June 2008 9:57 am :: 
Karen: Oh dear, I think I just boarded the pirate ship......

21. cocotree left...
Monday, 16 June 2008 7:32 pm
the black tiles very stylo. the shadow-less mahjong hand motion even more fierce.

22. JayWalk left...
Monday, 16 June 2008 10:08 pm :: 
Cocotree: It's called the 无影麻将手. Be afraid. Be very afraid......

23. karen left...
Tuesday, 17 June 2008 1:41 pm
Now you guys know why I am addicted..
The SUPER POWERS came from years of practice!! Hahahaha...
I wan all the toy boys la..Why all diam diam one? Sian. :s

24. Dua Pai Lang left...
Tuesday, 17 June 2008 4:41 pm
waiting for u to change into latex and start spanking all of 'em mah

25. JayWalk left...
Tuesday, 17 June 2008 5:13 pm :: 
Karen: If you remove the ball gag, then maybe they can make some noise?

DuaPaiLang: you volunteering to be first?

26. JD left...
Wednesday, 18 June 2008 11:44 am ::

27. JayWalk left...
Wednesday, 18 June 2008 1:01 pm :: 
JD: Yah lor.... I oso say!!

28. karen left...
Thursday, 19 June 2008 1:02 am
@ JD: Mai luan luan call name hor..Me got Angmo name call Karen hor!

29. JayWalk left...
Thursday, 19 June 2008 9:29 am :: 
Karen: HOCK SUAN!!!!!!! So cute the name.... *snigger*

30. karen left...
Thursday, 19 June 2008 4:55 pm
Ooi, you really CB Kia lei..
From CB bu..

31. JayWalk left...
Friday, 20 June 2008 12:29 pm :: 
Karen: Oooo.... I love it when you talk dirty..... =P