16 September 2013

Lotus Mall In Da Hu

I was on the bus when I passed by this building. It's a shopping centre called The Lotus Mall.

I guess they were trying to be artsy fancy by having a mosaic of repeated "LOTUS".


Oh dear me. My eyes are failing.

- Voxeros

06 September 2013

Moon Cake Vouchers In Da Hu

Mid Autumn Festival is just round the corner and that would marked the end of the hot summer.

Summer this year in Da Hu is especially bad with temperatures soaring above 40 degrees Celsius. The worst in 140 years.

So anyway, also known as the Moon Cake Festival, the gifting of moon cakes is an age-old Chinese tradition.

I remember receiving so many moon cakes back in the day that I just need to order half my required order and I would have enough to give a moon cake each to my 400-odd staff.

This is my first year in Da Hu and I noticed something different from other parts of QQland.

Over here there is a practice of gifting moon cake vouchers instead of the actual boxes of them.

The original idea is that you are supposed to go to the stipulated hotel/restaurant/shop to redeem the moon cakes with the voucher.

Hence, a efficient way, logistics-wise, to distribute moon cakes. More so when you have a lot of deliveries to make.

The twist here however, is that you take this voucher and go to your nearest moon cake voucher tout (located at all major subway stations) and redeem it for cash (at a discounted price, of course).

I was rather taken aback. It is like people here don't eat moon cakes any more. They just change it back to cash.

I felt sickened in the stomach when I first learned this.

Welcome to Da Hu where everything is all about the money.

- Voxeros

05 September 2013

Toys Of The Wrist - Part 3 of 2

I didn't plan this third entry when I did the earlier two "Toys Of The Wrist" entries but my watch (above) died a couple of days ago.

I bought this watch back in 2000 when I started dealing with clients in the US. I needed a watch to keep track of my west coast clients. My job required me to be in constant communication with them and as such I need to know when they are awake and when they are not.

Signs of trouble started a month ago when the batteries died. It got me by surprise considering I just changed them back in November last year, when I was in the Capital. The batteries didn't even last a year? That can't be right!?

Initially, I thought I got fitted with bad batteries from the unscrupulous watch shop as it is pretty common for a foreigner to get cheated by the locals (well, not ALL of them, but quite a few). I remembered paying a lot of money to change the batteries back then (didn't have a choice).

So a month later, my watch stopped again.

Then it dawned on me that it is the watch going wonky and not the batteries after all.

As it was a cheap watch which I bought at Great World City for a mere SGD 110.00, it wasn't worth the time, money nor effort to repair the 13-year old watch.

So thank you for the 13 years of faithful service, my dear Citizen watch.

*chucks into rubbish bin*

I look forward to my Hot Watch, due to arrive around Christmas this year, if it shows up at all.

- Voxeros

04 September 2013

The Bitter Stickgirl II

After the earlier post, I decided to pester her again for a photo of her in the Awesome tank top.

She finally relented and got off her ass to take this grainy (no fish prawn also good lah!) picture.

Yeah. Even at XS size, it was a tad too big for her as the shoulder strap kept falling to the side.

If it was any consolation, she combed her hair this time.

And yes. A beautiful smile. As always.

Again to plug Bitter Stickgirl's webshop. --> Click Here.

- Voxeros

02 September 2013

The Bitter Stickgirl

I have been following The Bitter Stickgirl since day 1 when she was still at Blogspot

I loved the simplicity of her drawings and yet despite that, they still tell you the full story.

It was a sad day when Stickgal (or Stickgirl) decided to fall off the grid back in 2009 but I am really glad that she has decided to make a comeback a few years later and the subsequent move to Facebook.

Now newer and better, she has also published a book and launched a series of tank tops which I thought were awesome! (No pun intended)

I love it so much that I ordered one for my daughter and throw in the book for good measure.

It was a surprise mail package for Faith.

When I was a kid, I love receiving mail. Even when it was from Reader's Digest saying that I have the golden key and a final step away from winning that one million dollar sweepstake.

I love mail and I cannot lie. When I was a kid, that is.

So naturally, she was delighted to receive the package (she gets that from my side of the genes) and was absolutely in love with the book as there was a personalised autograph from Stickgirl herself.

Thank you Stickgirl! That was a real nice gesture! Appreciate it!

So anyway, I kinda promised that I will get a photo of Faith wearing the tank top, which by the way, was a tad too big for the 11-year old despite getting the XS size for her. Fret not, knowing how fast kids grow up these days (something in the water?), she'd probably fit in nicely by next year.

But I digress.

The package arrived two weeks ago and I only posted this entry only because I was waiting for the photo of her wearing the tank top to complete this entry.

I am still waiting.

This girl sibeh gao too....... (she gets that from wife side of the genes).

So anyway, for those who are interested to check out the awesome tank tops and book --> Click Here.

Image Credit:
- Voxeros