31 October 2005

Come Fly With Me - High Point Oct 2005 (Part 7)

Plane 9 - Atlanta to Minneapolis St Paul - RJ-85
You roughly know that you are more or less halfway through your itinerary when you board the smallest plane in the entire trip - The RJ-85. Don't let the 4 engines fool you for it is a very small plane and ironically, it is a slow crawler with a maximum speed of around 460 mph.

My flight was 6am and it means that I need to check in at 4am. Counting back further, I need to leave for the airport at 3am, which means that I need to get up at 2.30am to get ready, which means no need to sleep liao. Might as well just hang around the house until it's time to leave.

Plane 10 - Minneapolis St Paul to Portland - Boeing 757-300
MSP is located in the State of Montana Minnesota and is one of my favourite US airports. The others being San Francisco (SFO) and Detroit (DTW). I like them for their spaciousness, well-lit interiors and lotsa shops to browse. That being said, Los Angeles (LAX) and Seattle (SEA) gets my thumbs-down.

Plane 11 - Portland to Tokyo - Airbus 330-200
After trying out all the various aircrafts, I would have to say that I prefer Airbuses than Boeings with the prior being smoother and quieter.

Nothing much to write about this flight as I slept all the way to Tokyo. After all, I didn't catch any sleep the night before.

Plane 12 - Tokyo to Hong Kong - Boeing 747-400
Despite saying that I prefer Airbus over Boeing, the 747s are still No.1 on my list. Nothing beats the quiet sanctity of the upper deck which has only 24 seats on the 744 and 12 seats on the 742. I believe that is the quietest spot on the plane as not only is it in front of the engines but also the farthest away.

I was pretty tired by the time I boarded my 4th flight of the day and my taste buds went dead. I skipped my dinner and went straight for 2 champagnes and an Amaretto to finish. Just enough to knock me out till it was time to land at Hong Kong.

Good thing I had the Hong Kong Frequent Visitor card which allows me to skip ahead of everybody at immigration. Probably the next best thing to our SIR Access Card back home.

- Voxeros

1. akk left...
Monday, 31 October 2005 9:21 am
eh!! finish trip liao hor?! must KO for a few days first before going back to work hor *nag*.
one day, i must try amaretto....

2. JayWalk left...
Monday, 31 October 2005 10:32 am :: 
akk: Yes, my last business trip of the year is finally over until end of January 2006. I wish I have the luxury of time to KO for a few days but I am lagi more busy when I am back.
Amaretto is almond liqueur. Very sweet. Best as an after dinner tipper. If you like that, you will defintely love Dr Pepper.

3. mihuatang left...
Monday, 31 October 2005 11:55 am
welcome back "home"(as in dongguan?). big pile of work waiting for you to clear.

4. JayWalk left...
Monday, 31 October 2005 12:41 pm :: 
mihuatang: Yah man.... lucky this trip's avalanche of work not as bad as the last one.
Man... I really miss the corporate ladder where you can simply just whack an out-of-office auto-reply email and have another colleague to cover for you. Sigh....

5. mihuatang left...
Monday, 31 October 2005 3:49 pm
not every salaried employees have that kind of luxury. (i don't!)

6. JayWalk left...
Monday, 31 October 2005 4:22 pm :: 
mihuatang: But at least there is the glimpse of possibility mah... over here, all is dead and buried.

7. Lynne left...
Monday, 31 October 2005 9:48 pm
MSP is in Montana?!?!?!?! You kidding me?!?!? Ay, dun forget me Minnesotan, OK? Hehe

8. Lynne left...
Monday, 31 October 2005 9:49 pm
Ay, next time in town, call me lah ;)

9. Zhe Bin left...
Tuesday, 1 November 2005 1:23 am
Who believes I've never been on a plane before?? Raise your hand.

10. JayWalk left...
Tuesday, 1 November 2005 4:54 am :: 
Lynne: Alamak... Minnesota is right! Minneapolis - Minnessota. Aiyoh... blur kok. Sollie long lumber there... let me go change.

Er... to give you call must have lumber to call right? Arh bor how to call?

Zhe Bin: Don't worry, your time will come very soon. It is called NS. If you lucky, you kena SQ to Taiwan or Australian. If you suay, you kena C-130 to Brunei and Thailand. Either way, you will be in the air.

11. Lynne left...
Tuesday, 1 November 2005 5:13 am
When is your next trip back here again? Hopefully we can meet up, it will be really interesting. But dun try to kidnap me hor, 'cos this is my hood ("yo yo yo"). Let me know in advance lah, then I pass you my number ... secretly ... hehehe

12. JayWalk left...
Tuesday, 1 November 2005 6:23 am ::
Lynne: Well, hard to say leh. MSP has never been a destination for me and so it will depends if I will connect there or not.
Kidnap? Dunno who kidnap who man.... :P

29 October 2005

How Much Is Your Blog Worth?

My blog is worth $29,356.08.
How much is your blog worth?

Got this from Lancerlord and thought I put this in as a filler while I am traveling at 35,000 ft over the Pacific Ocean back to Hong Kong.

Afternote (29 Aug 2010): The above was the old site of where I have since moved.

Now that I am starting over at It looks like so is the value of my blog. Not that it is really that important anyway.
- Voxeros

1. Jaslyn left...
Saturday, 29 October 2005 4:40 am ::
Papa...How come your blog worth so much? I tried and mine's $0!!!! Wtf?? Hahaha

2. Zhe Bin left...
Saturday, 29 October 2005 3:17 pm
Am I missing something here? She called you 'Papa'??

3. JayWalk left...
Saturday, 29 October 2005 3:56 pm ::
Jaslyn: Maybe you type your URL wrongly?

Zhe Bin: Dunno why EVERYBODY calls me Papa, daddy, etc.... I also blur.
But after a while, you stopped fighting it lah.
p.s. I very old meh?

4. Jaslyn left...
Saturday, 29 October 2005 6:18 pm ::
U not old lah. Not old enough to be father. But u gave the fatherly feeling :p
Dont u like it when I call u Papa? Hahaa.. I know Deek def happy when I call him Kor Kor than Uncle! Hahaa
I didnt type my url wrongly leh. Why my blog $0???

5. akk left...
Sunday, 30 October 2005 12:20 am
*palm up with fingers separated* jas, you are not alone.....

jay: not EVERYBODY lah, only most of the girls ...heheheh (why leh why leh?!!) most i call u Uncle...but i only did that once...will not do so again so no need to start wailing, heheheh...:)

6. Paddy left...
Sunday, 30 October 2005 10:04 am ::
Have a good flight to HK.

7. Jaslyn left...
Sunday, 30 October 2005 7:09 pm ::
akk: *palm up with fingers separated*....chim leh...hahahaa

8. JayWalk left...
Monday, 31 October 2005 6:31 am :: 
Jaslyn and Akk: If it is any consolation, at least you guys didn't mean it in the "Who's your daddy?" sense. Phew!

Paddy: Thanks. I am back in Ch1na liao. sianz...

9. JayWalk left...
Monday, 31 October 2005 6:47 am :: 
Jaslyn: Maybe for you it's like the Mastercard Ad.
Nadnut blog: $30k+
Jaywalk blog: $29k+
Jaslyn blog: PRICELESS...
... for everything else, there's MasterCard. MasterCard.

10. akk left...
Monday, 31 October 2005 9:24 am

11. JayWalk left...
Monday, 31 October 2005 10:33 am ::
Akk: Urrgghh......

12. mihuatang left...
Monday, 31 October 2005 11:52 am
maybe you shd 'cash' out partially (if you really can cash out) and give a treat to all yr syts.

13. JayWalk left...
Monday, 31 October 2005 12:39 pm ::
mihuatang: If I can cash out, everybody will be included!!

14. mihuatang left...
Monday, 31 October 2005 4:06 pm
if you really really can cash out.... i'll pass (the treat)

15. JayWalk left...
Monday, 31 October 2005 4:21 pm :: 
mihuatang: Why pass? Shy har? Mai pian lah!!

16. Jaslyn left...
Monday, 31 October 2005 5:38 pm ::
Awwww.... Papa, you're so sweet! My blog's priceless. Hahaha.. I checked Baby's blog, same leh. Also priceless! Hahaha

17. jaschocolate left...
Monday, 31 October 2005 9:32 pm
Daddy.. i got the same value as ur blog.. wahaha.. maybe is the alphabets? Hmphz..

18. JayWalk left...
Tuesday, 1 November 2005 4:34 am :: 
Jaslyn: Hmm... I wonder if MasterCard would be interested to endorse my blog. I promise I will write nice nice things and not make fun of Malaysians and disabled. :P 

Jaschocolate: Wah zhun zhun siah... dollar for dollar, cent for cent! Hmm... go buy 4D liao... but ... 7 digits how to buy??!!?

28 October 2005

Come Fly With Me - High Point Oct 2005 (Part 6)

I was walking around the shops in Atlanta when I spotted this on the shelves. It is one of those cheapo video games as opposed the the fancy smancy Playstation 2 or the X-Box.

What tickled me was the name of the character, Battman. I doubt if it was a typo but more likely a way to escape infringement of copyrights. No prize for guessing that the toy was Made In Ch1na.

Anyway, it got me thinking about this superhero. Almost all superheros have one kind of a weakness of another. Most famously would be the effect of Kryptonite on Superman. Or how the absence of water will render the likes of Aquaman, Man From Atlantis and Iceman useless. Or how heroes like Ultraman and Birdman needs the Sun to recharge their energy level. Or how Popeye cannot do anything without his can of Spinach.

I guess in this particular case, Battman's weakness would be the constant running into "Low Batt".

Battman: Hong Gan liao. HQ, I am in trouble. I need to bail out!

HQ: What seemed to be the problem Battman?

Battman: I kena Low Batt again. Last night neber charge properly and I forgot to bring out my spare battery!

HQ: -_-"

Sounds like my old Motorola A780 phone. When I first open the box fresh from the phone shop and I saw the spare battery included as a standard item, I knew this phone Hong Kan liao. Sold it after 3 months.

- Voxeros

1. mihuatang left...
Friday, 28 October 2005 11:55 am
chey! me thot you are buying xmas presents for yr son and godson.

2. JayWalk left...
Friday, 28 October 2005 12:48 pm :: 
mihuatang: No lah... my kids still too young to be playing video games lah.

3. mihuatang left...
Friday, 28 October 2005 2:06 pm
my son old enough *wink* *wink*

4. akk left...
Friday, 28 October 2005 5:19 pm
I can feel the insult of my fav hero all the way down to my toes....Curse you, Ch1na pirates!

5. Lynne left...
Friday, 28 October 2005 8:32 pm
Should be glad it's not "Buttman"!

6. JayWalk left...
Saturday, 29 October 2005 3:54 pm :: 
mihuatang: Well, you are the father of your old-enough son, right? *wink wink back*

akk: I used to like Batman too until I realised that he is just an ordinary guy who happens to have a lot of money to buy expensive gadgets to get ahead. Just like the bad guy in The Incredibles.

Lynne: If it's Buttman, I fear for Robin's safety. -_-"

7. akk left...
Sunday, 30 October 2005 12:21 am
hmmm...i like batman becos he's not just somebody with money, he's got brains. i cant say that of any other mainstream superheros, who rely too much on their prowess...not impressed...

8. mihuatang left...
Sunday, 30 October 2005 10:21 pm
maybe you are ready for another god-son?
(juz joking lah!)

9. JayWalk left...
Monday, 31 October 2005 6:41 am :: 
akk: Looks like we have different views wrt to superheros. Then again, I don't have a favourite superhero or at least one that I can remember.

mihuatang: Wah, you really ngeh ngeh lai liao. ~LOL....

10. mihuatang left...
Monday, 31 October 2005 11:51 am
no lah becos you got so many gals/syt calling u daddy, papa etc, it's time to balance it with more god-sons mah!

11. JayWalk left...
Monday, 31 October 2005 12:38 pm :: 
mihuatang: Frankly, I have no bladdy idea how this daddy/papa thing got stuck onto me. Any clues?
I don't see mrbrown having this problem though. hmm....

12. mihuatang left...
Monday, 31 October 2005 3:51 pm
maybe you are what they call "sweet-young-things-killer"
envy you! haha!

13. JayWalk left...
Monday, 31 October 2005 4:20 pm :: 
mihuatang: Har? Me SYT killer? Zhun bor??

27 October 2005

Come Fly With Me - High Point Oct 2005 (Part 5)

As some of you have been following my "travelogue", I arrived at Atlanta airport 2 hours ahead of schedule. So far ahead in time that I had to wait a couple of hours for my host to show up.

So there I was sitting and firing up my laptop to watch a couple of movies. One thing about watching movies on the laptop is that the battery will drain. As I have been catching up on my shows at Greensboro airport and on the flight, I was left with about a hour of juice. It wasn't before long before I had to get off my arm chair and step to the opposite wall where there was a power outlet for me to keep the laptop going.

As soon as I plugged in my laptop at the opposite wall, an ang moh gentleman approached me if he could have my seat. The immediate timing probably suggested that he has been eyeing my arm chair for quite some time liao. I said yes thinking that I am stuck to the opposite wall anyway.

Lo and behold! He literally took the bladdy chair away. Wah lan eh, lim peh blur kee......

It kinda reminded me of my NTU days where I removed the canteen table from the lunch crowd (Goto Question. 4).

Ahh... karma has finally come full circle.

Anyway, here the picture of the empty corner after "my arm chair" kena kapoked. That's my luggage on the left.

On another note, we were at the gas station filling up the car and I decided to check out the mini-mart and get myself a drink. I picked up a bottle of Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper to try. I think my taste buds kena overloaded jialat jialat as I can't taste anything else for the rest of the day. Sheesh....

- Voxeros

1. mihuatang left...
Thursday, 27 October 2005 9:51 am
1) you cannot call your host to come and pick you earlier meh!
2) no pic of empty corner (without chair) leh!
3) Dr pepper - all the flying caused yr taste buds to go bonkers liao?
4) petrol in s1ngapore dropped 3 cts this wk.

2. JayWalk left...
Thursday, 27 October 2005 11:00 am ::
mihuatang: 1) My host was driving from North Carolina while I was flying. So I had to wait for him while he was still on the road.

2) Try refreshing your browser lah. I can see it perfectly from here leh.

3) I have very acute sense of smell and taste. A lot of people can vouch for me on that.

4) Drop 3 cents but they take away the discounts right? sigh....

3. nadnut left...
Thursday, 27 October 2005 11:33 am ::
i wanna try dr pepper!

4. JayWalk left...
Thursday, 27 October 2005 11:38 am :: 
nadnut: Actually Dr Pepper is available in Singapore. I used buy them by the carton from Jason's Supermarket behind Orchard Towers.
I think they still have it.

5. Pam left...
Thursday, 27 October 2005 4:18 pm
Bleugh... i can't stand Dr Peppers!! you can also get Dr Pepper at the cafe at the Raffles Hotel (what was called seah st deli - i don't know if it's still there). when was the last time i was home??!

6. mihuatang left...
Thursday, 27 October 2005 5:24 pm
2) tks, can see now. 4) nope, discount still 6 pct. enjoy the rest of yr trip! (till end oct 05)

7. Lynne left...
Thursday, 27 October 2005 8:56 pm
I quite like this new Dr Pepper, it's funky! Did you hang out on Peachtree? Happening eh? I dun really like Atlanta, roads are kinda narrow, people drive crazy and too many "hei de" (Mandarin) ... not being racist lah, but kinda scary ...

8. JayWalk left...
Thursday, 27 October 2005 9:24 pm :: 
Pam: Yup, it's called Seah Streeet Deli and it's still there the last time I was back. The place where everything is good except the sandwiches coz the bread is rock hard.

mihuatang: Ironically isn't it. You can now see a picture with nothing in it. Same as not seeing the picture hor?

Lynne: Dr Pepper is my all time soda pop even if it mean paying SGD 1.00 per can back when I was still in Singapore.
By right, I shouldn't be drinking any more soda liao. Kena ban by my dentist. :(

9. mihuatang left...
Thursday, 27 October 2005 9:40 pm
yes, the irony of it all. but can see your luggage and a partially hidden blue chair.

10. JayWalk left...
Thursday, 27 October 2005 10:49 pm ::
mihuatang: You mean you guys can recognise my luggage?

11. JayWalk left...
Thursday, 27 October 2005 10:52 pm ::
Lynne: Peachtree.... hmm... Are you stalking me??!!??

12. Lynne left...
Friday, 28 October 2005 4:32 am
Haha, me not stalking you, just that Peachtree is the most "in" place in Atlanta wat, you should know. So "happening" and "hot", therefore you there right? ;)

13. JayWalk left...
Friday, 28 October 2005 11:11 am :: 
Lynne: Just yanking your chain there. I didn't have the chance to go to Peacetree itself as these few days have been spent meeting with attorneys, clients and a bit of market research.
Maybe next time. Just maybe.

14. mihuatang left...
Friday, 28 October 2005 11:54 am
you said it yrself in the post: "That's my luggage on the left."

15. JayWalk left...
Friday, 28 October 2005 12:48 pm :: 
mihuatang: Oh yah hor.... :P

16. akk left...
Friday, 28 October 2005 5:15 pm
wah lau...I read Drabble when it was featured in Sunday Life like....15 yrs ago?

17. thb left...
Saturday, 29 October 2005 2:10 am ::
The Dr. Pepper thing seems good. Send one back!

18. JayWalk left...
Saturday, 29 October 2005 4:12 pm ::
akk: I read Drabble everyday. I have a subscription of it among many other comics like:
Dilbert, Big Nate, Pearls Before Swine, Pickles, Drabble, B.C., The Humble Stumble, Baby Blues, Marvin, Mother Goose & Grimm, On The Fastrack, Sherman's Lagoon, Zits, Triple Take, Bound & Gagged, Adam@Home, Doonesbury, Foxtrot, Garfield, Helen - Sweetheart Of The Internet, Non Sequitur, Shoe, Big Top, Pooch Cafe, In The Bleachers, Loose Parts, Compu-Toon, etc.. 

THB: Er... a bit too late liao coz I am replying this while on transit in Narita. Like I said in my earlier comments, Dr Pepper is available in Singapore at Jason' Supermarket. I have to warn you though, not everybody like it. My sis-in-law for example, hates it. Then again, she hates a lot of other stuff too, so I can't really be too sure. :P

26 October 2005

Come Fly With Me - High Point Oct 2005 (Part 4)

Plane 6 - Greensboro to Detroit - McDonnell Douglas DC9-50 (Canceled)
Flight was overbooked and the airline was asking for volunteers to be bumped off. I volunteered.

Plane 7 - Detroit to Atlanta - McDonnell Douglas DC9-50 (Canceled)
Well, if my earlier flight kena canceled, then this connection also redundant.

Plane 8 - Greensboro to Atlanta - Boeing 737-800
I was asked (At Plane 6) if I volunteer to be bumped off the earlier flight, what I would get in return?

This is the deal that i got:

1) Fly Delta Airlines on First Class. I may have a later departure time but since I don't have to make the connection at Detroit like the previous itinerary, I actually get to arrive at Atlanta 2 hours earlier!

2) I get USD 300.00 as compensation.

How's that for a good deal?

The only down side is that when I switch over to Delta, I fulfilled the criteria where I was:

1) Getting this flight at the very last minute,
2) Not on Delta's Frequent Flyers Program,
3) Taking this flight on a one-way ticket basis since the rest of my itinerary is on Northwest,

As such, I kena the dreaded "SSSS" printed on my boarding pass. My luggage tag also kena the "SPCL" label. It means lim peh is suspected terrorist. Nin Nah Beh Chao Turtle...

"SPCL" obviously means special and it doesn't mean that you are going to get Special VIP treatment. More rather it means that you are getting the Special-I-Think-You-Are-Osama-Bin-Jaywalk treatment. My luggage was searched inside and out. The consolation there was that the TSA agent was very polite and handled the contents of my luggage with care and with enough courtesy to put back everything nicely. A far cry from 9-11 days where the bladdy agents were all gung-ho and guns ablazing. F*cking high and mighty attitude and bladdy rude. Nowadays much better liao and I appreciate their effort to step up security to make our flights safer.

"SSSS" stands for Selected for Secondary Security Screening. When I enter the gate area where the metal detectors and X-Rays are. They took me to another lane and a private clearing area where I have to take off shoes, belt, any and every piece of metal on me. (I get to keep me pants on. Heng ah...). Like a fairy godmother, I was waved the metal-detecting wand all over me and a pat-down. Lucky never pat "there", sekali kena boner, then really hard (no pun intended) to explain liao.

All in all, it was a quick flight but really bumpy, due to the strong winds, as we approached for landing. Probably has something to do with the Hurricane Wilma just South of Atlanta in Florida. We were rolling left and right even when we were inches off the landing tarmac. We landed with the right wheels hitting the ground first then left before the nose wheels touches down for a safe landing.

Not as frightening as it may sound. Well, either that or I really lao jiao from flying already...

- Voxeros

1. zeenie left...
Wednesday, 26 October 2005 1:40 pm
I suspect you're going to sprout wings anytime now. LOL. Safe journey.

2. mihuatang left...
Wednesday, 26 October 2005 3:18 pm
sounds like a good deal to be bumped off. got cash some more. but the body inspection part does not sound good.
3. Pam left...
Wednesday, 26 October 2005 4:11 pm
dude! received the greetings from portland...thanks!! :) no, postman is used to it already... :):) have many more safe trips. speak soon.

4. ahdokboy left...
Wednesday, 26 October 2005 8:08 pm
"Special-I-Think-You-Are-Osama-Bin-Jaywalk treatment" - haha that's funny.

5. Lynne left...
Wednesday, 26 October 2005 8:25 pm
Wah, you are one of those "lucky" ones who get searched thoroughly, they always pick guys, dunno why. That's why I try to wear sandals when I fly, no need to take off shoes - except toes will freeze in winter. Avoid being in the South, too many tropical storms/hurricanes lately. Take care!

6. akk left...
Wednesday, 26 October 2005 8:46 pm
yay! another entry! well, at least they search ur bags nicely. it is quite understandable that they do have to step up with these security measures.
*(I get to keep me pants on. Heng ah...)*. so... shirt? hehehehe....:)

7. milktea left...
Wednesday, 26 October 2005 9:57 pm
wow, that's a good deal. flying first class.
when I arrived here, I was also switched to another airline because of the original's flight delay and I wasn't transferred to a first class seat. hmpf.

8. JayWalk left...
Wednesday, 26 October 2005 10:50 pm :: 
zeenie: If I sprout wings, 那我不就变成了 "鸟人"?

mihuatang: Yes and no. Yes in the sense that you have to go through more thorough inspection but at no time are you treated like a criminal suspect. The TSA agents these days, if I may add, are very professional in their job as compared to last time.

No in the sense that you may clear the security faster, especially during peak hours, since you have your own private lane and clearing area.

Pam: Make sure you give the postman a nice bonus this Christmas!

Ahdokboy: Oh no, I wrote Osama and terrorist in the same blog. I wonder if the CIA will pick this blog up and flag it as a high risk suspect?

Lynne: Only when I fly Delta for some strange reasons. Anyway the good news is that Hurricane Wilma is the last hurricane of the year. Or so they say.... fingers crossed.

akk: Aiyoh. Take off shirt, take off pants.... you damn jialat....

milktea: Yes and no here as well. US domestic First Class is really no biggie. If it's an international First Class on board SQ, CX or BA, then it is a totally different story.

9. kIm left...
Friday, 28 October 2005 8:07 pm
I was searched in Australia last year! My mom nearly died from shock. Hahaha..

10. JayWalk left...
Saturday, 29 October 2005 4:14 pm :: 
kIm: I have been to Sydney earlier this year but no problem with them. I do have a friend who had to take out his golf clubs to show them that the clubs have been cleaned and not have any grass seeds on them.

24 October 2005

Come Fly With Me - My Best Ever Economy Class Seat

All these traveling reminded me of a particular McDonnell Douglas DC-10 flight from San Francisco to Tokyo. I was originally supposed to fly to Seattle first for the connection to Tokyo when my flight up was canceled at the last minute. As a result, I was put on an alternative flight from San Francisco direct to Tokyo instead. Problem is that I lose my upgrade seat on this flight. What pissed me off even more is that I don't get a refund for the frequent flyer miles that I plonked in for the upgrade. Yup, 30,000 miles down the drain.

Well, the gate agent was aware of my unhappiness and made me a deal. Although I get bumped down to Economy Class, they will give me an entire middle row of 5 seats at the back of the plane. I happily accepted the deal, given that it was better than nothing anyway. So when I boarded the plane and happily strolled to "my row", I was dismayed to see a Japanese guy already buckled up at one end of the row of 5.

NAH BEH!!! BRUFF ME!!! Say what gimme whole row of 5. TMD.... :(

So ok lor... 2 person share 5 seats so logically, each person get 2.5 seats right? Well, not really coz you can't really get half a seat right or our heads will be touching. Sekali, his dandruff pass over to me or worse, his kutus all migrate over to my head then how? So the law of the jungle is that each person will get 2 seats with the middle one as the DMZ aka No Man's Land.

As soon as the flight finished serving dinner, I horizontal liao but because I got only 2 seats, I had to huddle up in a fetal position.

30 minutes later, I sneaked a peek at the Jap guy. Eh? The Jap guy still guai guai sitting in his corner seat. Ok lor, lim peh act blur liao... slow inched towards the 3rd seat and stop just before the halfway mark. That way, if he complain, I can say that each person 2.5 seats is fair what.

Then another 15 minutes later, I peek up at him again, he has dozed off. Hor seh liao... lim peh slowly inched forward and took over the entire middle seat.

Then I wait another 15 minutes. Hmm... still no movement from the Jap guy.

Aiyah... BOR CHUP LIAO LAH!!! The most tio kan only what, right? I took all 4 seats. Hur hur hur.....

We slept all the way though and was only awakened when the Captain spoke over the PA to announce that we are about to land at Narita airport. I think that was the only time that he realised that I kapoked all the 4 seats.

I gave him the sheepish grin. Hur hur hur.....

Lucky, the Jap fella damn nice guy, LPPL but don't dare to make noise. Heng ah.....

- Voxeros

1. ahdokboy left...
Monday, 24 October 2005 8:33 am
if he was a singaporean there would be alot of jostling and complaining...tio boh?

2. mihuatang left...
Monday, 24 October 2005 9:55 am
see, like i said before, shorter better, right? if shorter, maybe you occupied only 3 seats (horizontally). haha!

3. akk left...
Monday, 24 October 2005 10:28 am
If i was in your shoes and he's a cute jap guy, i think we can both snuggle up need to fight...:)

4. nadnut left...
Monday, 24 October 2005 11:26 am ::
grrrr. i wanna fly here fly there too!

5. Lynne left...
Monday, 24 October 2005 8:42 pm
But no biz class treatment (ice cream and ramen in the middle of the night) leh!

6. JayWalk left...
Monday, 24 October 2005 10:57 pm :: 
Ahdokboy: If Singaporean, lagi easy. They never voice out their complains. Just bottled up inside and vowed never to fly that airline ever again. :P

Akk: Me huddled up with Jap guy? Cannot lah? If he gets boner then I really hong kan liao......

nadnut: Don't grrrr lah.... fly long haul is really tough. Especially this is my fifth trip to the US this year. Imagine having to deal with the stupid jet lag every 2 months.

Lynne: Well, yes and no. Granted that it will be back to plastic fork, knife and tray. But undisturbed sleep trumps over everything.

7. Zhe Bin left...
Tuesday, 25 October 2005 3:16 pm
Haha he Japanese mah. Very refined one. Unlike Singa-complain-poreans.

8. akk left...
Tuesday, 25 October 2005 9:28 pm
eh...sorry...Not in Your shoes in mine own....*snuggle*

9. JayWalk left...
Tuesday, 25 October 2005 9:32 pm ::
ZheBin: ahhaha..... Touché!!

akk: I cannot lah... either kena poke eye or poke backside not my cuppa tea.

10. Vandice left...
Wednesday, 26 October 2005 6:41 am ::
Take care bro. Fly here fly there must drink more fluids hor... I had 4 seats to myself once on JAL. Song song I tell you...

11. JayWalk left...
Wednesday, 26 October 2005 11:05 am :: 
Vandice: You definitely had the better deal there with the kawai-ne stewardesses.
Northwest one all lao kok kok one.... then again, maybe that's why I was able to sleep all the way through! ~LOL

12. nadnut left...
Wednesday, 26 October 2005 11:20 am ::
bah. i juz realised the rollover of my url is redbull addict alert!

13. JayWalk left...
Wednesday, 26 October 2005 12:34 pm :: 
nadnut: Uh-oh... Busted!!! :P

23 October 2005

Come Fly With Me - High Point Oct 2005 (Part 3)

The hotel I am staying doesn't have wireless internet access except in the lobby and my room, being on the top floor was too far away to get a decent signal. Even signals for neighourbouring hotels are stronger though not strong enough for me to latch on proper.

So there I was working with my laptop in the lobby (and blogging!), when a party of 12 Singaporeans showed up at the front desk. From their accents, I was sure they were either Singaporeans or Malaysians. What gave them away was when they were complaining about not being able to register a local phone network and keywords like "Singtel" and "M1" confirm my suspicion. I later found out that they were from SPRING, JTC and some other places.

After the "tour leader" managed to resolve the screw up in the reservations (nothing unusual there ), I can't help but overhear the briefing.

Tour Leader: "Tomorrow, please set your alarm clock to 5.30am so that we can have breakfast at the lobby between 6am to 7am. After which, we will catch the 7:20am market shuttle coz the next one would be at 9:05am. The shuttle ride will be 1 hours which means that we will reach the market at 8:30am. After which, we will spend 1 hours getting familarise and oriented(???) with the environment. Then we will be at our appointment punctually at 10am."

1) Typical Singaporean?
2) Typical New Bird?
3) Typical Singaporean New Bird?


Here's what my schedule is like in contrast.

8:00am - Wake Up.
8:01am - Scratch balls.
8:02am - Wash up and get dressed.
8:30am - Breakfast at lobby
9:05am - Hop onto the market shuttle
9:45am - Reach market.
10:00am - Appointment.

Well, here's what is going to happen to them the next morning.

The market shuttle takes only 30 minutes to reach the market which means that they will reach the market before 8am. Problem is that what the hell are they going to do with the 2 hours on hand? What the hell is "familiarising and getting oriented with the environment"???" They can't really go to see the other exhibitors coz frankly, any old bird will tell you that you will be the only people there at that time coz the rest are still at the hotels.

So out of the kindness in my heart, I decided to go "Psst... may I have a word with you?"

I guess they are still my "homies" after all. How can I not help?

And Deek, the answer is No. There were no chiobus in the party of 12.

- Voxeros

1. lancerlord left...
Sunday, 23 October 2005 9:55 am ::
I hope you do not scratch balls for 1 minute. Skin peel leh. Muahahaha.....

2. JayWalk left...
Sunday, 23 October 2005 11:02 am ::
lancerlord: Scratch gently mah... wahahahaha....

3. akk left...
Sunday, 23 October 2005 5:08 pm
hahahaahah.......oh goodness! stoopid lancerlord! u took my comment line!! hahahaahah..........

4. mihuatang left...
Sunday, 23 October 2005 5:14 pm
or maybe there is someone there to scratch it for you *evil grin*
on the itinerary of the S.S1ngapore delegations, it is pure kiasuism to plan like that. people in the commercial world/PURE pte companies dun plan like that.
so what happen after you became the kapo? (did they shoo you away? or ask you to myob?)

5. DeeK left...
Monday, 24 October 2005 11:52 am
What? Party of 12 and no chiobus? *Sigh* Typical Singaporean group........

6. Pam left...
Monday, 24 October 2005 9:31 pm
wah they talk so loud you know they're from sg?!! grr... how annoying!!!

7. JayWalk left...
Monday, 24 October 2005 10:43 pm :: 
Akk: Sigh, Akk... you also another one....

mihuatang: You sharing your Ch1na experience with us har? Oops!
What happen after I offered my help har? They all took out their pens and pads and started scribbling notes!!! :P

Deek: Yup. Your typical JTC, Spring group....

Pam: In their defence, it was late at night and the lobby was empty. As far as loudness is concerned, you can never beat the Cantonese.

8. mihuatang left...
Tuesday, 25 October 2005 10:23 am
ya, i dun scratch, i get people to lick.

9. JayWalk left...
Tuesday, 25 October 2005 1:21 pm :: 
mihuatang: TOO MUCH INFORMATION!!!!!!! haahaha.....

10. mihuatang left...
Tuesday, 25 October 2005 5:58 pm

11. JayWalk left...
Tuesday, 25 October 2005 9:33 pm :: 
mihuatang: *facepalm*

22 October 2005

Come Fly With Me - High Point Oct 2005 (Part 2)

Plane 4 - Los Angeles to Detroit - Boeing 757-200
By far, the most grueling sector of my entire itinerary. It was a red-eye flight.  Departure was 12:15 midnight and arrival at 7:15am. It was just a 4-hour flight but because I was flying ahead in time zones, I practically spend the entire night in the air.

With my legs permanently in a L-shape position, my knee (Ang Moh one) joints ached so bad that it kept me up the entire "night". Sigh... one of my 3 physical weaknesses as a result of sports injuries(?). The other being the ankles and my left rotator cuff.

One thing I realised about Business Class and US Domestic First Class is that the pitch of the seat recline and the width of the seating is overrated as far as the asian bodyframe is concerned. I am not saying that they are totally useless as there is no reason to reject it when offered. What I am trying to say is that if in the event that you need to do a trade off, I would gladly sacrifice any of them for a leg rest. When you are able to have your legs stretched out, you are guaranteed to have a comfortable ride. Most of the time when we traveled in Economy Class, it is not the lack of recline, nor the crampness of the row, but more likely the actual suffering is when your legs are being immobilised in that dreadful L-position for hours on end.

Plane 5 - Detroit to Greensboro - McDonnell Douglas DC9-50
The planes get smaller and smaller as your next stop get more and more ulu. Smaller planes means that the seating is more cramp but it also mean that the flight time is shorter which as a result isn't too bad actually. Anyway, this DC9 is an interesting plane as this is the only passenger plane that I have boarded that can actually reverse (on the ground lah!) on its own power. With a clever flap design on the rear jet engine, the plane is able to reverse thrust to move itself backwards. Pretty neat!

While I was waiting for the plane, I watched the weather channel on TV and realise that Hurricane Wilma is coming my way and from the looks of the hurricane's projected path, it seems that we are going to meet head-on in Atlanta as the hurricane makes its way up through Florida on Monday.

Hmm... What is it with me and Hurricanes? I was in New Orleans just 3 days before Hurricane Katrina came and wash away the city. I was a day ahead of Typhoon Kirogi just few days earlier and now its seems that I am going to meet Hurricane Wilma head on when I get into Atlanta on Tuesday. Well, for whatever's it's worth, I think my golfing plans in Atlanta are screwed.


- Voxeros

1. mihuatang left...
Saturday, 22 October 2005 8:34 pm
do not know how long is your leg, but under such circumstances, one with a shorter leg shd be better than one with a longer leg.
on hurricanes, it's not you lah! the hurricanes is getting fiercer and more frequent each year.
in any case, take care and try to avoid Wilmar's path!

2. JayWalk left...
Saturday, 22 October 2005 9:58 pm :: 
mihuatang: Which leg? wahahahaah....
Actually, it is not about the length but rather, it is the awkward L-position that you are stuck throughout the bladdy flight.
Last update is that Wilma is stuck and hovering over Cancun. The good news is that for every extra day that Wilma gets stuck in Mexico, the hurricane gets weaker by the time it lands in Florida.

3. akk left...
Sunday, 23 October 2005 5:08 pm
take care take care....:)

20 October 2005

Just A Little Prayer

Just heard from Deek that JN's dad passed away. It was yet another case of lung cancer taking another good person away from us. The very same killer that took Auntie Quek back in May.

I may not have know JN's dad personally, but I would like to say a little prayer here for him.

Dear Lord,

I come to you as a humble servant as I ask for you to look after JN and his family in this time of grief. However, as much as it is sad to lose someone dear, it is also a relief that the mortal suffering and pain has finally ended. It is also a time for celebration as we know that you have taken JN's dad to a better place.

Lord, may I continue to ask for your blessing as well as protection over JN and his family at this time. May you lay your tender hand over them, tide them over this period of adjustment and lead them into the next chapter of their lives.

Over the years, You have placed many people, going down the path of fighting cancer, for me to meet. Be it a friend I had known personally, or someone dear in the family of a friend. For each and everyone of them, You have asked for me to pray for them. I did. I know You have been listening for they have all gone to Your house to be with you. It will be an endless cycle. For every person that passes on, You will place a new person for me to pray for. I am just going to keep doing that for I know that's what You want me to do.


- Voxeros

19 October 2005

Come Fly With Me - High Point Oct 2005 (Part 1)

I am at 35,000 ft as I am writing this. Or as MeePok mihuatang so aptly put, this is an Air-Blog. Before anyone starts getting envious of my "fly here, fly there, fly everywhere", this is going to be a grueling business trip. 11 plane changes in 11 days.

Plane 1 - Hong Kong to Tokyo - Boeing 747-400
I had quite a dragged out ding-dong session with Northwest Airlines, 2 weeks before this trip as I was haggling for an upgrade seat to Business Class. I was particular upset that I have amassed a bloody total of over 100,000 frequent flyer miles this year and I can't use them. Being the kiam-kanna man of principle, I stood my ground with my No-Upgrade-No-Fly stance and even threaten to fly Delta Airlines instead.

They finally relented and gave me my upgrade. Small victory for me as they didn't dared to call my bluff coz I did exactly that early this February. Flew Delta. Chor Luan. Heh heh....

Tracking back a bit, their reason for not be able to get an upgrade is that this particular leg's Business Class is all full. Well, as I boarded this flight, I counted the number of empty Business Class seats. I stopped counting after 10 empty seats and I didn't even bother to go to the upper deck to see. WTF? While couldn't they just bloody upgrade me in the beginning? Liar, liar, pants on fire!

Anyway the descent was a bit bumpy as I arrived at Tokyo a day ahead of Typhoon Kirogi, which I later found out, won't be making a landing on Japanese shores after all.

Plane 2 - Tokyo to Portland - Airbus A330-200
I have always prefer Airbuses to Boeings as the prior offers a quieter flight. I slept all the way to my delight as I am quite a light sleeper when in the air. We landed in Portland without incident and here's where I embarrassed myself as usual. So the plane pulled into the gate and the seat belt lights went off. We all got up and grab our luggage, getting ready to get off. We were all standing around as we wait for the aero-bridge to line up the plane in order to get the doors opened. So standing around and being restless, I unwittingly reached into my pocket and switched on both my phones.


What ensued almost immediately after was a flurry of spam SMSes coming from both my phones. 2 messages from my Singapore mobile phone and 8 from my Ch1na mobile phone. All welcoming me to the new network, giving the local weather and how to save money calling and roaming while using their network service blah blah blah.

It didn't help matter that I recently gotten back one of the phones from servicing and the ring shrills were at their highest. So standing there and nowhere to run nor hide, everybody was all looking at me. At first I pretended it wasn't my phone but being in the USA where the locals predominantly uses Motorola, there is no escaping from the Nokia SMS beeps. I guess to control the damage, I took out my Singapore mobile phone (the louder one) to start clearing the messages while leaving the other Nokia in my pants to continue with its crazy beeping. I guess my Plan B was to acknowledge one of the Nokia since folks here won't suspect a person to be carrying 2 phones and keep them guessing and getting annoyed with the other Nokia, whoever "the other person" could be, which by then was beeping its 6th SMS.

Plane 3 - Portland to Los Angeles - McDonnell Douglas-80
Just a short 2 hours flight but I did had a panic attack when I realised that my passport and boarding pass went missing, just prior to boarding. I ran to the Alaska Airlines lounge only to remember in mid-route that it was safely tucked in my carry-on bag. Silly me. Quite a deja-vu moment as just the day before, I was sms-ing Deek that I lost my iRiver only to find it my carry-on bag again. Hmm.... seems like everything is in the bag of mine. *scratch head*

Well, it seems like bad weather seems to hover around me as I was told that Los Angeles had a freak hailstorm that day before. It was such a strange occurence that it got my uncle to take pictures of the hailstorm. Will post the pics if I can get it in time.

Anyway, I will have a lay-over in Los Angeles for a day and hopefully there will not be an earthquake as the word around town is starting to spread that one is due anytime now. *shudder*

- Voxeros

1. mihuatang left...
Wednesday, 19 October 2005 9:35 am
airblog? sounds familiar. was that commented by me in MPTMH's blog?
forgetfulness: admit it... you are getting old.

2. kIm left...
Wednesday, 19 October 2005 10:22 am
Wah. You are sure forgetful. But if I were the one in your shoes, I would be breaking out in cold sweat already. Hahaha..

3. JayWalk left...
Wednesday, 19 October 2005 12:31 pm :: 
mihuatang: Yah yah yah! My apologies. Credit the wrong person liao...

kIm: Sigh.... perhaps I should start taking ginkoba supplement liao....

4. nadnut left...
Wednesday, 19 October 2005 4:36 pm ::
more msn orgies! have you had enough of our 'pussy' jokes? =X

5. akk left...
Wednesday, 19 October 2005 5:29 pm
hey! take care of yourself siah! eat primrose oil! boost memory.....
or was it for PMS? hmmm......:)
Good flights, good landings and good time over there! :)

6. Lynne left...
Wednesday, 19 October 2005 8:20 pm
Bloody Northwest always make things difficult when it comes to upgrading, I have 57,000+ miles, and I couldn't get an upgrade the last time too, I had to bloody pay for it!!! Idiots! Oh well, enjoy your time in LA, go eat a bowl of beef brisket noodles for me ...

7. Pam left...
Wednesday, 19 October 2005 10:21 pm
ginko biloba jay, it's ginko biloba!

8. JayWalk left...
Thursday, 20 October 2005 1:50 am :: 
nadnut: You are asking a guy if he has had enough of pussies??? What d'ya think? 

akk: Thanks. If taking Primrose Oil can get a guy immuned against a woman's PMS, I am so heading to Costco to get myself a carton!! 

Lynne: You gotta know how to work the "system". Sure they make me grovel a little bit but I have only been denied upgrading once since 2001. That was in February 2005 which was also the time I was about to jump ship to Delta before they relented and acceded to my requests. 

Guess I am back to Northwest for now.... 

Anyway, if you are interested and got time, I can teach you some of the tips and tricks to work around the "system". 

Pam: Isn't Ginkoba short for Ginko Bilo... er... I forget....

14 October 2005

Deep Shit Of The Married Man

I was catching up with an old friend whom I have not contacted for over a year and it seems that he has gotten himself into another of life's pickle. It is hardly a surprise for me as he is quite the habitual "repeat offender".

What triggered the conversation topic was when he declared, "My theory is, any charbor who says that she doesn't have any emotional attachment is a liar."

Old Friend was referring his friends of the female gender who he, a married man, had gotten intimate with. Perhaps the latest buzzword for this would be "f*ck buddy"?

So he proceeded to quote me some examples.

"No, don't worry. I know you are married and I can accept that. I just want to spend time with you because I enjoy your company and I like you. Just call me when you are free and we can meet up. If we end up having sex then so be it."

That he said, was Stage 1 of the Deep Shit.

Over here, he explained that the woman here is giving the impression of nonchalance. Offering a deal with no string attached to entice the man into it. As much as we joke about men thinking only with his Southern Compass, the man is really not as dumb as he appears to be. He will weigh the pros and cons of this. What's in it for him? What are the stakes? Can he pull it off? etc. Hence the "no strings attached" offer tabled by the woman.

"Are you free tonight? No? Spending time with your wife? Oh... I was really looking forward to meeting you. It's ok, wife's more important. Let's meet another time then. Miss you."


Stage 2 Of The Deep Shit: This is when the woman raise the nonchalant card to an upper echelon. Acknowledging the existence of the wife head on, is like the big fat bait at the end of the hook.

"Why are you always not free? Are you avoiding me? I set my time aside especially for you, DO YOU KNOW THAT? I know I said earlier you can meet me when you have time but make an effort lah!"


Stage 3 Of The Deep Shit: By now, the man would have taken the hook, line and sinker and the woman is starting to reel him in.

"I want to see you now, do you UNDERSTAND!!!!!!I don't care what I said before!!!!I miss you!! I want to see you!! Do you know that I LOVE YOU???!!"

Stage 4 Of The Deep Shit: Like an ensnared bear, the trap has gotten the man good. There will be the great struggle and unless the guy is strong and smart, there is virtually no way out when he is stupid enough to get this far. It will take the proverbial "chewing off own leg" in order to free himself. By then, the damage would have been pretty extensive.

"I left my husband just now. I am at your carpark downstairs.


"I am pregnant. I am on my way over."

Stage 5 Of The Deep Shit: The ang mohs will describe this stage as the shit hitting the fan, while the rest of us can easily sum it up in two words. Hong Kan.

Just to add, the quotes from Stage 1 to 4 were from Old Friend's various women over the years. I made up the Stage 5 quote, just to illustrate where this is heading.

While in no way am I, at any time here, intend to sound holier than thou, I just want to advise the following:

1) Don't Start What You Can't Finish.

2) A Person Is Only A Thief When He Is Caught.

3) Don't Do The Crime If You Can't Do The Time.

- Voxeros

1. mihutang left...
Friday, 14 October 2005 2:14 pm
most man knows it. but still getting into trouble. *sigh* the heart is not willing, but the flesh is weak.

2. zeenie left...
Friday, 14 October 2005 2:19 pm
"Southern Compass" i love that one, also appreciate your insightful advice on these really really tricky situations! I think i read with mirth on FinickyFeline's blog that she had a few conditions for her man. He wipes his mouth after stealing the milk and he never ever brings the cow home. LOL.

3. JayWalk left...
Friday, 14 October 2005 3:46 pm :: 
mihuatang: And hence the Engrish phrase "Never Die Before."

zeenie: And hence the Ch1nese phrase "只许堂食,不可打包".

4. Pam left...
Friday, 14 October 2005 4:18 pm
f*ck buddy is not equivalent to the type of women you describe. because the f*ck buddy is the male or female in a sexual relationship who only wants that, sex. the type of women you've described are women who want to be in relationships, have emotional attachments but approach it in a less conventional manner (ie, going for the attached partner), as opposed to seeking attachment and relationship with an available person. JMHO.

5. Sheena left...
Friday, 14 October 2005 4:52 pm
If my husband ever met any of these stages (touch wood!), I'd march right up to the woman and slap her. She knew the guy was married, and she decided to seduce him. Then the problem is one of her own making. It's not like my husband went to her and started rubbing his crotch in her face.

Some people might argue that it takes two to clap, but if the 'other woman' hadn't set her sights on a married man in the first place nothing would have happened. Of course, if it's the married guy who set out to seduce another woman first, he ought to hang by his balls. No, the hair on his balls.

6. JayWalk left...
Friday, 14 October 2005 5:12 pm :: 
Pam: Ahh.. but thou hath not peruse my blog with due rigor, fair maiden of poor eyesight.
As I mentioned in the blog, the woman would initially indicate the absence of the emotional price tag so as not to scare away the man. Hence the definition of a f*ckbuddy at that point in time, was in line there.

7. nadnut left...
Friday, 14 October 2005 5:37 pm ::
tsk tsk.
shameless woman. lusty wolf. bad combo.

8. JayWalk left...
Friday, 14 October 2005 5:37 pm :: 
Sheena: Tsk, tsk. You are assuming you would get to find out about it. How very naive!
I would be one of those who would argue that it takes 2 hands to clap coz in real life, not everything is as clear cut in black & white where one is the seducer and the other the seduced. Sekali this is a mutual affair?

So what if one party knew that the other is married? As long as one party is unwilling, the clap will never take place.
Just my $0.02

9. Pam left...
Friday, 14 October 2005 5:41 pm
very true very true. but at that point the woman is then deceiving herself more than deceiving married man.

10. JayWalk left...
Friday, 14 October 2005 5:42 pm ::
nadnut: Tsk, tsk...
Nut woman, Red Bull. Hmm..... :P

11. nadnut left...
Friday, 14 October 2005 5:46 pm ::
simi nut woman and red bull?!?! boooooo. btw, got msn? ;)

12. JayWalk left...
Friday, 14 October 2005 5:51 pm :: 
nadnut: Yah. I am at

13. Lynne left...
Friday, 14 October 2005 8:30 pm
Sounds more like "friends with french benefits" ... but I think the woman will eventually want the man to herself. Never, never, never trust a woman when she says she doesn't want emotional ties, load of crap!! ;)

14. Pam left...
Friday, 14 October 2005 8:35 pm
not trying to be devil's advocate, but is there such a thing as a man wanting emotional ties too? it seems like the woman is painted (not just in this blog and the comments here but in general) as someone who wants or craves emotional ties and attachments and the man as the heartless bastard who tricks her into having an affair etc. how about the other way round.....?? or is that too strange a thought to think?

15. JayWalk left...
Saturday, 15 October 2005 12:33 am ::
Lynne: "French" benefits? *raised eyebrow*
If I ever get myself into this, my one and only solution is RUN FOR THE HILLS!!! :P

Pam: True true, this can go both ways gender-wise but in this particular case with Old Friend, it is the woman who is the seducer (or so he claims).
The way I see it, this type of thing always two hand to clap one lah.

16. akk left...
Saturday, 15 October 2005 1:15 am
I believe that some ppl view married men or women as 'safer' ppl to make frens with and get closer with, always with the thought that becos she/he is married, there is an imaginery barrier to safeguard attraction due to morality/ethics/blah/blah. Of cos not talking about who seduce whom or who deliberately seducing the other. but even for normal ppl, who dun have any agenda at all, may actually be tempted or excited into adultery.
in the end, it won't matter who is at fault. all got thumb in the pie.

17. Vandice left...
Saturday, 15 October 2005 1:31 am ::
Hey bro, a man's not a thief until he's caught??? Heh, you're advocating the sowing of wild (or issit cultivated) oats? Hmmm, tt I have to disagree bro...

18. JayWalk left...
Saturday, 15 October 2005 9:11 am :: 
Akk: On the flip side, it may also mean that being married means that the party will not be motivated to ruin status quo and attempt to take this "relationship" to the next level and hence complicating and making a mess of things.

A committed partner may mean that he/she also have just as big a collateral damage in the event of an affair gone sour. Hence, the false sense of security that messiness is being held at bay by the prospect of that proverbial mega mother-of-gawd huge piece of turd hitting the ceiling fan.

Vandice: I knew that one was going to bite me in the proverbial ass but I didn't expect it to come in so late in the thread of comments.

I may have deliberately include that one line, but it may or may not represent my stance on this. I am just being non-judgmental.

Here's my message to one and all. Be it right or wrong, I am in no position to say anything. I believe that we should be the one to decide on our own individual paths without other people telling us how to live our lives. After all, be it right or wrong, we have only ourselves to answer to.

Just like your disagreement here. Don't expect me to tell you if you are right or wrong. It is not my place to judge. It is your opinion and you have stated it loud and clear. I accept and respect it. Period.

19. mihuatang left...
Saturday, 15 October 2005 3:21 pm
干柴烈火situation...very dangerous!

20. JayWalk left...
Saturday, 15 October 2005 4:09 pm :: 
mihuatang: You speaking from experience?

21. 9 left...
Sunday, 16 October 2005 9:15 pm ::
interesting...things people out there would always want to do, but never admit. Haaa

22. JayWalk left...
Sunday, 16 October 2005 10:23 pm ::
Ah 9: For most of them, it is more likely the curiosity and novelty of the whole idea.
Personally, I think it is wiser to just leave the curiosity unfulfilled.

Coz when the shit hits the ceiling, it will be one helluva mess to have to clean up. Really not worth the trouble.

I certainly can't afford the stakes.

23. Jayaxe left...
Monday, 17 October 2005 7:34 am
I must say I learnt something from that. Learnt to siam when it's still early! Hahahah.
But seriously, all these happened in China, huh?

24. JayWalk left...
Monday, 17 October 2005 7:41 am ::
Jayaxe: As far as this particular friend is concerned, it happened in Singapore.
Over here in my part of Ch1na, you have less of such cases. Generally, when women are more financially independent as in the cases of Singapore women, they think more for themselves and would pursue aggressively whatever they think would make them happy.
I guess it is that same with women of all modern cities and in the case of Ch1na, it would ShangHa1, Be1jing, etc....

25. mihuatang left...
Monday, 17 October 2005 9:27 am
experience? no lah, i very guai one!

26. JayWalk left...
Monday, 17 October 2005 10:47 am ::
mihuatang: Sure. *cough* I *cough* believe *cough cough* you.

27. mihuatang left...
Monday, 17 October 2005 11:35 am
you are EVIL!

28. JayWalk left...
Monday, 17 October 2005 12:47 pm ::
mihuatang: MUAHAHAHAHA!!! Thank you. *ahem*

29. putitthisway left...
Tuesday, 18 October 2005 8:49 pm ::
That was a pretty good look at how man can get into shit loads of trouble....and guess what.. I actually know of someone like that in real life....

30. vanna left...
Wednesday, 19 October 2005 12:06 am
am i too late to add in my bit of comments?
Aiyah, whether married or dating, it's almost the same process.. hahahaha.. esp when there's betrayal..
u noe what I mean?

31. JayWalk left...
Wednesday, 19 October 2005 12:21 am ::
putitthisway: I think we can tell from here that this is something very very common and also thin ice that we can easily fall through if we do not tread carefully.
Look where you are going.

Vanna: It is never too late to add any comment anywhere. You can be assured there will be a response from me, if I am not left speechless. that is. :)

This type of thing always hurt. One minute you are the world to her/him, the next moment, you are dropped like a hot potato and no longer "flavour of the day".

32. Zhe Bin left...
Wednesday, 19 October 2005 5:26 am
Do you still have mini-series? I love reading your series. I like to listen to stories. = )
(This is very random)

33. JayWalk left...
Wednesday, 19 October 2005 7:31 am ::
ZheBin: Acherly, I have but I am taking break from it all for a while. I am thinking of doing a Disaster Girlfriend Series next. akan datang.