29 January 2013

Hair Mud

I think I am slowly losing touch with the youngsters of today.

I don't recall putting MUD on my head being a way to look good.


- Voxeros

28 January 2013

Do You Hear The People Sing?

In my earlier entry, I feared that PAP would win the election due to the inclusion of SDA and RP in the polls, where the latter two are likely to split the WP's votes.

I was glad to be proven wrong.


A hearty congratulations to the Worker's Party for capturing another constituency and adding another seat in Parliament.

A hearty congratulations to Ms Lee Li Lian for winning the election the second time round after a valiant first attempt two years ago.

A hearty congratulations to the people of Punggol-East SMC for making themselves heard and sending a reminder to the gahmen, on behalf of the rest of Singapore, that the people are not to be taken for granted.

I am glad that the folks at Punggol-East SMC were smart enough to understand that a vote for either RP or SDA is a vote taken away from WP needed to win the PAP. As such, none of the votes went to SDA and RP, sans the 500-odd sympathy votes.

The result? WP whooped PAP's ass by almost 11%.

I am glad Kenneth Jeyaratnam lost his deposit but I did feel a bit sorry for Desmond "The Android Robot" Lim for losing his.

One thing we all learn from this by-election is that you need to be physically present during your campaigning and in this case, I was referring to the rallies. A rally on youtube isn't going to be able to replace the actual hustings. 150,000 views converts to a mere 168 votes. Now we know.


What is next to see?

Yes. It is yet another victory for WP but it doesn't mean that the opposition is ready to take over political leadership of this nation. That is still a long way to go.

Come 2016, on top of consolidating their own consituencies, perhaps making another move on neighbouring constituencies like Seng Kang West SMC, Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC?

Question is, does WP have enough credible non-idiot candidates to stand?

Dr Koh Poh Koon vowed to stay on and serve the residents of Punggol-East SMC even if he is not elected. 

Let's see if Dr Koh keeps his word.

I doubt it.

Let's see if Kenneth Jeyaratnam will continue to show his face around Punggol-East now that the election is over and he is $14,500 poorer.

No more broken promises? We shall see.

I feel sorry for this little fella but I think if he has another $14,500 stashed somewhere, we will see him again come 2016.

However, instead of rocking the boat that WP is now at the helm, how about working in cooperation with WP and tackle Sengkang West SMC instead?

It is, after all, just next door.

Do you hear the people sing?  
Singing a song of angry men? 
It is the music of a people  
Who will not be slaves again! 
When the beating of your heart  
Echoes the beating of the drums 
There is a life about to start 
When tomorrow comes!  

- Les Miserables - Do You Hear The People Sing?

Image Credits: Facebook - Yee Jenn Jong; Reuters via;

- Voxeros

25 January 2013

Punggol East SMC By-Election 2013

Tomorrow (26 Jan 2013) is polling day for Punggol East SMC.

Chances are, the PAP will win it again.

Now see the picture below.

This is the phenomenon at Singapore political rallies. The difference in turnout between PAP rallies and WP rallies is likened to heaven and earth. One is 12,000 (according to the above picture but some claim it to be 8,000 to be more realistic) while PAP has already been a paltry couple of hundreds (give and take a couple more).


It is almost always the PAP emerging as the victor.

So what is going on here?

Why is it the party with the fewer supporters getting more votes? How did that happen?

If tomorrow's poll is a PAP vs WP fight, WP actually has a good chance of winning this. Alas, we have two jokers in the hat sharing the spoils as well.

Problem is, every vote that the RP or SDA gets, is a vote less for WP. It will never be at the expense of the PAP, which is why I said earlier, PAP will probably win tomorrow.

Oh and another thing. If the rally turnout is even worse than PAP, chances are that the respective candidate(s) is going to lose his/their deposits as well.

What was/were he/they thinking?

Media Credits: Facebook - Jake Wang; Occupy Singapore

- Voxeros

24 January 2013


Spotting this when I was surfing the web.

It must have HURT REAL BAD when the hen laid this. It was as if the hen got double-fisted.

Watch on for the surprise.


- Voxeros

22 January 2013

The Third Taste 2.0

Remember the earlier entry when I was on the hunt for "The Third Taste"?

Well, I didn't get that when I visiting The Wok & Barrel

Instead, it was at Jade Palace during my last trip back to Singapore then I discovered it quite by accident.

It was towards the end of the dinner when we were done with dinner and the wine spent.

Fresh mango was served as dessert as we proceeded to eat.

The mangoes were deliciously sweet and I took a sip of the Pu-Erh tea to wash it down.

Lo and behold!

Fresh mango + Pu-Erh Tea = Walnut!

Walnut. Yes, you heard me. Walnut.

I tried it a second time again but the walnut taste didn't show up.

Then I realised that my first sip of the tea was really strong as the tea had been sitting in the tea pot for quite some time as we were drinking wine instead of the tea all throughout dinner.

The walnut taste was absent the second time round when I realised I drank from a fresh pot of the tea where the tea leaves weren't properly infused.

So perhaps to amend the equation more accurately,

Fresh Mango + Strong Pu-Erh Tea = Walnut

Go ahead. Try it.

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- Voxeros

19 January 2013

Live Wrong

The news all over town is Lance Armstrong's interview with Oprah on the latter's show.

I am not sure where you can view the interview in two parts but I suppose Youtube or Oprah's own website would be a good place to start.

With all due respect to the Live Strong foundation and the work they have been doing, I was never a big fan of that yellow wrist band that became a trendy thing to sport on people's wrist.

It puts me off that most people just wear them as a fashion statement without really understanding the work the organisation has been doing.

So back then, I bought a bunch of "Live Wrong" wristbands as a spoof mocking of the yellow ones and gave them out to my friends.

Problem with black was the the carved out letters were hard to read from afar but I solved that problem by rubbing talcum power over it and wiping them off subsequently. The end result was a black band with white lettering since the powder in the grooves of the lettering can't be wiped off.

Live Wrong. We drink. We smoke. We eat red meat and we are proud of it.

But most of all, we Live True and that is more than some of those who wear the yellow band can say.

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- Voxeros

16 January 2013

Dumbasses Of Punggol East

It all started when a certain microphone was plugged in wrongly, resulting in the speaker (worth SGD 550,000 per year) being replaced.

So here we are. A by-election for the Punggol East SMC.

I have been following the headlines in recent weeks and sad to say, most are head-shaking worthy, where you wonder what the hell these guys were thinking. I fear for the constituents of Punggol East SMC as they are at risk of voting in an idiot.

Dumbass #1

I'd give him credit for fast tracking the Rivervale Plazsa project as a carrot ahead of the election but to make such a statement is plain foolish.

If I were a voter, I'd be sure to vote for the best opposition candidate. That way, I get NOT ONE, BUT TWO! candidates working for my constituency. Dr Koh say "regardless" one right?

Dumbass #2

I find it laughable that SDP were to make such a insolent announcement as if they were the better party amongst the opposition. Let's look at the numbers. WP 6, SDP 0. Heck, they are not even second. Mrs Chiam's seat as an NCMP means even the SPP fared better.

So SDP to stand as candidate and should the candidate wins, he/she gets a seat in parliament while soooo generously giving the task of running the Town Council to WP.

Oh the nerve!

There was a later turnaround saying that it was misinterpreted as Dr Chee meant to say that SDP to stand for election then WP to run Town Council OR vice-versa. I think Dr Chee drink too much Glucolin again.

Dumbass #2.1

Here's the thing. If you KNEW WP would rebuff the plan, why even initiate it in the first place? Dumbass.

On a separte note, I disagree with Tan Kin Lian view on WP's refusal to talk to SDP as petty. I view it as NOT WASTING TIME.

Bertha did a spoof reply to SDP on behalf of Low Thia Kiang. Very well written as I laughed to the very last letter. KUDOS!

Update: SDP has decided to withdraw from the electoral race. OK. Good. 1 idiot down, two to go.

Dumbass #3

With only 4.45%, Desmond Lim lost his deposit in the last election. He was lucky that his result didn't affect the outcome of the poll. WP's Lee Li Lian's 41.01%, even with Desmond Lim's 4.45% (total 45.46%) still can't beat's Palmer's 54.54%. Had Desmond Lim garnered 9%, he would have been labeled Sabo King Of The Year.

So anyway, coming back, it looks like Desmond Lim has another SGD 14,500 to throw away. I really don't know what this guy is thinking. Even if he triples his votes this time round, it still won't win him the election. So why bother?

I am starting to suspect Desmond Lim being an undercover saboteur planted by the PAP. 无间道 siah!

Dumbass #4

For someone who has been working the West Coast constituency (South-West, if I may add), Kenneth Jeyaratnam suddenly shows up in the North-East wanting to win the election. Seriously??

Between the two Jeyaratnams, I admired the late Joshua Benjamin. A true fighter who earned his creds from the the ground up. Kenneth should do the same and not, according to some folks on the internet, ride on the coat tails of his late father.

I find it distasteful that he said that the WP candidate has been missing in action since GE 2011. Not that I am a supporter of WP, but I feel that it is not his place to judge since he himself didn't exist in Punggol East until what? Last week?

In any case, this is another sucker destined to lose his SGD 14,500 deposit.

To wind up this entry, here's the recap. We have a PAP candidate, a WP candidate and two sabo kings (independents excluded). Looks like PAP will retain this seat at the end of the day.

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- Voxeros

14 January 2013

Wine Wine Wine!

You know I am with a bunch of wine fanatics when the glasses outnumber the plates and bowls on the table.

I was back in Singapore earlier and decided to do a bit of catching up with some of my Uni mates, whom I have not seen in quite a while. We were all best buds all the way back then and were each others' wedding groomsmen.

Yeah. We were that tight.

The dinner was at Jade Palace at the basement level of Forum The Shopping Mall where corkage is waived to encourage BYOB.

As you can see, we were very very encouraged that night. LOL.

Food was awesome too.

I was also very impressed with the staff handling our wines. A little numbered sticker on each bottled and each corresponding glass on our table. These guys really know their shite.


- Voxeros

07 January 2013

Big Ass Fans

Happy New Year one and all as I kick off my first entry for the year 2013.

I was recently back in Singapore for my home break and man..... it's HOT!!

Anyway, I was at Paya Lebar MRT station to change train toward Lavender MRT station to get my new passport.

I was greeted with a very welcoming breeze when I reach the East-West line platform.

A look up and I saw this HUGE fan chugging away diligently to give us a most welcoming breeze.

I was told that the company supplying is Big Ass Fans and if I may add, a very apt name.

Anyway, kudos to SMRT for installing these awesome fans to provide comfort to the waiting commuters

- Voxeros