14 March 2007

Lumix vs Exilim

As I have mentioned, I recently sent my Panasonic Lumix FX-7 digital camera for servicing as the circuitry was finally going crazy after all the abuse that I lather on it so generously. It was my first digital camera in the ultra-compact category (my very first digital camera was a Sony DSC-F707 but it was more for work than for personal use).
I was very satisfied with it and did not realise how good it was until I used another camera when the Lumix was being serviced.

So anyway, I was using a Casio Exilim Z1000, in the interim, and it touted to be Casio's top of the line ultracompact camera (at the time it was bought) and it boasted a 10.0 megapixels resolution capability. My current Lumix was a paltry 5.0 megapixels in comparison. Just when I was getting all exciting with a fancy smancy camera in my hands, I was devastated with disappointment when the picture quality came out absolutely crap.

Ok ok, so maybe I was a tad overboard with the choice of word i.e. crap. I supposed it is ok with the average photo but I would pride myself to be quite saavy with a ultra compact and would hence be able, even with limited functions, come up with pretty good pictures.

Even if the best picture that I can take with the Lumix is nowhere near Deek's Nikon D200, I would say given the limited features that the Lumix FX-7 offers in comparison, I thought it is pretty darn good already.

Just to give you guys a clearer picture (no pun intended) or what I am talking about, I brought the 2 cameras out for a showdown.

Both photos were taken intentionally under insufficient lighting conditions and both set to fully automatic without flash. I also stepped down the Exilim to 5.0 megapixels to even the playing field. Also, I left the photos as they were i.e. without any software touch-ups (except adding the text captions).

Normally, under good lighting conditions i.e. bright sunny outdoors, it would be harder to tell if a camera takes better pictures than the other. Hence, the intentional choice of picking an indoor evening subject as a test. The way, you would be able to see how each camera is able to process under less than optimal conditions.

I shan't say which camera is superior. I'd leave that for you guys to draw your own conclusion.

Click each picture for an enlarged view.

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Image Credit:
- Voxeros

1. akk left...
Sunday, 18 March 2007 8:00 pm
z1000 only looks better because the pic 's brighter and I can see her dress better.

2. JayWalk left...
Monday, 19 March 2007 8:26 pm ::
Akk: That may be so but the little white spots as a result of insufficient lighting is unacceptable. Without the spots, there is still a chance to use photo editing software to rectify easily.

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