25 April 2007

Air, Sea & Land - Indonesian Style

Yet another disaster in Indonesia. Dozens are injured in Java island but the good news is that there hasn't be any reports of fatalities. It seems almost routine by now.

Officials were quick to deny liability stating that it was purely an accident as the heavy rain caused the ground below the tracks to slide, resulting in the trains derailment.

Weren't there regular geo-audits?

Nevermind, not about go into a debate over this one.

Anyway, it seems like Indonesia is out of a mission to score a disaster in every mode of transportation.
If every one of these modes of transportation is a circle on the tombola card, we would heard them shout "BINGO!" before anyone even has a chance to look at the card proper.

I wonder if Jakarta has a subway system? Hmm....

Image Credit:
- Voxeros

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