18 April 2009

Shirlyn Send Off

Considering the fact that The UnXpected Band blog is hosted on our Liquidblade server, it means that Shirlyn is technically one of the Barflies!

So anyway, as some of you may have heard, she is going on a 9-week sabbatical to learn Bikram Yoga.
That means all the rest of us Barflies are going cold turkey for 9 miserable weeks.


Ok Ok... so we all drama queen. Bite me.

Going away for an extended period of time needs a shitload of money to sustain, especially during a time where your income is on hold. Let's hope she doesn't end up like the Australian model who was stranded here in Singapore living on 1 can of canned food a day for sustenance and (oh Gawd) almost having to accept "adult services" type of jobs.

From where we are, she looks set with travel and accommodation all settled and we thought we raise a little bit extra for her daily expenses.

Yeah. We hope she has enough money to have 2 cans of canned food per day and spare all the dirty old men the trauma when she render the *ahem* services.

Date: Monday, April 20, 2009
Time: 8:00pm - 11:00pm
Location: Blu Jaz Cafe
Street: Bali Lane ( near Arab Street)
P.S. If you are a Barfly as well or you are keen to help spread the word, plug this on your respective blogs too. Let's make Monday a big one! 

- Voxeros

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