14 June 2011

Sian XMM Episode XXII

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This is a picture of the elevator at the lobby of my apartment.

For some reason, there is this strange switch right next to the elevator door.

JayWalk: Eh. This is the power switch to the elevator and if your switch it off, you will cut the power to the elevator and the people travelling inside will kena stuck. Damn jialat.

Elevator XMM: Really?!!

JayWalk: *facepalm*

- Voxeros


Anonymous said...

Bro, this particular Sian XMM convo not so engaging lar. Coz we don't really know how she said that one word "really". She could've been rolling her eyes mah:P but still, good attempt:)


JayWalk said...

It was a quickfire one-liner that just came out of nowhere.

Wasn't premeditated like my earlier April Fool's joke.

No rolling of eye I assure you. If only you heard the tone of her voice when she went "really?!!".

So cute lor.

Anonymous said...

Heh, well done then:) still got it, yeah!