16 July 2011

The Singaporean Free Lunch

I chanced upon this excellent blog entry about a group of girls embarking on a social experiment with heart-warming results.

People often say that the Singaporean are an un-gracious lot. While I agree with most parts of what the people out there say of us, LeeLee Lim's entries showed us that we are not beyond redemption as there is that sliver of hope.

I am known to put up my hand and say NO, to the flag sellers on any given Saturday. It is not that I am a scrooge. I am willing to make that donation when I know exactly how and where my money is being utilised. I want to be assured that the benefits from my contribution will be maximised to as much as it can possibly go.

Lest I be the person who blindly throws money at charities only to have them mismanaged like that of the NKF scandal.

Lest I be like my mother many years ago, giving money to a street beggar with a burnt arm in Shenzhen, only to find out later in the same elevator as the said beggar, escorted by the police, in handcuffs, holding on to the rotting flesh, which turned out to be a big piece of char siew.

I wrote an earlier entry where I touched lightly on syndicated beggars. Read here.

As I had written in that entry, I support the RunForFunds project.

This entry however, is not about that. It is about another project where a very dear friend of mine, Tony Tay, is running it.

Today, I would like to introduce Willing Hearts. A charity project where food is being distributed to those who are in need.

If you would have read my entry on Tony, circa 2006, you would have realised that the Willing Hearts project is simply the next level of what he has been doing all along.

I last visited Tony when I was back in Singapore during the Chinese New Year 2011 and I was glad to see him in good health and spirit. He mentioned during our meeting that he was short of volunteers and I thought I help him give a shout out here on my blog.

Please click their link to find out more.

Willing Hearts

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