09 September 2011

230 of P230

I didn't start plurking about this until slightly later which explains why there aren't any plurks from 1 to 37 of P230.

It was a hare-brained idea hatched late last year. It was originally meant to be a countdown for my return to Singapore on Christmas Eve 2010 and I reckoned that I was going to be able to cleared 230km on the treadmill before I board the plane home.

Lo and behold, one disruption after another from business trips to work to unfavourable weather to travelling, I finally completed the Project of 230 km on 08 Sep 2011. Almost a year later.

During this one year (almost), I learned a few things from my past related plurks.

  • Cold weather running is more siong than warm humid weather conditions. The cold temperature really make your heart pump all that blood in order for you to maintain your body temperature. Initially, I thought the warm and humid weather is worse as it hinders proper breathing. I was wrong, the condition of the cardio takes precedence over your pulmonary.

  • My fitness need to be continuously maintained and I backslide to zero pretty quickly to the extent whenever there is a disruption that I sometimes feel that all my previous mileage didn't count for anything at all.

  • I "nearly died" twice. I am a 7% drama queen.
  • Polar Heart Rate monitor sucks monkey balls. Will never buy another one evar.

So there. 

It is done. 230 of P230. Finally. 

- Voxeros

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