09 April 2012

Hainanese Chicken Fried Rice

This recipe was taught to me by my ex-colleague's father who used to run a Hainanese chicken rice stall at Tiong Bahru Market.

On a typical day, Uncle Phua would cook the rice in the morning and then store the cooked rice in the plastic thermal bucket. As his stall was small, he didn't have the luxury of having one of those huge rice cooker to keep the rice warm.

With the rice sitting in the bucket over a period of time, oil from the rice will start seeping to the bottom, rendering the rice too oily to be sold.

Not wanting to waste food, Uncle Phua will take the unsaleable rice and fry them. The oil in the rice itself is enough and so there is nothing more to add to the fried rice except your condiments of choice.

I did a batch over the weekend for 6 people but only 4-1/2 people showed up. That 1/2 being a girl who eats like a sparrow.

Fortunately, the fried rice proved yummy enough that the entire pan was emptied at the end of the meal. :)

- Voxeros


Anonymous said...

Looks so tempting! Nice work:) this one also can use to sian xmm hor...


JayWalk said...

Only if she is one of those who enjoys eating.

A lot of xmms these days complain about being too full after gulping two consecutive mouthfuls of air.

Choose your sian xmm weapon wisely. :)