14 March 2013

Hotel Gyms

I love hotel gyms and I make sure I pack my running gear whenever I travel on overseas trip.

First of all, if the hotel has a gym, it can't be too shabby to begin.

Still, there are the hotels with the token gym i.e. small little room with the bare essentials and possibly just one of each machine i.e. it's a one-man gym and two's a crowd.

My favourite is the one at Grand Millennium in Bangkok. It is a full sized gym with everything and there is a service attendant stationed at the gym. Oh and there is that super friendly service with a smile of the awesome Thai people!

So anyway, what I also like about hotel gyms is that you don't need to squeeze all your barang barang in tiny lockers and you get to shower in the comforts of your own room which is an elevator ride away.

Well, this recent one was at Dorsett Regency Hotel in Kuala Lumpur. It's an old hotel and it is one of those with the token gym of 1 treadmill, 1 elliptical machine, 1 bicycle and 1 universal machine. Which is fine as long as you are the only person there.

This gym open at 7am (which I thought was a tad late. All gyms should open at 6am or earlier!).

I made my way downstairs on the dot and was dismayed to see someone on the treadmill already. It was 7:05am and someone beat me to it. Dammit!

What surprised me was that he got off the machine and told me that he was done. The machine was all mine.


5 minutes? That's it?

As it turned out, this chap was an old bird guest of the hotel and he said that while the official opening time of the gym is 7am, the gym is never locked i.e. you can come in anytime you want.

Damn. I should have gone to the gym at 6am then, instead of lying on my bed waiting for the clock to hit 7am.

Then again, it was a blessing in disguise coz I would have to wait for him till 7am to finish the treadmill, had I gone to the gym earlier.

Oh. Guess who got hold of the TV remote control after that.


- Voxeros


Anonymous said...

This treadmill model seems to be standard in most gyms there. Ascott KL also have the same type:)


JayWalk said...

Arrenn: Indeed and I am perfectly happy with this model. Also, I won't look like a idiot trying to figure out the buttons. Heh.