29 April 2013

Kitchen Roulette Pilot Episode

Fresh out of the oven (no pun intended), the pilot episode is finally out.

I watched the trailers and I was intrigued. I groused at the fact that the pilot episode took long to come out, having whetted my appetite with the trailer for so long.

I can't wait to get home to watch it. It is always interesting to see friends up on the screen.

So here's wishing Ed and Lee every success and sustainability.

p.s. Click on the screen to go to the actual youtube page. I like the write up. :)

Afternote: I finally caught the episode and following are my comments:

  • This is a food show. Any images or mention of cigarettes should not show up at all.

  • This is an amateur project and so lacking in many areas as far as resources are concerned. However, it is not to say that the only way to do it is to splurge on high end equipment. It'd be nice to have these resources but it's not guarantee that you will end up with a better product.

    Sorely obviously is the quality of audio. Obviously getting a boom mic is out of the question and so perhaps the next step up would be clip on mics. If that is all out of budget, then perhaps consider including subtitles. I can't hear what they are saying 30 to 40% of the time.

  • Edmund is fine but Lee's diction needs to improve. It is very muffled. I am friends with Lee and so I am used to her way of speaking and can understand perfectly but this show is to the world-at-large and so we have to take into consideration people (a lot of people) who may be hearing Lee for the first time.

  • When Aileen steps into the house, there was the overlay text on the bottom right corner featuring her name, her title and her company. It should stay in there longer as I couldn't read fast enough before it was faded out.

  • The couch scene. Get more pillows. A crotch shot, even if fully clothed, is not a welcoming sight.

  • There is subtitles when featuring the butcher. Subtitles should be done throughout the entire show as mentioned earlier.

  • If there is introduction of Aileen by way of text overlay, I feel the butcher, the vegetable-selling uncle, the old skool confectionery store and/or even the supermarket should have their info i.e. name, address, store number featured. Do ask permission. In a way, it's your publicity effort to tell them and let them tell their friends to come watch your episode.

  • Instead of coming home from shopping with several plastic bags, consider going out with a marketing bag to spread the message of Go Green.

  • Dress better. The denim shorts are just too sloppy.

  • Lee, clean up your language please. You are doing a show where the audience can be as young as 3 years old (who knows?). Bleeping is not an option.

  • Nick, the camera man, is part of the team. It would be fun if we can get a shot of Nick from time to time as well.
- Voxeros


JayWalk said...

KRsg-Lee: Do come back here again. I just updated with my Afternote addedum.

KRsg - Lee said...

Hi Jay, some of your comments have already been discussed before. We did notice quite some things from the pilot and have tried to improve on the 2nd. Thank you for your detailed advice! We learnt and are still learning a lot from the pilot. The pilot taught us a lot of things, and I believe that the episodes will get better as time goes by

That being said, we really do appreciate your comments, but we may or may not incorporate them all as we define the concept further. I totally agree on my diction! I need to speak clearer and be less lazy, especially with my voice. The next episode is coming out on 13 May. Do take a look when it's out and give us your comments please!

Thank you! :)

JayWalk said...

KRsg-Lee: The above comments are just my two-cents worth. There is no obligation to take them into any consideration. After all, it is your show. :)

That said, I look forward to better and more episodes.


KRsg - Lee said...

Hi Jaywalk,

Not sure if you've seen it but we filmed the 3rd episode after your comments... have a look!

JayWalk said...

KRsg - Lee: I saw it and glad to see that it has improved remarkably. The audio is much better but not quite there yet.

Still, I think subtitles are a necessity in the interim until you get the audio sorted out.

p.s. I think the wet market hawkers deserves a bit more publicity and would be fun to add a bit of trivia about them.

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