04 June 2013

Kung Fu MP

Is it me or does our Minister knows the Tiger Kung Fu?

See both pictures above and below, then tell me if Mr Yaacob Ibrahim knows 虎拳?

Anyway, I feel it is damn dumb and insulting to attempt to regulate news stream.

First of all, there is no way to regulate it coz as many as there are big news websites out there, there are just as many small but significant ones too. Sure you can clamp down on Yahoo News et al. I would like see them plug all the holes.

And to decide what we can or cannot read, that is just down right insulting. They might as well follow QQLand's footstep and erect the Great Firewall too.

I hope they actually do that and then come 2016 see how we take the wall down with these idiots along with it like the Berlin Wall.

Oh please. Please. Please. Put up the Great Firewall Of Singapore. I beg you. Please.

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- Voxeros

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