11 October 2004

Broke 80!

Well folks, I finally did it. I officially broke 80.

I started off from the back 9 (East Course) and breeze through to a comfortable 37 after 9 holes. All thanks to my new found weapon - Taylor-Made R580 driver that saw me break the 300-yard barrier on holes E3 and E9. E3 was particularly memorable as I chalked up a 324 yards (296.3m) on my drive from the Blue Tee.

At the back 9, my nerves started to fray as I kept thinking about the score. Bogeys started filling up the scorecard before a double-bogey on hole W5 puts me a foot into yet another dream shattered.

Miraculously, the hope was rekindled as I bounced back with a birdie on W7 and needing only bogeys each for the remaining 2 holes to break 80.

The last tee off was bad as it didn't fly. Fortunately it was a straight shot as I would have been penalised for lost ball if I hooked left or OB if I sliced right. Seeing that I lost the chance to make green in 2, I opted for a 3-On strategy. Pitching to 90-yds before the bunkers but overshot to the apron at the back of the green on my third. I finally made it to the green on 4 with 8 feet to go. I made the putt. Phew!

Final score. Front-9 37, Back-9 42. Total 79.
- Voxeros

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