07 November 2004

Stone Mountain Golf Club


 Was at Atlanta (State of Georgia, USA) on 18 - 23 Oct 2004 and had the opportunity to drive up to Stone Mountain Park for a round of golf.

Stone Mountain was first discovered by the Native Indians as far back as 9000 years ago and has been standing there majestically since.

Just a brief introduction to Stone Mountain Park. It is touted as the "other" Ayers Rock and it is located about 10 miles northeast of downtown Atlanta.

Too bad it was an overcast day or I would have been able to take better pictures like I did in Cinnabar and Pebble Beach.

What particularly caught my attention is the age of these trees peppered all over the course. I came across a stump and decided to count the number of rings in it. I gave after after 50 and I was only halfway through!

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- Voxeros

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