09 August 2005

LorBert Series (Part 2) - Kang & The Swiss Miss

Kang and I were buds since Sec 1 and being neighbours, we were going to school and back together everyday. The year was 1986 and we were both in Sec 3. We would wait for each other at East Sussex bus stop every morning and we would alternate our 2 routes to school with each semester.

Route #1
Bus No. 200 or 5 to go down Sixth Avenue where we would change bus at Dunearn Road to take either 170, 171, 172, 175, 180 or 182. The "scenery" would include girls from Whitley, Swiss Cottage, RGS, SCGS, NanYang, MGS, Monk's Hill, St Margaret, just to name a few(!).

Route #2
Bus No. 7 down Holland Road, where we would alight at Specialists' Centre to take CSS No.3. Scenery was lesser in variety but higher in concentration of the SCGS, MGS and RGS pedigrees.

Yes, we were very much enslaved by our own adolescent hormones back then.

Then there was this one day when we were about to embark on another Route #1 when Kang decided not to take the 200. He said that he needed to take the 165 to Clementi instead, which by the way, was totally illogical as it was the opposite direction to school. I didn't put much thought into it initially until curiosity got the better of me after two weeks of traveling to school alone.

I met Kang at East Sussex bus stop as usual and we both boarded the 165. We got off at Clementi and took another bus across the street and got off at the far end of Dunearn Road where Yeo Hiap Seng bottling plant used to be. It was there, where all was revealed. Kang was smitten with this Swiss Cottage girl whom he had gotten to know recently. LM was her name and Swiss Cottage, being a bus stop before ours, meant that Kang had the whole stretch of Dunearn Road to be with her.

I could see that she was enjoying the company but warned Kang that he wasn't going to get anywhere with her. She was leading him on. Alas, 当局者迷,旁观者清, he wouldn't hear any of it and I went back to going to school via my usual routes.

Things gotten worse for Kang as another guy from our school, showed up regularly at the Yeo Hiap Seng bus stop, doing the exact thing that Kang was doing. Alan, too, was bitten by the LM bug and the damsel then found herself with 2 escorts to go to school each morning. As luck would have it in all Taiwanese soaps, Alan and Kang were classmates and both fell out with each other, turning their friendship into rivalry.

After countless bus rides, coupled with the showers of little gifts and cards, both bit the dust at the end of it all. I knew about the gifts as I was always the guy to lend money to Kang to tide over the rest of the month.

Hitomi: This is the LM that I mentioned from SAJC. I bumped into her a couple of years later at Shaw Towers Burger King when we were in JC and again in Canteen A, when we were in NTU. What happened in between will be another story, another time, if at all.

Song that triggered my memory of her each and every time? We Build This City - StarShip

- Voxeros

1. Zhe Bin left...
Tuesday, 9 August 2005 2:07 am
gosh. im from swiss cottage. ya back then swiss was in dunearn rd. now it resides in bt gombak. = )

did your 2 friends make up?
yes, we'll be waiting for the story.

2. vandice left...
Tuesday, 9 August 2005 3:51 am ::
Warraoz... Eh JW, how did you know she was leading them on huh? Must have been a babe rite? Somehow you sound like a big brother sorta character to yer frens leh...

3. JayWalk left...
Tuesday, 9 August 2005 4:52 am ::
Zhe Bin: They never made up coz after O-levels, they went their separate ways and had lose contact since.

vandice: Unknown to the two clowns, I knew LM but I just kept quiet about it. I tried to warn Kang about the upcoming brick wall and like I said earlier, he wouldn't listen and so I let him go ahead and long piak lor. I mean, that's what friends are for right? ~LOL

Babe? OK lah... not bad lah. Short hair (like Anita Mui in the 80s) and very bubbly. Then hor, I thought her friend Brenda more chio leh. *blush*

Big brother? I guessed so in this case but not everytime I tai kor one lah. There are other friends who were big brother to me too.

4. ahdokboy left...
Tuesday, 9 August 2005 9:39 am ::
hey man...was reading your last post. Eh your wife doesn't read your blog? Won't she get insanely jealous when she reads it?

5. JayWalk left...
Tuesday, 9 August 2005 11:11 am :: 
ahdokboy: Good to see you back online again.
I am not sure if she reads my blog. I seriously doubt so as blog is not really her thing.
Even if she does read the blog, she won't go postal on me for the following reasons:
1) The events were before her time.
2) She probably knew about them already.
3) Would she rather I lie about it?

6. akk left...
Thursday, 11 August 2005 3:24 pm
aiyo....young puppy love...

7. JayWalk left...
Thursday, 11 August 2005 5:32 pm :: 
Akk: Yah.... 2 of them somemore.

8. hitomi left...
Monday, 15 August 2005 4:10 pm
Was LM from SAJC Commerce? Need to refer to yearbook to see how she looks like.

9. JayWalk left...
Monday, 15 August 2005 5:34 pm :: 
hitomi: I think so but she is 2 years older than you. Can still locate meh?

10. hitomi left...
Tuesday, 16 August 2005 11:58 am
my sis, who is your age, also went SAJC. think she has the year book too.

11. JayWalk left...
Tuesday, 16 August 2005 2:06 pm :: 
hitomi: Eh, if you can locate her picture, scan and post it up to see, can? Heh heh.... very kaypoh leh... ahhahha

12. hitomi left...
Tuesday, 16 August 2005 7:37 pm
Uncle, my service doesn't come free. Bribe me first. ;-)

13. JayWalk left...
Tuesday, 16 August 2005 9:56 pm ::
hitomi: Bribe you? Easy peasy.

14. hitomi left...
Wednesday, 17 August 2005 9:13 am
Really? What's your "offer"?

15. JayWalk left...
Wednesday, 17 August 2005 1:38 pm :: 
hitomi: Let me think about it first... heh heh...

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