11 August 2005

LorBert Series (Part 4) - Wee & The Teenage White-Musk

Her name was Clara and it's the same girl from my Tuition Series though I was not the "Carrot-Top" in question here. After the thwarted attempt to "capture my hands" over Christmas, she had since moved her sight to the next target. Wee, from my earlier blog entry who happened to be tutoring Clara's cousin, was it.

How they got to know each other? I have no idea and I guess I'll never know.

The week before school started for new school year was the week we resumed our tuition. It was there that I found out about their clandestine affair when she pestered me to guess what Wee got her for Christmas. Initially, I refused to play her game but soon relented as I realised that the tuition wasn't going to get started until I accede to her demands.

First, was the Christmas card that she insisted that I read. I cringed internally at the amount of sweet diabetic mush that was penned inside. My skin crawled so bad that I had to grit my teeth to finish reading it without frothing at the mouth. Ahh... I began to realised what this was all about. She wanted to spite me for rejecting her advances earlier and she was trying to rub that in my face. Well, it didn't work as far as I was concerned coz I really bor chup about the whole ding dong. Please lah, she was only 14!!! Tuition KID some more. Well, obviously Wee thought differently but hey, it's none of my business.

Next, it was the pestering to see what gift he got for her. It was a little square box with a pink slip of paper inside. The paper turned out to be a receipt that you usually get from the old Chinese jewelers, and beneath it, was a pair of gold earrings. WTF??!!

Perhaps I was the swakoo one for I didn't know that it was appropriate to buy jewelry for a 14 year-old girl as a Christmas present? "Oh well," I murmured to myself, "thou shall not judge."

Here's the thing. This happened just 2 weeks after the thwarted Operation: Hand Capture. Boy, how fast she did move!! OK, so they became an item. No big deal although I quite disapprove of it, due to her age. However, I kept this to myself before being guilty of appearing holier-than-thou.

Then one Thursday evening*, I received her page when I was about to reach her place. She called to cancel her tuition that evening as "something at the last minute came up". I was quite peeved with the late notification for I had already traveled from Bukit Panjang via Woodlands via Mandai via Nee Soon via Upper Thomson and almost reaching her place already only to find out that she was going to call it off. Nah beh….. Si beh doo lan…

It wasn't days later, when I found out that she went to Fire with Wee that Thursday evening. WTF??!! I don’t mean to impose a double standard here against going to a nightspot but for fuck's sake, she is only 14 and still schooling while we are in NS. What the fuck is a 20-year old army boy bringing a 14-year school girl to Fire? Did I forget to mention that it was a fucking SCHOOL NIGHT??? WTF??!!

Anyway, the relationship lasted only a few more months thereafter when she kena potong jalan by Wee's campmate. I later found out what happened and boy, was it a lame-assed story.

Apparently, she called the camp looking for Wee, one fine evening, to chit chat since Wee was on guard duty that night. Wee wasn't around and so campmate David took the call. David, the weasel, chatted her up and the rest, they said was history as Clara jumped ship for the next guy. One phone call was all it took. Wow!

Poor Wee was in pieces when he got dumped. He couldn't sleep. He couldn't eat. Even to the extend where his folks had to call us for help.

For a 20-year old guy who got played by a 14-year old girl, I slap my forehead. *piak*

Song that triggered my memory of her each and every time? Don't Miss That Party Line - Bizz Nizz

* Knobby: That was the same night I ended up hiding in the TPH nurse's wardrobe. Heh heh... another story, another time if *cough cough* I am ever drunk enough to pen it down *cough*.

- Voxeros

1. Vandice left...
Thursday, 11 August 2005 2:30 am ::
ONE call? Clara out window shopping ah? She is out looking for older lorberts to bring her to cool places lah. Classic case of using men as 'tools' But ain't it a lil too young at 14 to start? But I must say she has intuitive understanding of dicks, urm sorry, men.

2. JayWalk left...
Thursday, 11 August 2005 9:00 am :: 
Vandice: ONE was a figure of speech lah as in it all started with that ONE call. Not literally ONE call lah. At least that's what I thought.

I mean, this type of thing how to ask? It is pretty humiliating history liao and you still want to go dig for details? I didn't have the heart to do it leh.

In Clara's defence, the "using men" was probably unintentional lah. Ask any girl out there if they too were fickle at the tender age of 14. Can't say for the kids these days though. Back during our time, we were more innocent that the "monster brats" of today. *tongue in cheek*
However, it probably was through those experience that the girls start to learn and discover the fine art of chopping Roberts. Yes? No?

3. vandice left...
Thursday, 11 August 2005 9:26 am
Muahaha. Yes, bro. Willing lorberts though.

4. JayWalk left...
Thursday, 11 August 2005 9:30 am :: 
Vandice: I am sure that you are aware that the human DNA has been fully decoded. Yes?
I bet, upon closer look, there will be that one chain of protein that marks "Lorbert" in the Y-chromosome. Confirm sure got one.

5. akk left...
Thursday, 11 August 2005 3:35 pm
sorry lah, but nice young girls aren't like that...damn! how i wish i was a bad girl last time...

6. Pam left...
Thursday, 11 August 2005 5:26 pm
maybe the 'Lorbert' DNA chain will one day be Darwin-ised...?? :) not sure if that's good or bad for man (woman)kind.

7. JayWalk left...
Thursday, 11 August 2005 5:37 pm :: 
akk: You know hor, nice young girls these days are hard to find liao loh....

Pam: We'll never know. Would we?

8. akk left...
Sunday, 14 August 2005 1:26 am
muhahahah...thank u hor, so now i nice OLD girl liao leh...sighz..:)

9. JayWalk left...
Sunday, 14 August 2005 1:46 am :: 
akk: You ah? Like I said, you animal animal one... how to be nice young girl? wahahahaa....

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