06 November 2006

Drama Of The Shower Trauma

 Wanted to blog about this last week but had to shelf it to make way for Chrissy's Bone Marrow Drive .

Speaking of the marrow drive, the response was overwhelming with 81 donors added to the database. Thank you!

My thanks to Qiaoyun and her friends as well as Sunflower for showing up too. I was told that there was quite a number of you guys using the "Nearly Bro-in-law" secret handshake password to a bewildered Chrissy. Let me know who you are by dropping a comment here. I would like say thanks personally.

More on that later in the week when Chrissy sends me photos and a write up about Sunday. Watch this space!

Speaking of Sunday, last Sunday to be exact, I had my usual golf game in the afternoon and I hit the showers at the end of the game like always. Nothing out of the ordinary there.

So there I was in the shower when I felt something amiss. It was one of those bugging feeling at the back of the head but couldn't make anything of it. Then I saw something at the corner of the shower cubicle where the drainage grill was. It looked like some kind of a muddy deposit accumulating there like slush. Funny thing was that had it been mud, it would have been easily flushed away by the water from the shower but this muddy slush was straddling over the grill stubbornly.

Then it dawned on me.



Too bad, I don't have a camera to capture this horrid scene that laid before me. I mean what the hell am I doing with a camera in the shower right? Besides, I got no pockets at the time, if you catch my drift. Sorry, no pictures to show you.

I hastily switched to the next cubicle to finish off my shower. I spoke to the attendant-on-duty about it later and he had to take care of the shit job literally. Poor chap.
Both of us were disgusted.

I mean WTF? Who shits in the shower cubicle?

Looks like it's another entry into the book of Life's little unsolved mysteries.

- Voxeros

1. QY left...
Monday, 6 November 2006 2:16 pm ::
That's disgusting. I can feel my skin crawling just reading that. :P Anyway, I had a good time yesterday at the drive. I know the event is not exactly meant "for fun" but it was still a good experience. Chrissy and Jolene are really nice and it's great knowing them. :)

2. heather left...
Monday, 6 November 2006 4:26 pm

3. JayWalk left...
Monday, 6 November 2006 10:17 pm ::
QY & Heather: Lucky I was wearing bath slippers when I stepped in. Eeewww indeed!

4. Jaslyn left...
Tuesday, 7 November 2006 1:58 am ::
Yucks!!! Imagine u never wear bath slippers... Eeeewwwww

5. JayWalk left...
Tuesday, 7 November 2006 8:21 am :: 
Jaslyn: Yah, imagine stepping on it. Ooo... the moist mushy feeling between your toes.....

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