29 November 2006

Run For Funds 2006 - What It Means To Dicta

 Unlike me, who only know how to wave pom pom and do my own version of the marathon via the keyboard, Dicta, in contrast, is one of the true blue Superfriends. One who runs the marathons. One who was present to personally hand over the aid to the kids and also now, one who writes eloquently for the RunForFunds week.

This superhero has no kryptonite.

Still, similar to Clark Kent, he is a lawyer in disguise by day. We passed him by everyday without realising the Orange RFF shirt hidden behind that pair of glasses, immaculately pressed shirt and the attorney-oozing tie (What about Orange underwear?).

Singapore, meet RunForFunds Man.

So without further ado, up, up and away.

RunForFunds With Me
By Dicta

The RunForFunds movement means this to me: That every effort given, is every effort received, multiplied by the number of willing souls. 

In short, [RFF = (S$ + sweat) x soul].

Yes, the Singapore Gahmen is an initiator of sorts. And it has to her credit initiated and grown several charities, some to the mammoth of the NKF which we saw skinned alive on national TV back in 2005. And because charities need proper management, they deem paying for management out of the receivables as justified as the existence of the charity. Hence, corroborating the axiom, ‘Nothing is For Free’.

But I dare say we have been misled. 

 For charity really is love. And the act of giving is the result of that love for the needy. And over the years, I have discovered the true axiom to be this: “True giving is giving until it hurts”. 

What is a mere S$ note dropped into a collecting can or bag held by school kids in town every odd Saturday? Sometimes, I dare say (and I have been guilty of the same) that it could have been simply a means of emptying one’s pocket of change. While it might mean a lot to some, to most Singaporeans, it truly is peanuts (no pun intended). 

So if it does not pain us to give, then giving it is not.

The RunForFunds movement is different. It causes us to painfully give to another’s need. Or to put it another way, it has a peculiar way of turning us masochistic for the sake of others. And to painfully give, is to realize that there is no need for repayment, reward or return; no need to pay for management or administration; no need for praises. The only need is probably accountability to one another. Accountability that all that is given is being received, for instance, by the kids in Geylang whom we have met. Then multiply this equation by the power of willing souls, and let the flight begin.

Still, allow me to say that there is really nothing intentionally revolutionary about the RunForFunds movement, nor is there anything remotely subtle about it. For me, it draws inspiration from the true meaning of giving - the true meaning of charity.

So you see, anyone can Perform charity. And so also, anyone can perform Charity. For there is charity, and then, there is Charity

Come run for funds with me
The best is yet to be

- Voxeros

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