30 May 2007

Photo Shoot - Part 1

Just completed a new design and was sending it to the studio for a photo shoot. My modus operandi is that I will shoot the product in-house during the beta prototype stages. That way I would be able to have something to show my customers during the interim. The picture above was taken back in 2005 when I was ranting about Dumbass of The Week II.

As you can see, my in-house studio is a very spartan/generic/vanilla/no frills studio. Hence when the design is finally completed, it will be sent to a professional photo studio for a proper shot. However, I think the word studio is inaccurate granted that we are dealing with big sized items here. Perhaps a photo set would be more appropriate a term? 

Anyway, I went for the photo shoot yesterday as I have to *ahem* play the role of the director telling the photographer how I want the shot to be taken. 

Also, I thought you guys may be interested and seeing how we do a product photo shoot and so I took pictures along the way.

The set is about 40 minutes away from the factory and at the end of this alley. From the street side, it looked like I was heading to some underground gambling den. It was 3pm in the sleepy afternoon and not a squeak in the alley, as if the summer heat had lulled everyone in a comatose siesta. The blue roller shutters is the entrance to the set. It has to be big in order for our trucks to be able to reverse into it for easier loading and unloading of our items.

This is the staging area of the set. As stuff are constantly moving in and out, neatness was never a priority here. The actual photography is taken behind those silver curtains. See the white platform in the distance dangled in midair by a network of cables? We will come to that in the next picture.

The white platform is actually the ceiling of the "dining room". When it is time to shoot, we have to roll down the blue roller shutters to keep out the light from outside. What turned out at the end is a non-ventilated warehouse in the scorching heat of the summer sun. We were all dripping buckets inside this over-sized oven.

... to be continued 
- Voxeros

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