02 December 2008

RunForFunds 2008 - December Update

Yup, it's that time of the year where Adrian and his superfriends will be pounding the miles again.

We won't be raising funds this year as we are expected to cover 2009 adequately with whatever resources we have on hand.

However, moral support is very welcome. Speaking of which, I am trying to get Adrian to Plurk while he runs. That way, he would be able to get us a live account and share with folks what it feels like to be running the marathon.

This year, given that I am back in Singapore, I shall be volunteering to be Adrian's barang barang jagar while he runs. Unfortunately, I have yet to year from him.

In the meanwhile, here Adrian's new RunForFunds update.

Hi folks, (for RFF postings, pls go to

Greetings from the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF).

Yep, I'm serving my military reserve training from 24th Nov to 5th Dec (Fri). It's surprising that the SAF still needs me. Perhaps to show how things shouldn't be done during military exercises.

You guys know that Stanchart Marathon is on 7th Dec. I've had my final long training run last night (Sat) and won't have the chance to train again till the actual run itself.

Reason: My unit is going to the jungle from Mon to Thurs and it would be absolutely insane for me to jog in the wilderness with my boots on (and I can't shower after the run too !!). In this period, we'll be deploying our equipment and there will be sleepless (mosquito-filled, non-aircon) nights.

Needless to say, the training will take a toll on my physical well-being. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I don't get injured or sick. My target time this year …….. 5h 30 min (with my nipples intact at end of the run ….. if you recall what happened last year. Ha!!).

Wish me luck and keep me in your prayers.

This year, RFF will not be raising funds during the 2008 Stanchart Marathon. We have enough reserves to fund RFF beneficiaries for 2009. Some of you have offered cheques for RFF 2008 which I've asked you to either hold the contribution for 2009  RFF fund-raising or direct it to a cause in need of urgent support.

Economic conditions are bad and markets are depressed. We should be prepared for a rough ride in 2009.
In such challenging times, those who are originally in need (due to their lack of skills or poor education background) could ask for more support. If RFF runs short of funds in 2009, I'll give you guys a shout.

I will be closing RFF accounts for 2008 after my 42km run on 7th Dec.

Will give you guys a detailed breakdown of expenses in 2008.

The major ones are (1) $1.5k for Semb Pri School drop-in centre (2) $6k for Semb Pri day care / low income families fund (3) $20k for D'Joy renovation funds.

Talk to you guys in 2 weeks time.


p/s I wonder how much my brain has been damaged during my reservist training (activities are really non-cerebral) …… 

- Voxeros

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