15 December 2008

Sunday at Pasir Ris Park

This post is overdue by 2 weeks as Deek and I took our families to Pasir Ris park. It has been almost 20 years since I last set foot there. The last time I was there was after my A-Levels where we were fishing and casting nets. Didn't catch anything at all back then except 3 hooks embedded in my palm as I dived in to release the fishing lines caught among the rocks.

Much has changed with many more kiddie features added. The rope pyramid was still there but was under repair. The maze was gone though.

- Voxeros

1. grasshopper left...
Monday, 15 December 2008 5:02 am
I also haven't been there for decades and remember trips there very well now u mention it! I love the rope pyramid thing and the tarzan thing where u hang on and zuuuuuuuu to the other end. Nowadays kids need o get outside more.

2. JayWalk left...
Tuesday, 16 December 2008 10:18 pm :: 
Grasshopper: Yeah. Too much tv and video games are making all our kids look rather sickly.

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