08 March 2009

Bruno Paillard Premier Brut

I think by now, most of you readers would have figured out my obsession with this particular Champagne House.

Yup, it's my favourite.

So anyway, it was Valentine's Day (yah yah.. long overdue entry) and we decided to tao pao sushi to take home (yeah, we are very anti-commercialisation one).

And what better compliment to sushi than champagne?

So pop goes wifey's Christmas gift and it was heaven at first sip.

Fuller bodied than all the anaemic commercial range that we have out there in the market.

Sure, we have the good Dom Perignon, Krug and Louis Roederer Cristal out there but at what price?

This one (on the left) you see is a non-vintage entry-level Premier Brut of the Bruno Paillard range which I paid SGD 90.00 for it.

A fraction of the price of the premium stuff but just as good, IMHO.

Super value-for-money.

So anyway, I am looking forward to drink the non-vintage Blanc de Blancs which I have stashed at AhTiong's place.

Can't wait to go drink it with good company. Maybe I will tao pao roast duck to go with it. =)

- Voxeros

1. ahtiong73 left...
Monday, 9 March 2009 6:04 am ::
Looking forward to the tasting too!!

2. Razlan left...
Monday, 9 March 2009 12:09 pm ::
Champagne and sushi? Now that's a new idea. Usually I have the Japanese warm sake with sushi (when I am in the mood).
Is this the first time I am commenting on your blog? Heh.

3. JayWalk left...
Monday, 16 March 2009 11:53 pm :: 
AhTiong73: So when?

Razlan: I think you commented here before but nevertheless, always happy to have you. Sushi goes well with champagne. Try it.

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