03 August 2010

Freaky Shite - Anybot

 Look at the picture.

That's your boss and you. Yes, you are the one on the right and that thing with a sticking poking out of a vacuum cleaner is your boss.
That is an Anybot who is supposedly a physical proxy of your boss who operates it remotely behind a keyboard from anywhere in the world.

Armed with camera, microphone, speaker and mobility, your boss will take the form of a stick robot and roaming around the office looking at you work.

Can anyone spell C-R-E-E-P-Y ?

Looking at this thing reminds me of movies like "2001: Space Odyssey", "I, Robot" and even "Wall-E".

Imagine people eventually getting used to having the Anybot as a boss.

Then one fine day, unbeknownst to the staff, the boss is dead. Dead as no longer wake up. NO. I don't mean the robot killed him. That's too Hollywood. I just mean plain old vanilla DEAD.

And the robot takes over. With artificial intelligence, since day one, learning the boss' behavioral pattern over the time span of usage as well as sampling and synthesizing the boss' voice.

The boss can literally live forever, except that the robot is now your boss. The real is anything but a carcass rotting in the coffin.

Imagine a world where mankind ended up enslaved by machines, as we become trapped cubicle rats.
Think about it.

Click here to see their corporate video of the Anybot .

Image Credit -
- Voxeros

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