30 December 2010

CowBoyBar Entering 2011

I confess.

It's true.

We, the Barflies are a bunch of lousy people.

We say stuff then too humji to admit when confronted face-to-face. We stab you in the back. We are hypocrites who say nice things in front of you, then diss you when you turn your back.

Yes. We, the CowBoyBar, are all that and more.


As far as I am concerned, this is the CowBoyBar that I have grown to love. It is an eclectic melting pot of many people and equal as many personalities.

I have come to learn to love them and accept them all. Sure there are some pretty difficult ones but we just stay out of each other's way to maintain the peace in the bar.

It's true. We can't be very gum with each and everyone of them. Some more, some less. But at the very least, we always try our very best to accommodate and in the worst case scenario, siam one side lor.

The CowBoyBar, to borrow a cliche, is a hotel where people come in, people stay and people leave.

It's just part of the day in the CowBoyBar.

All I can say about the CowBoyBar is that it is not for everybody.

So it is pretty normal to have people come in, realise it's not their cuppa tea and then leave.

I won't say that those who leave are too good for the CowBoyBar but neither would I say that their are not good enough to be accepted.

I'd just say that the CowBoyBar is not suitable for the said person.

My only beef is that when one wishes to leave the group, don't make a big hoohah about you and how the CowBoyBar has wrong you.

If you want to leave, just leave.

I wish you well and will say a friendly and SINCERE hello should we meet on the streets.

Perhaps it was our mistake to open the doors just so easily. I remembered I have to show my banana just to be bestowed a Gunslinger.

Going into 2011, I say we close the door back again.

Happy New Year.


Sherriff, CowBoyBar
- Voxeros


LaDyReD said...

Why YOU POST MY BUTT RUBBING PHOTO AGAIN!!!! I thought it was over liaos!!! :~~~~(

JayWalk said...

Nice what?!! You never see how happy the 2 guys were?

Acherly hor, the picture don't show your face lor, but since you admit.....