15 February 2011

McGyver Moment

Decided to chill with a bottle of Shiraz only to find that the cork had disintegrated while still inside the bottle.

Had I been in Taobaoland, I would have easily resolve the problem as I have The Thief (see right) just for such an occasion.

Alas, I am back home in my kitchen with a bottle of wine with a fragmented cork, which I had no choice but to push it through.

A quick rummage through the drawers and cabinets I found the solution courtesy of a coffee sock and a coffee pot.

With the coffee sock in the coffee pot, I proceed to pour the entire bottle into the pot through the sock and straining out the cork bits en route.

Then it caught my eye.

The shape of my coffee pot, being one with a wide flat base actually doubles up as a pretty good wine decanter.

Wide surface area for the wine to interact with the air. Perfect!

Yes, granted that compared with the actual McGyver who gets himself out of life-and-death situations, I nevertheless still took a step back and marvel at my own genius.

Yeah. I am quite shameless sometimes.


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- Voxeros


Fresh Fry aka 福星 said...

join the club! i'm equally shameless and not ashamed of it! a self-pat at the back a day keeps the doctor away. so says Dr Fry. or Quack Fry.


Anonymous said...

I believe u hv no prob finishing it in one sitting...haha!

JayWalk said...

Yes, indeed I did. Besides, storing the wine would be such a headache.