14 February 2011

Slowing Down Your Pace II

If you recalled my earlier entry of a similar title back in 2006, I like to walk about looking at stuff whenever I have the luxury of having lots of time on my hands.

This trip back, I traveled to Bedok North en route to running an errand. Took the MRT via the Circle Line and made a change to the East Line at Paya Lebar Station to get off at Tanah Merah Station, followed by a short bus ride to Bedok North Road.

Saw a Malay encik selling curry poks out of a carton box by the street which I later regret not buying to try.

I like this sort of walkabouts on my own as it is a kind of "Me Time" as I disappeared amongst the folks in an area which I am a stranger.

I also made a slight detour to the kopi tiam at Blk 128 where I fondly remember the Katong Laksa stall where I used to drive there for lunch many many years back. Back at a time, I was working in Tuas.

Yes, you heard me. Tuas to Bedok for lunch and back. If you think that was extreme, then you haven't heard me talking about Tuas to Changi Village for durian chendol for afternoon kopi session.

Heh. My mastery skill of "eating snake" is quite legendary one.

- Voxeros

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