14 March 2012

The Scholar Who Cried Dog

Sun Xu who insinuated Singaporeans to be dogs is now himself a rat (过街老鼠).

While TR Emeritus speculated that the scholar would likely be let off with a warning, I think it would most possibly be that way.

With only 2 months to graduation, there is nothing much anything can be done to him. Revoke his scholarship and demand he cough up the money? Unlikely considering the fact that if he had the money in the first place, he wouldn't need the scholarship to begin with.

Expel him would not do anything good as he has more or less completed his studies. At the very least, we would still be able to hold him to the bond when he graduates and we may get back some of the value of the investment that we have foolish sunk in.

Still, I feel it is still taxpayers' money wasted since this chap would likely finish he bond and leave Singapore.

The original intention of the scholarship in my opinion was to attract talents into the country. Give them a good  education, tie him down with the bond (6 years?) and then hopefully with the years in Singapore, he may consider settling down and grow his roots here.  Thus voila, we have a new talented scholar that we can then call him as one of our own.

Now that the stupid fella has degenerated himself into a street rat, he wouldn't be welcomed here even if he wishes to stay on.

So perhaps it is time we write him off as a loss then try to get back some investment, if at all, when he serves his bond here.

Image Credit:
- Voxeros

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