02 May 2012

Mee Rebus

Decided to do Mee Rebus while I am at home for the Labour Day holiday.

True to my usual habit, I have too much stuff on it that I can't see the noodles and the gravy. Haha.

For the expats who return home, we all have a certain food that we die die must eat when we come back.

Mine happens to be Mee Rebus and a curry pok to add to the finish touch.

My first ever Mee Rebus was in 1984 when I was in the canteen of Swiss Cottage Secondary School after my technical classes. That was when the school was still in the Dunearn Road campus. Once was all it took to get me hooked to this delicious little dish. Yum.

- Voxeros


Anonymous said...

The key to Mee Rebus is the gravy. How'd you make yours?


JayWalk said...

Found the Mee Rebus premix in one of the expat supermarkets.

starmist said...

You were from Swiss too?!?!??!?!

Anonymous said...

No, starry. He was just at the canteen. I could be wrong, though:p


JayWalk said...

Starmist & Arrenn: I was from ACS. We had our technical classes i.e. woodwork and metalwork at Swiss Cottage Secondary next door.