18 May 2012

Sleeper Bus

I was recently on a grueling business trip to GuiLin and LiuZhou by bus. The return leg from LiuZhou was a whopping 700 km bus journey (12-hour bus journey).

Now, when we mentioned bus, the following image comes to mind:

The usual Economy Class like seats with the symbolic gesture of a 5-degree recline.

Some of us who had taken the luxury coaches up to Kuala Lumpur would be familar with this:

Well, if the first were to be Economy Class, then surely this one would be Business Class. Wider seat, better recline and even a pop-up footrest to boot.

For me during this trip, I ish lagi best. I have the SQ Suites!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I show you the Sleeper Bus!

Fully lie-flat beds on the bus. The only interesting thing is that you are required to remove your shoes prior to boarding which brought about a problem which otherwise was a really comfortable bus ride.

My neighbour has smelly feet. It was obviously a rather bad problem that the person in question voluntarily wrapped plastic bags around his feet.


Image Credits:; JomNaikBas! @ Photo Crew via

- Voxeros

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