07 November 2012

Peak Hour In The Capital

This entry is specially written for Ashley for I braved the massive crowd to take pictures for the damsel.

If you think the massive jam at Circle Line was bad, you haven't seen it over here at the Capital yet.

I am at the tunnel where I was switching from Line 10 to Line 1 at 6pm which is when people finish work and heading home. All at the same time.

The tunnel I estimate to be less than 100m takes 20 minutes to get across as everyone inch slowly like lifeless zombies.

I was wearing thick clothing when I entered the station and ended up a puddle of sweat by the time I cleared the tunnel.

The train would be so packed, especially for the trains in Line 1, that you do not need to hold on to handrails or poles to maintain your balance. There is simply no space for you to fall over. Everybody is packed so tightly there I can't move my hands (to check if I still have my wallet). There would be the occasional pair boobs pasted snugly into your body. I tried apologising for the unfortunate circumstances but she just shrugged it off saying "习惯了".

Then there is other occasional of two pairs (one in front, the other at the back). I gave up apologising.


Or that ass backed into you like a Panzer tank with a stuck reverse gear. iBoner = iHongKan.

- Voxeros


Anonymous said...

Don't bruff... You like the boobies brushes, right? :P

- ash -

JayWalk said...

Brush suggests that there is actually space between us. So no.

And no, especially if they are aunties with a cheekopek twinkle in their eyes. *shudder*

Anonymous said...

What to do? You is auntie killer.

- ash -

JayWalk said...

Ash: Noooooooo........