07 February 2013

Chiam See Tong 2013

After the defeat at the 2011 General Elections, we don't really see much of Mr Chiam See Tong anymore.

He recently got onto the internet media bandwagon, putting up his views on the recent Singapore 2030 Population White Paper.

I am not here to critique his views on the white paper. You can google that somewhere else.

I am more concern about his well being. Obviously, the stroke has taken a very big toll on his health, albeit he is now very much better.

I notice the 5-minute video took several takes to complete and his speech was made with great difficulty. (Btw, was it me or did he say that Singapore became independent in 1957 despite the subtitles saying 1965?)

IMHO, I feel that this great servant of Singapore has paid his dues and should hand over the reigns to the next generation. I admire his spirit and fire but one cannot ignore the fact that physical condition trumps everything else.

I feel that unless he gets even better in health, he should consider retirement or at the very least take a step back.

Problem is that he has no successor. Dr Chee Soon Juan left. Wilfred Leung left. Desmond Lim left. Benjamin Pwee left. It was obvious that something inside that SPP machinery was not right, resulting in a messy implosion. The SPP today is now merely a mom-and-pop setup.

With all due respect, I think the SPP will never get to see another light of day again. Ever.

That, however, does not diminish my respect for Mr Chiam who has served Singapore dilligently for more than 30 years.

Like it or not, it is time to call it a day when the sun sets.

Take a bow, Mr Chiam. Take a bow. I applaud you.

- Voxeros

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