05 February 2013

RunForFunds 2013 - February Update

We did a contribution call back in Decemeber 2012 and I am happy to report that we got more than what we asked for.

Thank you.

Below is Adrian's report in greater detail.

Dear folks,

An update on our fund raising efforts.

I’m extremely grateful for your generous support.

To keep Maximize Your Potential (MYP) programme going for another 3 years (2013-2015), the target was to raise $6,000.

At present, the pledges are $12,795 with more than $7,000 of funds received already!

I intend to close off the accounts for the 2012/3 RFF fund raising on 15th Feb 2013.

After that, I’ll send the cheque for $22,000 to GMSP under my name for the continued support of the MYP programme.

The tax benefit I receive from this $22,000 donation to the school will be recycled back to RFF.

The excess funds will be kept in the RFF DBS account to cater for exigencies (and potentially enhancements to MYP scheme).

The plan is to hold the MYP ceremony in 2Q 2013 so that the students can be inspired earlier viz the traditional 3Q of the year.

Will keep you posted.

I thank you once again for your continued generous support.



- Voxeros

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