16 August 2013

Jay And The Bean Sprout

I have a double-bowl sink in my kitchen and most of the time, I use only the right side.

Just today as I was washing up, I spotted something from the corner of my eye.

Something was sticking out of the waste outlet of the left bowl.

A closer look and it was a bean sprout!

The last I prepared bean sprout was two weeks ago when I was making laksa. A little sprout must have flown over into the waste outlet of that side.

Two weeks later, it manages to make its way out of the sink towards the sunlight.

Awesome little wonder of nature.

- Voxeros


Anonymous said...

Lucky its a bean sprout this time. Dunno what other monstrous creatures lurk in the plumbing just waiting to crawl out of your sink:P


Sheylara said...

Awww, you evicted the poor little bean sprout from its home! :P

starmist said...

How did it survive soap??

JayWalk said...

Sheylara: Like Arrenn said, who knows it may mutate and grow into something scary?

Have you see The Little Shop Of Horrors?

Feed Me!!! FEED ME!!!

Starmist: Like I said, it was growing from the other bowl of a double-bowled kitchen sink where I haven't been using the left side since I haven't been doing any major cooking that requires that big a wash up.

Sheylara said...

JayWalk: Oh yeah, you're right. It could mutate and grow into... another Jaywalk! (OMG RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!)

JayWalk said...

Sheylara: 没礼貌!!!

Sheylara said...

Oops! 对不起,哥哥!:P