20 August 2013

Toys Of The Wrist - Part 2 of 2

Yesterday, I was talking about the bracelet on my right wrist. It gave me some kind of a weight balance against the weight of the watch on my left wrist.

Now that the bracelet was gone, I contemplated giving up the watch on my left wrist as well.

For starters, I don't have a large wrist to put on fancy watches like Franck Muller, Rolex or Panerai. It is just not my thing to be sporting one of these luxuries.

Besides, I find them kinda gaudy to be so big. It's almost like wearing a clock on your arm but that's just my personal distaste.

So anyway, the telling of time is a redundant function since we carry our mobile phones everywhere we go. We can always fish it out of the pocket, like a pocket watch of the old days.

Wearing electronics devices on my wrist in lieu of a watch wasn't really appealing to me when it first started. The iPod Nano with a Lunatik strap was a good idea but it's sucky battery life was a deal breaker for me.

Then there was the Pebble which was a significant improvement over the Nano-Lunatik but it still wasn't enough to convince me.

It was only just two weeks ago where I chanced upon HotWatch at KickStarter that I was sold on the spot.

The use of e-ink (they call it e-paper display ala Kindle) saves a shitload of battery juice which means you don't have to charge the watch every other day. Still, even with the use of low consumption Bluetooth 4.0 (or BTLE), the battery longevity is not going to be anywhere close to that of a regular watch.. Worse, if you are comparing it to a perpetual movement watch.

In any case, I like the part where you can just make a phone call using your palm. I am not so hot (no pun intended) on the other features like messaging on the tiny watch screen. I will probably frustrate myself to death with my clumsy fat fingers.

The watch is due to ship at the end of the year and it's my Christmas pressie to myself.

Merry Christmas to me.

- Voxeros


Anonymous said...

Aiyah... i thought you were going to join me as another who doesn't wear watches any more. I've generally not worn watches ever since I got a smartphone. Only during formal events like weddings or when I'm going out with my wifey, and even then, its more of an accessory:P

Still, that kickstarter project looks pretty cool. Be wary though. Often times, the people on kickstarter forget that shipping stuff is damn expensive, and will blow through a huge chunk of the funds they got through the crowdsourcing initiative. There have been a number of reports on backers who have not received their items well past the promised date.


JayWalk said...

Arrenn: To be honest, I was that close to giving up on watches altogether until I saw this Hot Watch. (Damn you, kickstarter!!)

And yes, I am aware of the risks involved with Kickstarter. At the present moment, the money was pledge but I haven't disburse any money yet.

In any case, it is not a big amount and so should the whole project flop, it won't sink me into hardship.

BBBBBBB said...

Ya I've stopped using watches ever since mobile phones became standard everyday gear. I do however, use a cheapo Casio watch when I am on a trip because sometimes a smartphone draws unwanted attention (in places that snatch thefts are more common) and a watch does help keep time, just in case you need to rush for a train.

Tssd said...

Actually the best kind of kickstarters that will deliver on time would be when the person has a proper distribution channel. Still love my gshock watch

DuckHawk said...

buahahaha! i am also a backer of this project! i like that it is coming with sleep tracker!

JayWalk said...

Barffie: Going watchless is going to be a hard habit to break considering the fact that I have been wearing one before there were mobile phone or any other mobile gadgets.

TSSD: I am not in a hurry to have it and so I won't be flustered if the delivery gets delayed which I think it probably would. Just hopefully sometime before middle of 2014?

Duckhawk: I just hope that the features of the watch function up to expectation that they have set in their promo video clip.

Unknown said...

only wear watch at work cuz i can't pull phone out during meal service.

other times one just have to look up and see displays all round us to know the time, or just ask nicely.

I remember buying a prototype device the Adam tablet, b4 kickstarter days.

Good luck getting the final product onto your wrist.

JayWalk said...

Jeffrey: When you got the Adam tablet, Kickstarter (and it's concept) just started and hasn't mature yet. Hence, there were a lot of teething issues in the beginning which may have left a sour after-taste for some.

I am not saying that my watch will definitely show up on time but it has come to a stage where we know how this process flow and am able to adjust our expectations accordingly.

Hence, I won't be too flustered if my watch got delayed as it failed to adhere to the intended timeline.

If you want something NOW, NOW, NOW. Perhaps you should go ahead and get a Pebble or a Nano Lunatik instead.