11 March 2014

Checkpoint Breach

I am not going to go into how this is the second border breach blah blah blah.

I was watching the CCTV clip and three things came to my mind.

Three things not right.

First, were the police officers. Noticed how everyone just standing around not knowing what to do?

Were there no SOP/drills to handle such a scenario?

Why did everyone appear to be clueless?

What about the second police officer who took out and extended his telescopic baton? Then what? Only know how to wave wave menacingly without any real commitment. NATO. Wayang only.

Come on! Smash that goddamn window already!

Mind you, this isn't a mere trying to sneak into the country. This was a blatant broad daylight in-your-face breach of our sovereign border. I'd say smash that bladdy window and shoot the bugger (to wound/disable) already! At such a close range, hard to miss then accidentally kill right?

What I saw was hesitation. It was very much the same during the Little India Riot. In my humble opinion, I do not think that our boys in blue froze at time of crisis. Perhaps what was more crippling was the worry of the consequences of their action(s) at that critical moment. It was a time where the situation calls for one or more of these officers to take action WITHOUT permission/approval from a higher up first.

I may be wrong here but it appears nobody wishes to gamble by sticking his neck out. What if the said officer were to be accused of "excessive violence"? Heaven forbids we discharge a weapon! Loss of job? Career hentak kaki?

During the COI of the Little India Riot, we saw that those who took positive action received commendation while those who cowardly dragged their feet trying to find someone to pass the buck first before doing his/her job got stick.

Something is not right.

The second item on my list of "something not right" was the cat claws road barrier whose Gandalf purpose was to prevent any vehicle from passing.

From the video clip, we can see that it was working properly. There was no malfunction which suggests that there is no issue in the maintenance of this device.

The ICA claimed that it did not work "optimally" but it appears to me that it DID NOT WORK. PERIOD.

That brings us to the question if due diligence of evaluating this device at public tender time. Was there a lapse in competence and/or negligence when we awarded the relevant contracts to install this, which at crunch time failed to fulfill what it had promised to do?

Perhaps we need a COI for this too.

Lastly, it was reported that the cat claws punctured two of the four tyres.

Question 1: Why didn't the cat claws puncture all four tyres? Something in the design needs to be reviewed, which brings us back to point No.2. Was the due diligence on the product diligently done?

Question 2: With 2 of the 4 tyres punctured, how is it that we can't locate the chiongster until 5 hours later. Was it THAT difficult to chase a car with only 2 out of 4 healthy tyres?

We need a shitload of COIs this coming year.

- Voxeros

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