27 March 2014

Chicken Climbs Tree

This incident happened on the evening of 25 Mar 2014 in the NanNing City of GuangXi. It was an anti-vice sweep targeting street walkers trawling the parks in the evenings.

Many were arrested and this particular one climbed up a tree to avoid capture.

As you can see in the picture, how thin was the branch that she was perched on. Perhaps the cops didn't want to take further action at the point was for her own personal safety.

I find this picture the most amusing of the lot. Look at the number of people gawking at her! I don't see how she is going to Houdini out of this!

Quite an artistic shot this? No? Anyway, do check out how dangerously high she has climbed.

Ahh..... the legs are starting to tire or perhaps she was going to pee like the suicide attempt girl in my earlier entry? --> JayWalk Online (10 Nov 2009) - Bizarre Suicide Attempt In China

Even squatting will be tiring after a while as this girl is attempting to sit on the branch instead? Frankly, capture is inevitable and so I am not sure what she was thinking. Perhaps she was hoping to frustrate the cops into giving up?

Looks like the local cops this week all no need to buy 4D/TOTO liao.

At the end of it all, she had to come down and be arrested finally.

The twist to this whole saga was that when they established her identity, the cops realized that she was in actual fact, a man!


There is an old Chinese saying 狗急跳墙, 人急生计 (The panicked dog jumps the wall, the panicked man hatch a plan).

In this particular case, one may have to adapt that 鸡急爬树 (The panicked cock climbs the tree).

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- Voxeros


Anonymous said...

A man? Wow, who would have imagined...I don't know why but I was under the impression that it was a chiobu (especially from the 2nd pic) even though none of the pictures show the face.

JayWalk said...

Anonymous: It's the skirt, stockings and svelte figure.