25 April 2014

Philippine Independence Day In Singapore

There has been quite a big ruckus kicked up over the Philippine Independence Day celebration in the heart of Singapore's shopping belt recently.

Some people were quite upset why they couldn't do it on their own turf and have to have it here.

Er.... because it is too costly to fly everyone back to celebrate and then return here again? Duh.....

I also beg the question. What is wrong with celebrating in Singapore? It is afterall a joyous occasion and what better than to share the joy with others?

What is with the hostility?

My friends and I had a discussion recently on this issue and here is my take.

As much as I welcome them to hold their celebrations here, I would hope that one day, we can also have a Singapore day in Manila and share our joy too!

I think it is an awesome idea to bring some colour to the place and also an excellent opportunity to learn about another culture. After all, Singapore is a melting pot of races and nationalities from all over the world. No?

Besides, it is only for a day. How much inconvenience and/or grief, if at all, can one day of celebration bring? We tolerated, every year, an entire week of inconveniences e.g. road blocks, road diversions, squeezy public transport, loud deafening noise, otherwise known as the Formula One race. No?

Then there is the bigot who claimed that such an event is an act of war on us. Really? War? What is this guy smoking?

Anyway, I hope the authorities will haul this idiot's ass up in court for inciting unwarranted hatred. Should lock this guy up for a couple of weeks to let him cool off. Time out corner you go, spoilt little brat!

The way I see it, the good people of The Philippines are welcome to hold their event in Orchard Road. Just make sure all licensing, permits and the relevant laws and regulations are adhered to. Would appreciate the extra hand to clean up when the event is over.

Other than that?

Happy Independence Day, Philippines!


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- Voxeros

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